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Women Should Be Allowed To Nap During The Workday, And Here’s Why


If you are like me, you probably wake up at 6 am, have a breakfast, get your workout done, and head to work. Between your piles of work that needs to be done and meetings that seem to be taking forever to end, you have a half hour lunch break.

When you get home, there is nothing much you can do except take a shower and go to bed because you are too exhausted with the mere thought of having to do it all again tomorrow.

After some time, you will notice that your attention span has weakened because you can only think about how tired and sleepy you are.

If you too feel this way, don’t worry. Being sleepy during the day and complaining about it is a real and normal thing because as it turns out women do need more sleep than men do. And there is evidence to prove it.

Namely, a recent study piece by the New York Times discussed the benefits of a short nap during a tedious workday.

And the truth is that both companies and employees can benefit from a 20-minute nap time during the workday. The employees will be more ready and alert after the nap to finish their tasks.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind – you should not surpass the 20-minutes because that can cause sleep inertia, a groggy period you might experience after a prolonged nap.

The director of the UCLA Center for Sleep Research says that it is also important to not consume caffeine after lunch hours and to try to wake up every day at the same time. By making this habit of waking up at the same time you will always wake up at the same time no matter how much hours of sleep you got.

So, below are some suggestions on how to successfully pull off a nap during the workday.

  • Best is to nap in your car or in a room in your office that no one uses;
  • Don’t forget to set your alarm for 20-minutes;
  • Try to relax and block out all external noises. Use earplugs if needed.