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12 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence


Have you ever wondered if you are emotionally intelligent? Read this to find out for sure.

Dr. Travis Bradberry has analyzed the data from the million-plus people who were tested emotional intelligence (EQ) in order to identify the behaviors that are certain signs you have a high emotional intelligence.

1.You have a robust emotional vocabulary.

Everybody experiences emotions but not all people are able identify the accurate emotions when they occur. According a research, only 36% of people are able to do this. It is very problematic situation not to be able to identify your own feelings since they can lead you to irrational choices.

People who have higher EQ perfectly understand their emotions and are able to identify them, using extensive vocabulary of feelings to understand and describe those emotions.

For example, instead of describing that they are feeling ‘bad’, people with high EQ will say that they are ‘irritated’, ‘anxious’ or ‘frustrated’. The more precise words you use, the better you understand the emotion you feel at the moment.

2. You’re curious about people.

EQ people are curious about all the people around them, no matter if they are extrovert of introvert person. This curiosity comes out from being empathic and empathy is number one way to a high EQ.

The closer you get to someone the more curious you become about them. If you care about a person you tend to get more curious about what they are going through and your curiosity about them is greater.

3. You’re a good judge of character.

Emotional intelligence is connected to social awareness as well. If you have EQ you most certainly have the ability to read other people. You perfectly know how they feel and understand their situation.

This skill makes you become an excellent judge of character and people are no longer a mystery to you. What is very important is that you can read their motivations; even those motives who are hidden deeply beneath the surface cannot escape you.

4. You are difficult to offend.

You know how much you worth so it’s not an easy task for someone to offend you. Emotionally intelligent people are strongly confident and open minded.

This characteristic makes you bulletproof from provocations and insults. Moreover, you know how to make jokes and poke fun on your account since you have the ability to distinguish the line between humor and degradation.

5. You know how to say no (to yourself and others).

People who have emotional intelligence very well know how to exert self-control. Delaying a gratification and avoiding impulsive actions are means of self-control that you perfectly handle.

For some people it is very difficult to say ‘no’ in certain situations but this is not the case with you. You are not afraid to use the word and you don’t use such phrases like “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not certain.”

You simply use the word ‘no’ and move one to new opportunities and chances.

6. You give and expect nothing in return.

You know how to leave a powerful impression on other people because you give without expecting anything in return. People with EQ most often build strong relationships because they are thoughtful and think of other people.

The rest of the world works the other way round- everybody gives something and expects something in return. This is not you because you are greater than the others.

7. You don’t hold grudges.

Those negative emotions that come when holding a grudge are actually response of stress. When you think of all those things that cause your stress you revive the moment again and again.

Stress can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Emotionally intelligent people know that they have no use from holding a grudge and they know how to avoid stress.  If you let go of the grudge you also let go of the stress and you will be healthier.

8. You neutralize toxic people.

For most people it is exhausting and even frustrating to deal with difficult people. Emotionally intelligent people know how to control their interactions with toxic people.

EQ people identify their own feelings and approach the situation rationally, without letting the emotions to worsen the situation. They don’t allow the toxic people to pull them down and are able to find common ground in every situation.

9. You don’t seek perfection.

Perfection isn’t real, it doesn’t exist and you know that. EQ people don’t set perfection as their goal since they are very well aware it doesn’t exist. Accepting this reality you are free from frustrations since you are not chasing some imaginary goal that you wish to accomplish.

You don’t spend your time in vain and you keep moving forward, excited about what you have achieved so far and what you will accomplish in the time to come.

10. You appreciate what you have.

Instead of whining about what you haven’t got, you appreciate what you have and you are grateful for all those things in your life.

According to research, people who worked daily to cultivate an attitude of gratitude were experiencing significantly improved mood, physical well-being and more energy.

11. You get enough sleep.

If you wish to increase your emotional intelligence and to manage your stress levels, you have to realize how important sleep is for your well-being. Your body and brain recharge during sleep.

The mind, however, is constantly working. Even when you sleep, it sorts all the data you’ve collected during the day so that you can wake up alert and with clear head. EQ people make sleep their priority since they are aware of the importance of having a good night sleep.

12. You stop negative self-talk in its tracks.

If you think that something bad will happen, it will happen. The more you thing on negative things, the more power you give to them. You have to remember that they are only thoughts, they are not facts.

You brain has the tendency to perceive the things you believe are true so if you think of bad things, you will be surrounded by sadness and negativity in your life. EQ people know how to separate facts from thoughts so that is why they have more positive way of seeing things around them.

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