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5 Things That Happen When You Finally Kick A Manipulative Narcissist Out Of Your Life


Being in a narcissistic relationship is hard but leaving it is even harder. The sneaky bastard destroyed your self-esteem and made you lose your self-respect. What he put you through drained you mentally and emotionally. And after you are done with this entitled and conceited skilled manipulator, you find it hard to trust people and move on with your life.

You might think you’ve finally set yourself free from his toxic claws, but maybe you should give this a second thought. Because he won’t let you go without a fight, you can take my word for it.  

Only after you completely heal yourself from the emotional pain you had to endure in the relationship and after you realize that the breakup wasn’t your fault, will you be able to get your life together. Are you wondering why this is so?

Well, the reason is pretty simple actually: Narcissistic relationships are draining and humiliating. You get used to always being a second choice and receiving crumbs of attention.

You’re dating someone who takes on the persona of a charming, kind, supportive, and loving person when he wants to manipulate you into falling in love with and trusting him, and the persona of an innocent, responsible person when he wants to make you believe his lies and lame excuses, and shift the blame onto you.

You’re dating someone who can manipulate you into thinking that what you’re hearing, seeing, and experiencing doesn’t exist. He can make you believe that the hurtful comment he made about your looks was really just a joke.

You’re dating someone who rewrites reality every single day so as to suit his needs and hide his true colors and manipulation tactics.

But, every person has limits. Every woman gets sick and tired of being treated like this and finds the tiny bit of strength left inside her to put an end to the torture eventually.

So, if you, too, have decided to kick that sneaky narcissistic boyfriend out of your life,  congratulations! You were brave enough to take the first step. But, now comes the hard part.

You’ll have to counter all his efforts to bring you back. He won’t allow himself to lose someone who has the kindness, empathy, emotional intelligence, and genuine confidence that his fragile ego and false mask could never achieve. And in order to prevent this from happening, he’ll be literally prepared to do anything.

Here are 5 things you can expect when you finally kick a narcissist out of your life:

1. He’ll harass you.

He’ll never understand that the reason why you left him was that the relationship caused you more harm than good. He’ll see your leaving as a personal defeat and he’ll feel abandoned. And this is what hurts him the most. No one abandons him since, in his opinion, he’s the best, he is perfect.

He can’t stand the fact that he lost the person who provided him with constant attention, admiration, and praise, and therefore he’ll do anything to get you back.

Thus, he’ll stalk you on social media, call and text you, come to your home, or even use another person to try to manipulate you into getting back together with him.

2. He’ll put the blame on you for everything.

To clear his name and fool himself into thinking that he never did anything wrong, he’ll shift all the blame onto you. He’ll come up with the most unreasonable and pathetic excuses so as to make you feel and look responsible for your failed relationship.

He’ll do his best to make you feel guilty for all the problems and difficulties you had in the relationship and take full responsibility for the breakup.

3. Post-breakup triangulation.

Once he finds a new victim, he’ll want you to know it. Whether by going to places he knows you always go to or by posting photos on social media, he’ll make sure you know how “happy” and how much he “loves” his new girlfriend.

That’s why you need to make sure you avoid going to places where you could meet him and block him on all social media. Going no contact is the best because even if he fails to make you jealous, there’s always the risk that this will bring back your self-doubt and self-respect.

4. Smear campaigns.

If you discarded him without warning first, get prepared to hear all sorts of bad, degrading things about you because he’ll do anything to make you look bad and tarnish your reputation. He’ll do this because by breaking up with him, you revealed his true colors and the way he mistreated you, and this is his greatest fear.

He’ll try to slander you in all ways possible. He’ll talk about your shortcomings and bad habits to his family and friends and spread rumors about you. He’ll reveal secrets from your personal life and bad mouth you on social media.

5. He’ll guilt trip you into coming back to him.

To manipulate you into getting back together with him, he’ll promise that he’ll change. He’ll pretend that he feels guilt and remorse for treating you the way he did and that he truly misses you.

He’ll remind you of all the amazing things he did for you while you were together. And even if he really did good stuff for you, unfortunately, there was always a hidden motive behind every one of them.

Because whenever he did something good for you, he wanted something in return: attention, praise, admiration, information, or even money.