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Stylish truck colors: how to look stylish on the road


Choosing a car color is always difficult. Your heart is torn between a childhood dream, a pleasant price, a safe color solution, and an experiment desire. 

When it comes to trucks, often the company chooses the drivers of the car. However, there is a chance to negotiate with the owner-operator dispatch service about a particular machine, as they do here, for example. If you have a choice, and you want to spend weeks on the road in a cool color car, this article is for you.

What does the color of the truck affect?

Fuel economy

Although this is a little saving, the difference is felt on the scale of several years/ The principle is as follows: in cold climates, it is better to choose dark-colored cars (saving on heating), and in hot climates — light paint (saving on air conditioning). 

Subsequent sale of the truck

Calculations of the owner-operator dispatch service show that orange and yellow have depreciated the least in 3 years, but gold is the most depreciated (33.5%). 

On the mood

When you spend most of your life with a truck, you want it to please the eye. So that the color was suitable, the seat was comfortable, all the mechanics and electronics were in good order. Your favorite color on the truck will cheer you up and inspire you on the way.

Colors of the trucks

The most popular truck colors in 2021 according to owner-operator dispatch service from this site:

  • white (more than 30%);
  • gray (25% of truck drivers choose this color);
  • black (approximately 20%);
  • silver (10% choose this color);
  • red (7%);
  • blue (5%);
  • green (2%);
  • gold, beige, and brown make up 1% of the total selection.

If safety on the road is essential to you, choosing bright colors (yellow, orange, red, white) is better. They are best seen on the road, which is very important in a truck. Dark ones are harder to see, they are invisible at night and in bad weather.

What color to choose for your truck is up to you. What color to choose for your truck is up to you. Decide based on the information above and your desires.