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12 Things Every Woman Wants In A Relationship


Even though every woman is different, I think that when it comes to relationships, we are pretty much the same. Because ladies let’s face it – we can all be a pain in the ass sometimes.  

And gentlemen, pay attention to these 12 things that women want in a relationship but may not tell you.

1. She Wants To Feel Safe By Being Vulnerable With You

No matter how strong or independent a woman might appear – the truth is, we all sometimes want to be taken care of. A woman wants to feel safe around her man, and not just physically safe, but also emotionally safe. She wants to be able to confide in him and show him her vulnerable side without being judged.

2. She Wants You To Be Consistent

Women are tired of dating men who are acting all perfect for the first few months of the relationship, and then suddenly they show their true colors by turning into a whole different person. A woman wants someone who won’t cease courting her even when the initial “honeymoon” phase is over.

3. She Wants To Feel Desired

It is the small things you do that make her feel desirable: the way you seduce her by looking intensely in her eyes, the way you gently touch her knee when you are driving, or the way you rest your hand on her back while introducing her to someone. This means much more to her than compliments ever will.

4. She Wants To Be Strong Without You Feeling Threatened

Many confident and strong women out there sometimes feel like they are intimidating to some men. She wants someone that can make her feel strong without being emasculated by her strength. She wants a man that can be her teammate in life, not her rival.

5. She Wants To Trust You And Be Trusted

A woman wants to feel you trust her especially when she hasn’t done anything to make you suspicious. Moreover, she needs to trust you too because mutual trust is the core of all healthy relationships.

6. She Wants Your Presence – Not Your Presents

It’s not that women don’t appreciate nice presents, they do. But they don’t see them as a substitute for your time, presence, and attention. Make her feel loved by being with her, not by buying her gifts.

7. She Wants More Than 10-Minutes Of Foreplay

Yup, I had to say this.

8. She Wants You To Treat Her As An Equal

Because she is your equal, and because you should respect her as such.

9. She Wants To Communicate With You

Active listening and communication are crucial when it comes to building a successful relationship. And you should be able to tell the difference between talking at her and talking with her, as well as hearing her and listening to her.

10. She Wants You To Make Her Laugh

If you look for the recipe for keeping your woman always interested – look no more. It’s humor. Yes, gentlemen. You should be able to make your woman laugh and keep the mood light between you two if you want to have a successful relationship. Just be careful to not make inappropriate jokes.

11. She Wants To Count On You

A woman wants to commit to someone who would not only be there for her when times are good but also when times are bad. She wants to have a partner who will have her back always. Because enduring the difficult times together is what makes the relationship stronger and real.

12. She Wants You To Accept Her As She Is

Nobody is perfect. But the woman you love would be perfect for you with all her imperfections. When it comes to love, you have to see the person next to you for who they are without expecting them to change.