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Enough Is Enough! I Am Done Giving Myself To Men Who Only Want Me When They’re Lonely


I’ve always believed in love. That is something that I’ve been raised to search for. That is why growing up I thought that falling in love and finding your destined person is one of the easiest things in life. But it wasn’t long before life introduced me to the bittersweet reality.

And so, I loved. I decided to share my unconditional love because that was the only way to truly experience the real thing. I loved purely, but I always ended up broken. I loved genuinely, but I was always disappointed. I loved with all of my heart, but I was always taken for granted.

For some reason, I was always the magnet for insecure, afraid men who didn’t know what they wanted from life. For some reason, I always picked the wrong men.

Men who had a thing for games. Men who loved playing hot and cold. Men who only wanted me when they couldn’t have me. Men who only called me when they needed someone to make them feel good about themselves. Men who made me think that I will never be enough for someone.

You are probably wondering how the hell was I so naïve to end up with those kinds of players. I did too. But now I see. For the first time, I see the whole picture clearly. I see how stupid I was for allowing these people to become a part of my life. I see how desperate I was for someone to touch me in a beautiful, meaningful way. I see everything and I forgive myself.

ENOUGH is enough.

I am done giving myself to men who only want me when they are lonely.

I am done allowing them to play with my emotions.

I am done lying to myself that they ever cared about me.

I am done justifying my stupid and harmful actions.

I am done trying to make people fall in love with me.

I am done loving people who are not capable of loving me the way I deserve to be loved.

I am done giving second chances to men who take me for granted.

I am done believing their empty promises.

I am done wasting my life on trying to fix them.

I am done hurting myself.

I have my whole life ahead of me and I don’t plan to waste it on people who are not worthy. I wasn’t born and brought on this Earth to be treated this way. I am not here for you to manipulate me and use me whenever you feel like it. I deserve more than your half-assed love. I deserve more than just one call on Saturday night. I deserve more than just “I don’t know”.

I deserve real love.

I am done giving myself to men who only want me when they feel lonely.