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Is Black Baby Poo Normal? 

Before children enter your life, you probably won’t be thinking about what baby poop looks like and whether or not one shade is normal while another isn’t. 

Next minute, you’re a new parent and your child has a package that looks like charcoal dough and is very difficult to clean. 

W T F?’, you scream to yourself silently in your head because you don’t want to wake your just-fallen-back-asleep baby. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Take three deep breaths and by the time you finish reading this article we hope you have more peace of mind. 

For more FAQs about common symptoms and allergies in babies, the Careline team have released a new content hub for new parents. 

Shouldn’t It Be Brown? 

Baby poop can come in all different shapes, sizes, frequency, colours and consistency.

It is undoubtedly shocking as a new parent or carer to find the poo in your child’s nappy to be anything other than what we are already used to, but babies have much different poo than adults! 

No, don’t expect their smelly packages to look brown like ours do, chances are your baby’s first poo will look black. 

Black poop for babies is a completely normal and natural occurrence for the first few poos of their life.

Why Is Baby Poo Black?

The first excretements produced by a newborn will be black in colour, and this is known as meconium. 

What is Meconium? 

Meconium is constituted of various cells, protein, fats and substances that form in the digestive tract during pregnancy. 

Meconium is often black however can also be shades of dark green. It is thick in consistency, sticky and actually does not smell at all. Because of its texture, it is difficult to clean your baby when they have meconium bowel movements. 

This lasts for the first few days of their life, and if it persists it is recommended that medical advice be sought. Similarly, if your baby has not had their first bowel movement within 24 hours of birth, notify your doctor. 

What Other Colours Are Normal?


Mustard yellow is normal particularly for breastfed infants and to be expected, nothing out of the ordinary here! However, if your baby is pooping bright yellow, it could be a sign of diarrhea. Monitor your child’s symptoms and contact your doctor if it persists. 


If your child is newborn and not consuming solids then this will not be applicable. 

As their digestive system matures, their bowel movements will be less impacted by the colour of their foods. 


If there is blood in your child’s stool then you should seek medical advice as there could be a medical condition present. Sometimes it is caused by the colours of foods and not actually blood, but it is recommended to seek professional advice regardless.

Dark Green 

This is normal especially during the meconium phase of bowel movements and also if the child is eating foods like spinach, peas or kale.


Brown poo is normal and as the child gets older the more regular their poo will look like due to their maturing digestive system. This happens because the digestive system breaks down and processes the food more efficiently leaving less colour in the stools. 

White or Grey

Seek immediate medical attention as this could be a sign of a serious medical condition.

When Will My Baby’s Poo Be Normal? 

Meconium stools should only last for a few days before more regular transitional stools develop. By the time the baby is 5-7 days old, they should have left the meconium stool stage to stools that are looser, mustard in colour and smellier. 

During this transitional period it is normal for your baby’s poos to go from the thick meconium to thin, loose stools that are green, brown and yellow in colour. Usually, meconium is still somewhat present during this transitional period but should no longer be present after the fifth day. 

If your child is passing meconium stools after five days it is best to contact your doctor to seek medical advice for a potential underlying health issue.

How To Get Into The Mood For Sexual Intercourse

Throughout various stages of our lives, our sexual ibidio can go up or down depending on a wide range of external factors, including stress levels, health status, work, current events, motherhood / fatherhood, personal relationships etc. 

However, when a case of little to no sex drive strikes, then it can often leave you wondering why it has happened to me and what can I do in order to get my mojo back. If the latter is a question that you have been pondering recently, then keep reading to find out how to get into the mood for sexual intercourse.

Minimize Life’s Stresses

Even if your libido is still high, it is important for your overall health to reduce the amount of stress that you are experiencing in your life. However, if you are sturgglingto get into the mood for sex, then one of the biggest factors is likely to be the fact that you are overly stressed out. This is because our sex lives are not only affceted by our hormones, but also a wide variety of social and psychological factors. Taking better care of our mental health and well being can actually help out massively when it comes to helping us get into the mood for sexual intercourse. 

Some of the things that you could possibly do to relieve your stress levels include spending some time out to read a book, socialise with friends and family, enjoy a relaxing bath, or even do some exercise

Go To Bed Early

Having a good night’s sleep so that you are well rested and have the energy to actually partake in sexual intercourse come the end of the day is an effective way of gettin yourself back in the mood for sex.

To do this, disengage with any form of technology at least one hour before going to bed and create a bedtime ritual for yourself, such as having a relaxing hot bath or listening to some calming music – doing this will get you in the right frame of mind for sleep.

Open A Dialogue

Despite it being uncomfortable for many people, talking to either your partner or just other people can help in getting you in the right head space to engage insex. Although this may be difficult in some circumstances, especially if children or other family members are present, this can be done by texting or giving the occasional whisper. 

