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8 Habits Of All Happy Couples – The Most Effective & Valuable Tips For Improving Your Relationship Instantly


Being in a relationship or being married to someone you love requires a constant effort and hard work. No matter how much you and your partner love each other, you both need to understand that happy relationships are in fact never-ending series of compromises and adjustments. Or, as the saying goes, “it takes two to tango” right?

Here are 8 most effective and valuable things that you should do if you want to drastically improve your marriage or relationship.

1. Hug your partner as soon as you see each other after work.

Our skin is very sensitive to touch and it also remembers different kinds of touch. It can distinguish a ‘good’ touch from a ‘bad’ one. Also, when there is no touch we tend to feel neglected. So, couples who hug each other every day are feeling more loved and happy in their relationship.

2. Do a ‘weather check’ during the day.

Call and ask your partner how their day is going. By hearing the voice of your partner during the day when you are not together, you will both be more connected and more in sync when you meet face to face after work. For example, if your partner got promoted you can buy a bottle of wine to surprise them and celebrate the great news together.

3. Cultivate similar interests.

After the initial sparks of passion wane, it is a good thing for you and your partner to have few interests or hobbies that you both enjoy doing together. Maybe cooking dinner together, watching a movie, or taking dancing lessons. This way you will feel more connected to your partner and the spark will come back and stay there.

4. Focus on the things that your partner does right rather than what they do wrong.

You can always find what you are looking for. If you focus on finding a mistake or a flaw in your partner – you will always find something to be bothered with. Contrary, if you are looking to find the good things that your partner does for you and your relationship – you will also find many good things there. And happy couples are happy because they are concentrating only on the positive aspects of their relationship.

5. Show your partner how proud you are to be with them (especially in public).

Happy couples are proud to be seen in public together. They are always holding hands, walking side by side, and they are not ashamed to be affectionate in public. They are not doing this to show off but rather it’s their natural and instinctual way of saying they belong together.

6. Make forgiveness and trust your default mode.

When happy couples have an argument or a disagreement of some sort, and if they can’t seem to agree and resolve it – they would immediately forgive each other and move on. They don’t hold grudges and they always choose to trust their partner than looking for signs of betrayal.

7. Say ‘I love you”, “Have a good day”, and “Goodnight” every day regardless of how you feel.

This is an excellent way to show your partner that you love them, and you care for them. These words will definitely brighten up their day. Also, never go to bed angry with your partner and without saying good night no matter how much you are upset with them. Finally, what you and your partner have is more important than any upsetting incident.

8. Go to bed at the same time.

Remember the time in the beginning of the relationship when you and your partner couldn’t wait to go to bed together and make love? Well, happy couples still go to bed at the same time. And when they touch they both get a tingling feeling and (if they are not exhausted) get sexually excited.

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