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Ways to Help and Support New Moms in Recovery

help and support new moms in recovery

A new baby in the house is both parents’ most exciting yet most challenging time. However, moms need the most support due to the physical and emotional difficulties they are going through. That is particularly important for moms in recovery, where postpartum can be difficult. Recovery is usually a complicated process; there are ways to help out a new home and keep her spirits up. Moms also need special care to overcome all the pain and take the best care of their little bundle of joy. Here are some ways to help and support new moms in recovery and ensure they heal as quickly as possible.

What does the recovery process for new moms mean?

Even though giving birth means incredible happiness for new mums, the following weeks have certain physical and emotional difficulties. That is why everyone needs to be extra careful with moms who just gave birth but also deal with recovery. New moms commonly experience:

  • Mood swings
  • Postpartum depression
  • Abdominal pain due to uterus shrinking
  • Postpartum bleeding
  • C-section scar pain

Remember that all these problems women face come with worrying about the baby, taking the best care of it, and fulfilling its emotional and physical needs. Moms in recovery have an additional problem – fighting with substance abuse. They also deal with financial hardships and the inability to attend recovery group meetings, making the process much more complicated. Furthermore, moms in recovery need to constantly prove they are great at this new role, as the Department of Child Services often monitors them.

new mom with her baby

Help and support new moms in recovery as they struggle with emotions and physical pain.

Don’t forget to remind her that she’s a great mom

Judging is probably one of the last things to do when visiting a new mom in recovery. Support and care are what she needs in the first place, so don’t save on those. Always remind her she’s doing a great job and is a terrific mom. Being in recovery makes moms question their parenting abilities. That is why being supportive is a crucial way to help and support new moms in recovery and ensure they last without issues.

Don’t assume, ask.

It’s essential to find out what is really what a mom needs. Even though you can expect some things, it’s best not to assume but be straight with your questions. Ask the mom what she would like you to help her with or if there’s anything she would enjoy doing, eating, or drinking at the moment. It’s common for a new mom to initially respond with a ‘no,’ so don’t give up immediately. Try asking more questions about how she’s feeling, so you can get more info on what she’s struggling with, and eventually, you can find out the best way to help her.

Help with everyday household tasks

Taking care of a baby and a painful postpartum period can make even the simplest household chores difficult and time-consuming for a new mom. Helping out with the laundry, dishes, and groceries, changing the bedding, and throwing away garbage can mean a lot to the household with a new baby. Offering to do these specific tasks gives mom a chance to spend more time with the baby, go and take a shower, have a meal, etc.

Support for women during pregnancy

Don’t wait until the baby comes to support your loved one. Pregnant women also need assistance battling substance abuse in such a delicate life chapter. About six percent of women deal with alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy, which can cause many pregnancy complications. Fortunately, there’s a variety of helpful solutions for them to make this progress easier and their pregnancy a lot safer.

a mom holding newborn clothes

Moms need help even before the baby comes.

Make frequent, but short visits

Even though contact with others can be beneficial, it can also be tiring for a new mom. She may feel it’s rude to go and lie down when she has guests over, even though it’s the only thing she would want. Also, some moms don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in front of other people, so it’s essential you don’t stay long with them – 30 to 60 minutes is optimal. However, always check up on a new mom in recovery. Make sure she knows you’re there for her without disrupting their piece.

Bring a fresh meal

A new mom may struggle with keeping her diet regular and nutritious. Diet is also important in dealing with substance abuse and essential in postpartum recovery. One of the ways to help ad support new moms in recovery is to bring them a fresh homemade meal. And don’t forget to offer to do the dishes afterward. (1)

Taking care of the baby while mom takes care of herself

Recovery is based on caring for yourself, and new moms often don’t have time. Support a new mom in recovery by offering to take care of the baby while she can take a nap, meditate, exercise, or watch a favorite tv show. Self-care is essential in healing, and some alone time can be precious for a new mom. (2)

Go outside together

Spending time outside can be beneficial for both mom and her baby. First walks with a stroller can be challenging so the new mom may use some encouragement and help. Suggest an outing to the nearest park or where you can enjoy fresh air without noise and crowd. Women who struggle with substance abuse want quiet places, which becomes even more convenient for new moms.

Final words

Support should come from all members of the family, as well as friends. There are plenty of ways to help and support new moms in recovery and show that you care about them, but also the sweetest bundle of joy that can enjoy all the love at its new home.