However, you do not have to resort to sending nude photos of yourself or crude messages, but simply ones telling your significant other what it is that you enjoy about sex with them. Doing this is likely to start a conversation, that although not x rated, is still likely to get you switched on.

Become More Intimate

Intimacy can be built with a partner without having to resort to having full blown sex. Try communicating with them beyond the usual “how has your day been?” when sitting down with one another in the evening. 

Performing fun activities together that appeal to one another’s love language is a great way of bringing intimacy back into a relationship. There are a number of things that we can do to inspire a great level of thoughtfulness and intimacy that does not necessarily involve sexual intercourse or sexualacts. Doing so will encourage you to seek out other forms of intimacy.

Do Some Exercise

By partaking in regular bouts of exercise, you will find yourself being a lot less stressed out and, in turn, much more relaxed. In addition to this, improving the shape of your body is likely to make you feel more confident to show it off to people. 

In order to become intimate with someone and, ultimately, to engage insexual intercourse, you must at first be confident with your body and yourself in general. Whilst exercising will give your libido a much needed boost, if you exercise together with your partner, then you never know what may happen. 

Read Some Erotic Fiction

Gone are the days of Mills & Boon books being the only bit of erotica available to read – this has now become mainstream and is big business. With both books and podcasts available, you are pretty spoiled for choice, and can even keep your choice of listening hidden from everyone else.

Some of the reads go way beyond just really hot sex, although here is a lot of that in there, and actually have engaging storylines and characters that will keep you coming back for more. There are even smartphone apps available with full listings of erotica novels, soyou never have to read or hear the same story twice.

Perform Mutual Masturbation

Whilst sometimes you may not be in the right headspace to engage in full blown sexual intercourse, you may actually be comfortable enough to masturbate in just your own presence. It can also be fun to ask your partner to perform mutual matsurbation or atleast both do it together at the same time.

Doing this is actually really sey and is an effective way of helping to build intimacy levels with one another. To learn more about masturbating and the sex toys that can help to take doing this to the netxlevel, visit the Get Frisky Australia website.

Become More Tactile

Something as simple as a touch during the day may be enough to inspire either yourself or your partner later on in the day. For instance, you could try stroking their leg whilst sitting watching the television with one another or even play with their hair. This is not something that strictly has to be done to a partner, doing these same things to yourself can actually have the same effect.

If you feel comfortable enough, thentry touching yourself intimately whilst in the bath or shower – you may actually really enjoy it. Getting naked may help to encourage more touching and even if it does not, it will make you feel more comfortable with your own body and with showing it to other people. When our sex drive is low, we start to feel uncomfortable and insecure, so doing this will help with that.

Getting Help With Alcohol Detoxification: How To Re-Learn Living Without Drinking

spiritual consequences of alcohol

It starts with you. That’s what they all say, isn’t it? As cliche as this may sound, it rings true. Only, when it comes to alcohol addiction, it’s much easier said than done. 

We’re here to tell you that you are not alone in this. Our team of experts have come up with these guidelines you can practice on your own, alongside staying committed to your treatment program. 

Re-Learn Living Free Of Alcohol Dependence

  1. Your Drinking And/Or Non-Drinking Journal 

If journaling is something new to you, now is the opportune moment to begin. Most especially because it’s related to your progress in detoxifying both your body and your mind from alcohol dependence. 

The mind is just as much a victim in this more than your body. This realm is where you make decisions about pursuing that next bottle of alcohol or not. So write it down. Notate reasons why you want to finally live your life without being chained to addiction. 

Psychologists say that these visual cues and/or reminders will help you put to action what your mind wants to do with regards to kicking alcohol to the curb.

  1. Keeping Track

Aside from observing your treatment program to the detail, keep track of times when you feel alcohol “pangs”. What times of the day? Which days of the week? For about 14 to 15 days, stick to this keeping-track routine. 

Next, evaluate. Formulate activities that will aid you in moving your mind away from alcohol. We’re talking about productive activities like working out, taking a jog, pursuing holistic hobbies, spending time with your friends and family (mainly your support group), etc. 

  1. No Alcohol Within Your Reach 

This is the first thing to chuck out of your home. Very literally at that. Alcohol. Anything with alcoholic content is to be thrown out entirely. The same is true with alcohol in the office, or in any other place where you spend most hours within days and days of the week. 

Many say that this is quite drastic. And it is. But “drastic” is what is needed when face to face with dealing with alcohol addiction and alcohol detox

Apropos of relapses (which are almost always unavoidable), the staff of the detoxification facility you’re signed up with can provide you with a treatment plan customized for this challenge. 

