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5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Stay Single


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard for you to get a girlfriend and even when you do, your relationships are unfulfilling, shallow, and short-lived? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but women don’t fall for guys who are just nice – they need to be more than that.

Okay, this is not to say that women don’t like or avoid to be with guys who are nice. But, they expect their guy to be much more than just kind and sweet.  A woman wants to be with someone who is not afraid to be imperfect. Someone who is authentic, spontaneous and has an attitude.

She wants a guy who is passionate and sensual. A guy who will love her in ways that will make her feel like she is the only girl in the world. A guy who feels free to express and share his needs and problems with her. A guy who isn’t ashamed or afraid to show his vulnerable side. A woman wants a blend of all this.

If a woman can’t get to know you to the core, if she only knows how you look on the surface and never what’s below it, and moreover, if she can predict your every move, you’ll never win her heart.

While it is true that women aren’t interested in guys who are rude or too proud of their masculinity, still boring and predictable guys are definitely out of the question.

So, if you happen to be Mr. Nice Guy and you’re wondering why you’re still single, make sure you read the following reasons why you’re always stuck in the friend zone.

1. Nice serves as a tool.

Nice is what helps you avoid uncomfortable and unpleasant situations in the everyday life. It helps you not to go nuts when you go to the bar and someone spills a drink on you. It also helps you to be kind and look friendly when you meet someone new.

Imagine what everyday situations would turn into if people didn’t try to be nice. Nice prevents dissatisfied customers, be that at the restaurant, in the supermarket, or in the bank, to take it out on the bartenders or the cashiers. Or it prevents you to claw at your boss’s throat when he/she reprimands you for something you didn’t do.

Nice helps you successfully deal with stressful situations and prevents you from creating drama in your life.

2. Nice is a way to deny the parts of yourself you’re afraid to show other people.

Nice is a way to deny the person you really are. It’s a way to deny the ugly, dirty parts of yourself because you don’t want other people to see them.

Nice enables you to disown the parts of yourself, be that certain personality traits, embarrassing moments, past mistakes, or failures, that you wish weren’t yours. Nice helps you pretend that you don’t feel jealous, angry, afraid, sad, hurt, or lonely.

Nice helps you not to show other people that you have worries, insecurities, and fears you’re struggling to overcome every day. That you can be awkward sometimes, but we all are like that sometimes. We all have problems to deal with and our own demons to fight with.

You, should remember that being nice all the time and with everyone only prevents you from experiencing and enjoying the present moment. It also denies other people the opportunity to get to know and like you for who you are.  

3. A woman wants to get to know the real you.

There’s nothing wrong about being nice. But, if this stops you from showing your deepest feelings and fears and if you always try to be Mr. Nice Guy who is too kind and amenable, this can only ruin the possibility of real intimacy and prevent you from building a strong and meaningful  connection with the woman you like.

You shouldn’t let your niceness stand between you and the woman you’re attracted to. You need to be brave enough to stop hiding behind nice and show her who you really are.

4. A woman wants a guy who will act from the heart.

Nice prevents you from showing what’s in your heart. Women expect you to wear your heart on your sleeve. She wouldn’t stand deciphering your feelings for her.

A woman wants a guy who is honest, loyal, affectionate, and compassionate. But, she also wants a guy who is aware of his masculinity. A guy who will be her greatest help and support. A guy who will feel happy and emotionally complete when she’s around. A guy who will commit every single part of himself to her.

She wants to feel your passion, the warmth of your touch, and the comfort of your hug. She wants you to be spontaneous, caring, but sensual as well. She wants to feel your insatiable desire and the intensity of your love.

5. A woman doesn’t want you to be the Bad Boy.

This article doesn’t intend to say that you should act like a jerk. That you should be tactless and be kind to women as long as they suit your purpose. No.

When I say a woman wants to feel your lust and raw desire, I don’t mean you should be an a**hole. Add a little bit of tenderness, compassion, affection, and respect to your sensual energy and don’t doubt that will make you the perfect guy for her.