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Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are 10 Times Happier And Live Longer?!


A new story started circling the Internet, which claims of a study proving that men who married chubby women were 10 times happier. Although the study
 itself doesn’t exist, we decided to look into our archive and some other related studies and try to find the connection.

There is definitely something that makes you feel nicer when being around a chubby woman. They always seem more open, affectionate, and relaxed and they shine with positivity which is infectious. Many men do prefer chubby women and can often see them as their potential partners for life.

So, do chubby women really make men feel happier?

An interesting study published in the PLOS one journal, reveals that men under stress prefer chubbier women. A total number for 81 heterosexual men were put through the study, in which 40 of these men took part in a task that increased their stress levels.

When they were given photos of women and they needed to rate their physical appearance, the men who underwent greater stress always chose the chubbier women. Although this has got a lot to do with the subconscious response to reproduction, it consciously reflects as a feeling of greater comfort.

So perhaps it is indeed true that men who marry chubby women feel more comfortable with them in a sea of stress and worries.

Another study revealed that couples who were happy in love tended to gain weight. The justification that comes with this phenomenon has got a lot to do with feeling comfortable with your partner.

So perhaps men who choose chubby women love the way those women feel comfortable around them?

If we take both studies into consideration, we can conclude that both partners in such relationship feel more comfortable with each other. From this, we can definitely conclude that if you feel more comfortable with your partner, you are definitely happier with them.

All in all, even if weight has little to do with the feeling of comfortability with your partner, it is a strong indicator of the same.

Historically speaking, women in ancient Greece and during the Renaissance period who were plump and chubby were considered to be the most attractive ones. There are even countries around the world which still consider overweight women as attractive.

Indeed, wide hips and ample bosoms tend to signify fertility, and this was especially regarded as being true among ancient civilizations. Chubbiness referred to good nutrition and high status.

However, the beauty standards have changed since then. While today many try to argue over the fact that physical appearance has little to do with real beauty, different cultures shape the way physical appearance is perceived and it does have an influence on many others.

Perhaps we are moving toward a different definition of beauty?