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What Is The Difference Between A Psychic And A Medium?


How many times have you wished you had gone with your hunch, gut feeling, or intuition on an issue or even the simplest of decisions? More often than not?

Whether you call it intuition, clairvoyance, or sensitivity, Everybody has had that gut feeling, or that strange knowledge deep down that something would happen. We all come into the world with psychic capabilities.

But as we grow up, and especially when we get to school, we begin to learn how to use more of the left side of the brain as opposed to the right side. Before long, we are all stripped off of our psychic abilities and that is the price for a reading done by a spiritual medium.

In the past few years, we have become more sensitive, more intuitive and more attuned to the higher energies and frequencies.We now live in a time when our spiritual lights are increasingly getting turned on and our antennas are becoming more sensitive. These capabilities will generally fall between or on both psychic or medium abilities.

Psychics and mediums are no longer strange in our contemporary society and it is quite easy to get the two kinds of seers all mixed up. While they may seem to have the same kind of supernatural abilities, they are quite distinct.

That said, here are some fundamental differences between a medium and a psychic including the meaning of spiritual medium;

One Needs the Other

We all have the potential to be mediums, which is considered a higher energy or frequency level. Some people are ‘natural’ mediums, in that they get it faster than others after some lessons or practice. Others may still get it, but will probably have to put in more work or take up more lessons.Mediums generally tend to look at themselves as individuals with a gift or love connection and that they are simply embracing their calling to serve as messengers for the spirit world.

Psychics generally operate within our aura of energy and may at timestouch the fringes of the spirit world. However, there’s a famous rule, which is also the rule of thumb, which states that, ‘every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium.’ Every medium needs psychic abilities.

Receive versus perceive

One of the key aspects that differentiate psychics from mediums has to do with the fact that one perceives and one receives. When you engage a psychic, they are usually in your ‘space’. They look at things from your perception, pretty much the same way you are looking at them.Therefore, a psychic perceives while a medium receives from the other side.

Psychics can ‘see’ your past present and even future. They get the information from you based on your own perceptions. The future is of course never set on stone and can be easily influenced. Mediums on the other hand don’t get the information from you, but from another realm, often referred to as ‘the other side.’

Psychics connect with people by tuning into their energy and the aura of their energetic fields. They feel things about them, what is going in their lives and what possible futures they face. Mediums take it a notch higher. They connect with people through the spirit. You may give them some information or tell them about yourself, but they ultimately guide you through spirit. They will, in this case, act like a conduit of a particular message or direction from the other realm. Mediums help to guide us in specific directions or validate who we are.

A medium therefore is more like a translator of special words, feelings, phrases, and impression of things. It is much like watching little clips of videos about a person and, unlike a psychic, has more to do with receiving information rather than retrieving it. Some mediums believe that, to a degree, we even leave our state of consciousness through dreams. Our spirits temporarily leave our bodies when we go to sleep.

Crossing Over

Mediums generally get more attention because of their distinct ability to cross over from the physical world to the spiritual world. They can even communicate with the dead as well as pass some key information or provide imagery that often has personal and special meaning to their clientele. Mediums believe that the dead connect to us and even pass on important messages.

Considering the fact that most religions believe in life after death, these abilities make mediums more acceptable and respected as compared to psychics. Therefore, mediums are often seen in a more positive light and even receive more press coverage than psychics. It even costs more to engage a medium than it does to engage a psychic.

Mediums claim to be act as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms of their clients, with the intention to provide healing for both worlds. Spirits impress their minds and bodies with thoughts and feelings, which they proceed to pass on to their clients. Mediums don’t necessarily conjure up spirits that have passed on but rather, they connect us to them.

According to mediums, spirits of our loved ones that have passed on are already here and that it is their job to connect us to them through hearing, seeing, feeling and pretty much all the senses. When human beings pass on, their energy usually resonates at a higher frequency. Since mediums connect at this higher level, they can also connect with our guides.

Predicting the Future

Psychics generally focus on predicting the future and tackling questions about love, health, work, or money. By predicting future events, they generally offer straight-up advice to their clients on such practical areas of life. This kind of information is basically just insight into potential future outcomes based on your current journey, or the road in which you are presently traveling.

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Mediums on the other hand mostly tune into past and present issues. They tend to provide guidance or connection with the spirit. All living things are said to have an aura, mostly made up of energies that surround our human bodies. It holds our thoughts, good or bad, and the interaction of our energy and the energy of our environment.

Therefore, depending on our physical, mental or inner state, the characteristics of this aura may change from time to time. Protecting this nature is also absolutely critical because it is even thought to determine our illness. Some seers believe illness first manifests itself in our aura. Even emerging science now support the mind-body connection and conclude that healing is ‘an inside job.’

The future, as we all know is hardly set in stone. While it may be helpful at times, predicting the future may effectively disempower people. Imagining a certain fate or outcome can have a debilitating effect on you. It is much better to know that you can influence your future and redirect the course of your life using free will.

Finally, it is generally a not a good idea to put labels on people so as to try to understand them or their work. Whether someone is a psychic or a medium, it is much better to try to understand the concept, or the underlying idea, which is the fact that we are innately connected to each other and to the spirit world.

Remember, no one knows you better than yourself. Learning to go within yourself and listening to your own inner voice will help you to gain access to everything you need to know about yourself. After all, self-knowledge is the best kind of knowledge to possess.