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Your Forever Person Is Going To Do These 9 Things Differently From Your Exes


Finding the guy who deserves to have your love forever will certainly not be easy. Yet, spending your life with this kind of man is going to be a unique, unforgettable experience and definitely worth the wait.

Your forever person doesn’t have to be the smartest, richest or most beautiful guy in the world. He’ll have imperfections, bad days, past hurts, losses, and regrets. Yet, he won’t let anything of this shatter your hopes or break your heart.

He’ll treat you like you deserve – with a lot of love, compassion, respect, and dignity. He’ll be your forever person and you’ll be his everything.

If you’ve already found him, then the following things will be familiar to you, but if you haven’t, you’ll know he’s your forever person because he’s going to do these 9 things differently from your exes.

Here they are:

1. Your forever person is going to encourage you to grow personally and professionally.

He is going to accept every single part of you, including your flaws, quirks, mistakes, and failures because he loves and appreciates you for who you are. He’s going to support and motivate you to reach your greatest potential.

He’ll encourage you to fulfill your highest goals and wildest dreams because he believes in your mental strength and abilities. His actions will inspire you to break your bad habits and become a better version of yourself.

2. Your forever person is going to make you an inseparable part of his life.

He’ll often spend time with his friends but he’ll also make sure you don’t feel neglected. He is going to invite you to weddings and birthday parties with his family and friends.

He’ll never be reluctant to take you to social gatherings if he knows that will make you happy and content. He’ll enjoy making plans for the future and imagining the two of you growing old together.

3. Your forever person is going to put your feelings and needs first.

He’ll often have many daily tasks to complete and issues to take care of, but he’ll never going to act selfishly and think about his problems only. He’s going to pay attention to and show understanding for your needs and feelings.

He won’t make decisions alone, but he’ll include you in them and ensure that both of you benefit from them. He’ll make sure you feel emotionally complete and happy and you don’t miss anything.

4. Your forever person is going to change the way you see yourself.

He’s going to make you more aware of your importance. He’ll show you that you have many reasons to be confident and proud of yourself.

He’ll often remind you how smart, pretty, and brave you are. He’s going to give you all the love and respect you deserve and nothing less than that. He’ll help you overcome your insecurities and fears.

5. Your forever person is going to have an understanding of your opinions and actions.

It’s normal for couples to disagree about things or make complaints about the relationship or each other. Yet, when you start complaining about something related to him or your relationship, he’s not going to judge you, make you feel like you’re unnecessarily too emotional, or put the blame on you.

He’ll try to understand the reasons for your dissatisfaction and if it’s his fault, he’ll do his best to correct his behavior.

6. Your forever person is going to get intimate with you in many other ways besides sex.

Sex is going to be just one of the many ways he’ll use to touch your body. A comforting hug after a long, stressful day, a soft kiss on your mouth or forehead will make you feel his love for you.

Whether he’s going to gently move his fingers through your hair or lean his head on your lap while you’re watching movies, he’ll always find a way to feel your body.

7. Your forever person is going to make you feel comfortable and safe with him.

He’s going to show you that you can always rely on him by attentively listening to you when you share your problems with him. You’ll know that you can openly express your opinions and feelings in front of him, even when you’re disappointed, sad, or angry without feeling any shame or fear that he might get bored listening to you or lose his temper.

He’s never going to allow himself to do something which could hurt your feelings. He won’t let anyone offend you in his presence. He’ll walk through fire to make you feel comfortable and protected.

8. Your forever person is going to be there for you when you go through rough times.

There’s no person who can protect you from feelings of grief or emotional pain, but his guy will never let you deal with your sadness alone. He’s going to feel your pain as his own because he truly loves you and the things that hurt you pain him too.

He’ll know how to comfort, encourage, and give you the strength to get up and move on. He’ll try to make you smile. He’s always going to be there to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and heal your wounds.

9. Your forever person is going to be there.

When he’s by your side, you’ll never feel lonely. He’s going to look at you and ask for your opinion when you are hanging out with your friends. He’s often going to have busy days and feel tired but he’ll never neglect you or forget to ask you how your day went.

He’ll show you that true love does exist. He’s going to be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.

Image: Oleh Slobodeniuk