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What is rekeying a lock?


There are different problems that you face while having a car. The keys can get jammed and might break while trying to solve the issue. It can become an emergency because you can be stuck in the middle of somewhere. Trying to take your car in such situations can cause these issues. Sometimes there can be starting trouble which makes the car keys broken. These situations are highly unexpected and can happen to anyone at any time. Solving this becomes the priority. It cannot be done on your own for sure. You need to get in touch with a locksmith from your locality. 

Our rekey locks service in Philly is one of the best options. If you are facing trouble anywhere in or around Philadelphia, you can give us a call. We are an experienced Locksmith PhillyWe provide different services like replacing keys or rekeying them. In this article, we focus on what is rekeying a lock. 


If your key gets stuck or it is fully damaged or jammed, rekeying is a good solution. It is risk-free and also very much effective. It can be completed at a reasonable cost. Usually, it is preferred for all kinds of locks. This includes car locks too. 

Rekeying is a simple process of replacing the old lock with a new lock. A newly built lock and the key is exclusively customised for you. 

This is better than trying to duplicate a new key for your existing lock. 

Our rekey locks service is a network of professional locksmiths in Philadelphia. We are ready to rekey your car at any time of the day. Once you place a complaint and give your address, we reach you quickly. Our local locksmiths will analyse the problem and give a solution. If rekeying is necessary, we study your car model and give a replacement immediately. Along with the lock, new car keys are provided.

Why us?

Our locksmith in Philadelphia is intended to provide complete customer satisfaction. So we have developed and improved software to generate rekey options for your car’s model. We also have a number of keys that are already generated. So it is easy to make the process simple and easy. After making the lock and key, we remove the existing lock in a matter of a few seconds. The new lock is fitted and the key is used for checking. Our professionals will give it a try and then the only handover the key. We have qualified all the quality checks needed for rekeying. So there is no need to worry about the longevity and durability of the locks/keys. 

We make sure that all these are completed within a few hours after checking your lock’s conditions. It is highly important because you will need your car in emergency situations. We duly respect that and complete the job soon. All our professionals are experienced and most importantly we ensure each and every one of them while taking the job.