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9 Reasons Why I Want A Guy Who Will Chase Me Even When He’s Already Got Me


I’ll be sure that a guy really loves me if he continues his chase after me long after we’re a couple. I want him to chase me by trying to win my love every single day and make me feel still desired and loved.

I want a guy who will continue impressing me even when he’s already got me. He’ll be kind, generous, and sweet to me and he’ll treat me with respect and admiration. He’ll enjoy my sense of humor. I want a guy who will often leave me little notes on my bed to tell me how beautiful and smart I am and how much he loves me. He’ll make my life look like a dream I don’t want to wake up from.

These are the 9 reasons why I want my guy to chase me long after he’s got me:

1. I will never allow being taken for granted.

Hell no! I’ll never let that happen. But, if my guy stops chasing me, it will mean we have different opinions about that. If he takes me for granted, he’ll expect that I’ll always be around and that he won’t need to put in an effort to make our relationship thrive. He’ll never properly appreciate me or show he’s grateful for having me in his life.

2. I want to know that I am still worth chasing.

It will really discourage me when a guy stops trying to impress me and win my love after he gets what he wants from me. I’m not an object or a toy he can play with. I want my guy to continue showing me that he’s chosen me for who I really am, and not for what I can offer him.

3. The short-term chase is overestimated.

While he’s chasing me, he’s kind, loving, and patient with me. He does the most unimaginable things to impress me and he isn’t afraid to show his love publically. But does this have to stop after we get into a relationship? It isn’t important what he did and how hard he tried to get into my heart, but whether he really wants to stay there for good and keep making me happy and emotionally complete.

4. I want to feel loved and respected.

The love and attention he gave me before we became a couple shouldn’t have an expiry date. I still want to feel wanted, loved, and respected when the original phases of chasing pass and our relationship begins. If I notice that he’s becoming distant and uninterested in both me and the relationship, I’ll let go of him, no matter how much that could hurt my feelings.

5. I don’t want to be the only person committed to the relationship.

It’s not that I expect to be in a relationship where my partner will have to take care of me and show that he loves me while I’ll just sit back and do nothing. And I’m certainly not going to allow him to think that I’ll be the only one who will be keeping the pillars of our relationship stable too. If I’m doing my best to make him feel loved and respected and if I accept him for who he is, with all his merits, insecurities, and flaws, I’ll expect him to give me the same things in return.

6. I don’t want to be in a boring relationship either.

It may sound harsh, but many long-term relationships can break down if both partners rely solely on the love they feel for each other and expect it to do wonders for them. For couples to fully enjoy their relationship, they have to keep the original flame of love burning all the time. So, I want a guy who will surprise me every single day. A guy with whom I’ll go through many exhilarating and unforgettable experiences that will make me feel joy, excitement, and positive vibrations.

7. I don’t like him playing mind games with me.

If a guy is truly into me, he won’t start playing little, wicked mind games with me as soon as we get in a relationship. He’ll admire and value me, and never do anything which can break my heart. He will know that I can’t stand mind games and I’d rather leave him than let myself get entangled in his harmful trap.

8. Some guys are only interested in the chase.

Yeah, you can bet they are. This kind of guys do their best to trick you into believing them they’re into you. But, once they get what they want from you, be that your attention, love, or just sex, they’ll start avoiding you and behave weirdly. So, if you feel that the “awesome” guy who was chasing you is becoming distant and acts in weird ways, know that he finds more thrills in the chase after you rather than in being with you.

9. He sees me as a part of his future.

If a guy continues chasing me long after we’re a couple, I’ll know for sure that his feelings of affection aren’t temporary, but he wants to be with me in the long term. He’ll include me in all his plans for his future and enjoy talking with me about the house we’re going to live in, how we’re going to name our kids, and grow old together.