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What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for Invisalign


You now have every reason to consider getting braces to provide a solution to a dental problem without fearing the pain and clunky looks of traditional metal braces. Invisible braces that are comfortable to wear are widely available in most areas. Below are a few things to consider in deciding whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign. You can also look online at dental websites like The Dentist at Framingham for videos and more information.

Perfect for Anyone Wanting Invisible Braces

Braces are dental devices that are useful in correcting many types of problems like overbites, underbites, crooked teeth, crowding, and more. The metal contraptions most people are familiar with were thought to be the only way to resolve these issues before the invention of Invisalign. Clear trays that you fit over your teeth provide the same type of results without the cumbersome feel and gaudy looks of metal braces. It’s the perfect solution for teens and adults that are uncomfortable with standing out from the crowd. No one will know you are wearing them unless you show the device.

Limited Time for Numerous Dental Visits

A good candidate for Invisalign is one that has a busy schedule and cannot be bothered by numerous visits to the dentist for checkups and adjustments. The trays are custom fit for each patient and you simply change the device as needed as you progress towards straight teeth and a perfect smile. Other than remembering to follow each part of the treatment plan, there is little in the way of the cumbersome and possibly painful dental visits of traditional braces.

Anyone Actively Involved In Sports

Playing team sports, especially full contact varieties, carry a bit of risk with the presence of metal braces. Getting hit in the mouth by a ball, equipment, or bumping into players can cause injury without braces, but adding the metal to the equation is a setup for nasty injuries. Invisalign is smooth and offers no parts and pieces that can prove harmful to your lips and mouth.

Anyone Using Musical Instruments Like Flutes or Trombones

You will love the convenience of Invisalign if you are a musician that plays the flutes, clarinets, trombones, and any other form of wind instrument. You don’t have to set your love of music aside and wait out the months and years it takes to correct dental problems. All you have to do is pop out the liner and replace it when you are done playing.

Individuals Enjoying Fewer Dietary Restrictions

One of the more depressing aspects of metal braces are the huge restrictions it can place on your love for a variety of sticky foods. Trying to clean the leftover gunk from the metal structure can seem like a nightmare. You can still eat most foods with Invisalign. It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth and floss after you eat. You only have to remove the tray for the period of eating and hygiene care.

Braces Providing Easier Daily Oral Hygiene Care

Invisalign is hands-down the easiest way to correct dental problems and keep your teeth clean. All you have to do is remove the tray and care for your teeth as you would normally. You need nothing more than the basic toothbrush and dental floss. The food particles that get caught up in metal braces can set you up for permanent stains or tooth decay.

Willing to commit to the Treatment Plan

Depending on your particular dental problem, you might have to use Invisalign for a year or two. It is the perfect choice for people that are willing to commit to the length of time it takes to see positive results. It takes real discipline since they are not attached to the teeth. You have to keep them in and replace the size manually.

Anyone Disciplined to Wear the Invisalign the Required Hours Each Day

In order for Invisalign to work, it requires wearing the trays 20 to 22 hours each and every day. It slowly and subtly brings resolution to your problem.

Willingness to Use a Nighttime Retainer to Maintain the Results

Even though your teeth might seem to be anchored firmly in the jaw, they are moveable to some degree. It will require the use of some type of nighttime retaining device to maintain great results. As the improvements happened slowly, they can revert if not given a firm reminder each night of proper position.

Now is the time to check into Invisalign if you’ve been dealing with a dental problem that makes it difficult to smile. The results are stunning and the ability to cleverly hide the use makes it a win-win proposition.