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8 Telltale Signs You’re Having An Emotional Affair With Your “Work Spouse”


“Work spouse” relationships usually start innocently. Two coworkers go out to lunch together or help and share inside jokes with each other.

You can be in a long – term relationship, but if you’re not careful, you can easily put it in danger. In what follows, there are 8 signs that show you may be having an emotional affair with your work spouse. Some of them are quite logical, whereas some will make you stop and think.

(All the things listed below may refer to both women and men).

Here they are:

1. Instead of doing things to impress your partner, you do them to impress your “work spouse.”

For example, you don’t like wearing a particular type of clothes, even though your partner has always wanted to see you in it. Yet, you’re ready to wear it because you know you’ll look more attractive to your “work spouse.”

Or you don’t really like leaving waiters tips, but when you and your “work spouse” are having lunch together, you’re more than willing to dig into your pocket and tip the waiter.

2. You start telling things to your “work spouse” first.

Before you felt the connection between you and your “work spouse”, you used to tell things to your partner first. Now, that’s changed. You may also often think you’ve already informed your partner about something, when in fact, you haven’t.

3. You’re not afraid of losing your partner.

And this used to be something that terrified you to the core. But, now, the idea that your actual partner might leave you does not bother you at all. You know that you have your “works spouse” to comfort and support you.

4. You often wish your partner was more like your “work spouse.”

You notice traits in your “work spouse” that your actual partner lacks. You wish he/she was more open, straightforward, confident, or even attractive. You often find yourself making comparisons between the two of them.

5. Your “work spouse” is very flirtatious.

This is something you can’t miss. He/she often brings up sexual things while they’re talking with you although they’re often out of place. Oftentimes, this can make you feel uncomfortable, but if you’re letting them do this, they’ll continue doing so.  

6. Your “work spouse” is more “vulnerable” than your partner.

You often find yourself taking more care of the needs and problems of your “work spouse” than of those of your partner. A possible outcome of all this is that you might start neglecting, or even ignoring, your actual partner.

7. You justify and defend your “work spouse.”

You stand up for them even when no one has attacked them. Yet, you do the same thing even when you know they’re wrong.

8. You feel like it’s not “real cheating.”

You feel this way because you would never physically cheat on your partner. Yet, the fact that you’re closer to them emotionally still remains an issue.