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I Will Never Forget You But I Will Let Go Of You And Move On


You were the one I gave my soul to. You were the light that guided me through life. You were the one I gave the keys to my heart because you promised you’d always protect it. But, that was a lie. You broke my heart in countless pieces and left me to pick them up by myself. You didn’t keep your promise.

You didn’t keep your promise to always love and cherish me. The promise that you’d always stay by my side and protect me from all the evils in the world. You promised that you’d be my biggest support, my biggest fan. You promised that I’d never have to fight my battles alone. But, this never became a reality.

You made me believe in our future together. You made me believe we had something special. Something that people wait a lifetime to feel it. The plans you made for our future simply disappeared with no trace left behind.

You made me feel like a bird trapped in a cage – unable to fly and go where its wings will take it.

You put chains around my heart because you wanted it only for yourself. You wanted me to love you and not expect anything from you in return. And yes, I loved you. I loved you with every piece of me. I wanted to make you feel happy and fulfilled. I wanted you to be aware of and appreciate the person who was ready to do everything for you.

And while I was trying to make you happy and making your needs and wishes my priority, I lost a track of myself. I forgot what my goals and priorities were. I forgot how to love and value myself.

You know, I thought that if you felt the intensity of my love and how much I respected you, that would soften your heart and you’ll treat me better. I didn’t realize back then that you can’t make someone who is fickle and whose heart is empty and cold to love you. I didn’t see or I didn’t want to see that you only treated me as your back up plan, as your favorite pastime.

You used me as someone you called and talked to when you didn’t have anything more important to do. I didn’t realize you didn’t feel anything for me.

Because when you love someone, you don’t break their heart and tell them to love again. You don’t shatter their hopes and tell them to be strong.

When you love someone, you bring out the best in and help them grow. You light up their world. You motivate them to open up their heart. But, you were never that guy.

So, here I’m, with a huge lump in my throat, I’m telling you: I’ll never forget you but I’ll let go of you and move on.

I will never forget you because you were the one I once loved so deeply. The one who made my eyes glow with happiness and my heart beat like crazy every time you looked at or touched me.

I’ll never forget you because I’ll always remember the good and bad things we went through.

I’ll never forget you because you left bruises deep down in my heart that only time can heal.

I’ll never forget you because by the way you treated me, you made me look for the strength within me, and I can proudly say I found it. I’m stronger and more resilient than I’ve ever been.

And I know I should’ve let go of you a long time ago, but I couldn’t. I wanted you in my life. I couldn’t imagine living without you by my side.

And I know it’ll be difficult to let go of you because once you were everything to me. But, that’s the best I can do save myself.

Now, it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly away.

Image: Alessio Albi