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The Man You’re Going To Marry Will Treat You Just Like This


The man you’re going to marry will be your greatest fan. Your cheerleader. Your best friend. The most passionate lover.

He’ll be your safe place. Your guiding light. Your hope. Your strength. He’ll be your everything.

And yes, he might not be the smartest, strongest, and most handsome man, but he’ll be everything you’ve always wanted and needed in life.

He’ll have quirks, annoying habits, whims, and insecurities. He’ll carry the burden of his failures, past mistakes, and heartbreaks.

He might  also not have the highest paid job, but this won’t matter to you. Because you’d rather have him at home spending enough and good quality time with you than have him working long shifts and weekends at some high-powered, well-paid job.

He’ll have many flaws, but to you, he’ll be more than good enough. He’ll be perfect.

The man you’re going to marry will prove that he’s worthy of the commitment.

He’ll feel like home when you’re around him because you’ll know that he’s the only one who knows how to treat you right. And he’ll treat you with kindness and compassion. He’ll shower you with love and affection. He’ll nurture your love and marriage no matter how long you’ve been together.

He’ll make you feel like you’re the most loved and cherished person in the entire world.

He’ll be happy and laugh with you on your good days and he’ll hold your hand and lift you up on your bad days. He’ll know exactly what to say to cheer you up. Because he’ll know the deepest parts of your soul. Because making you happy every day will be his top priority. Because when he sees that gorgeous smile of yours on your face, he feels the happiest.

The man you’re going to marry will try to keep the love and passion between you always alive. He’ll make sure the honeymoon phase never ends.

He won’t mind joining you in your favorite activities. He’ll enjoy watching your favorite series on Netflix or playing video games together with you. It won’t matter to him whether you spend Saturday nights at home, lying on the couch, watching TV, and drinking wine or out in some fancy restaurant.

The man you’re going to marry will make your life meaningful and exciting. All those boring, everyday activities you do, such as going grocery shopping or making dinner, will become interesting. Weekend excursions and summer holidays will be a retreat from the chaos of everyday life.

The man you’re going to marry will do those seemingly unimportant things which actually mean a lot to you. He’ll remember to send a bouquet of your favorite flowers to your office or leave you little love notes on your bed in the morning so that you start your day knowing how loved you are.

He won’t forget to invite you for a dinner in some nice restaurant on a regular Thursday night because he knows this will surprise you. He’ll make romantic surprises for you because he knows that’s how you nurture your marriage and love.

The man you’re going to marry will be the one who will occupy the most precious part of your heart. He’ll be the one who will make your heart beat faster and who will make you feel warm, peaceful, and protected whenever he’s around.

He’ll be your everything and you’ll know you’re everything to him too.