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13-Year-Old Boy Builds A $1500 House – It Has Everything In It And One Detail Will Blow Your Mind


Luke Till, a 13-year-old boy, built a $1500 house in his parents’ backyard because he wanted to have a private little space only for himself. 

Luke’s tiny house has a living room, kitchen, and a bedroom. He started building it when he was 12 years old. He writes his homework there and invites friends over for pancakes that he makes in his little kitchen.

As the boy describes it, it is 10 feet long, 100 feet wide, the tallest point of the house is 10 feet tall, the lowest point is 8 feet tall, with a total of 89 square feet.

He says that the main reason he wanted to build a tiny house was that he was getting bored during the summer and he wanted to do something. Meanwhile, he got fascinated watching tiny houses, so he decided that if he worked towards it, and made enough money from cutting lawns, that he could build a tiny house for himself.

He began learning how to do that. He learned a lot about wiring, carpeting, and simple framing techniques. He didn’t have trouble using tools because his dad taught him how to use them from a very young age. And his father’s friend who is electrician taught him how to wire the house.

The total cost of his house is $1500. Most of the money he paid himself, and the rest was donated from people through a GoFundMe page and with a help of his parents.

Luke says he doesn’t live full-time in the house, but he does spend a couple of nights every other week sleeping in it. He calls it his ‘homework center’ because that’s where he does his homework.

He is thankful for having a great family that supported him through the process. He especially thanks his dad who helped him in building the house even though he had a lot of things to do himself. But, the time they spent together while building it brought them closer.

He says he was in the papers, and also he’s gotten lots of emails from TV producers. He plans to hold a tiny open house and invite everyone who donated money and helped him to achieve his dream.

Go watch the tour of his house in the video below.