  1. Talk To Your Physicians 

Physicians in your detox centre are there for a sole purpose— to aid you in coping with this debilitating addiction. Therefore, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Tell them of your struggles. Do this in a timely manner. Urgency is crucial when seeking medical and/or psychological advice regarding alcohol addiction

  1. The Right Company 

Just as drastically as experts recommend that you get rid of alcoholic beverages in your home, proactively stay away from people who lure you into having drinks with them. Remember that giving yourself a better life is more important than spending time with people who can sabotage this very goal. 

Instead, lean towards your support group. The fact that they are willing to stay by your side throughout this ordeal is a beautiful source of motivation to re-think the company you associate with. 

Why Should You Check the Label When Buying CBD Online?

For those suffering from chronic pain and anxiety, CBD is a godsend. However, while many companies are jumping on the bandwagon of medicinal marijuana, not all products in the market are genuinely Cannabidiol products. Understanding how different Cannabidiol products are labeled and how they are derived can help you become a smart consumer.

Check Cannabidiol Product Labels

If you’re new to the world of CBD, it can be an overwhelming experience. Before you dive headfirst into the world of medicinal cannabis, it is important to learn about the potency of the product, the manufacturer, and the type of CBD used. Additionally, if you are already on medications for your chronic pain, you should look into the possible side effects that Cannabidiol may have. 

Speak to your healthcare provider to know whether using products with Cannabidiol is the right choice for you.

Why Are Labels Important?

When you buy a product, you look for quality. In some cases, reading the product label is the best indication of its qualities, better than any reviews. Hence, understanding what the terms on the product’s label mean is important. 

The product label indicates the quality, the Cannabidiol dose, and other important information regarding its use. When you are new to tiring cannabinoids, reading the label provides an accurate idea of how often you should use the product.

The legality of the Products

For Cannabidiol products, the label is crucial to ensure compliance with state laws. You may know that these products are legal, but some specifications as to which products can be sold in the market. For states that have legalized both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, the presence of THC is acceptable.

However, for states which have only legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, there is a threshold of THC concentration of each product. Thus, reading the label helps you understand whether the product you are buying adheres to the laws of your state.

Cannabinoid Type 

Cannabinoids is an umbrella term, as there are over 113 cannabinoids present in a marijuana plant. Each has different therapeutic benefits and uses. Not all Cannabinoids will work for your needs. Reading the product label helps you understand which cannabinoids are present in the product and their concentration. 

Typically, CBD products will mention the major and recognizable cannabinoids, THC and CBD. But, in some cases, other Cannabinoids may also be mentioned. It is best to familiarise yourself with tier uses and benefits before you purchase the product.

Understanding the uses of the different cannabinoids in the product can help you determine whether the product will be worth your hard-earned money.

Isolates, Broad Spectrum or Full-Spectrum

Cannabis products also mention cannabinoid composition using the terminology full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. They are commonly available on Cannabidiol products.

Some products mention the cannabinoid used in terms of isolates, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum. The term isolate indicates that the product has nothing but Cannabidiol in it. In contrast, the broad spectrum suggests that the product contains all naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis, except for THC. Full-spectrum indicates that the product may have traces of THC.

Terpenes And Flavonoids

When looking at CBD products online, you will come across the term “entourage effect.” This term refers to the fact that these products may be more beneficial when multiple compounds and extracts from the cannabis plants are present in a single product.

Terpenes are a crucial part of the entourage effect, and flavonoids influence the flavor and aroma of the product. When used in CBD-based products, they greatly influence the therapeutic benefits of the product. Essential oils such as lavender or citrus contain chemicals such as linalool or limonene, which have additional therapeutic properties that add to the product’s benefits. 

Certificate of Analysis

Finally, it is crucial to look into the product’s certificate of analysis when purchasing CBD products online. Essentially a certificate of analysis is a form of quality control that confirms that the product contains the Cannabidiol quantity advertised by the manufacturer. Ensure that the certificate of analysis comes from a third-party source that is not affiliated with the manufacturer in any way.

Trustworthy CBD websites should have a Certificate of Analysis of their products readily available so that buyers can check the potency of the products before their purchase. Research the lab which has provided the COA to ensure they are trustworthy or accredited.

Understanding Cannabidiol products can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Once you learn to read the labels, however, it can become easier. Ensure that you check the product thoroughly before your purchase. Before you start your CBD journey, consult your healthcare provider to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Desert Vacation for Your Next Trip

Desert Vacation

With the summer season underway, you may be thinking of a destination for your next getaway. Many people plan trips to the coast to hit the beach and enjoy the water, but if you want something a little more off the beaten path, a trip to the desert is the way to go. The United States boasts of four major deserts within its borders, so you don’t have to travel too far for this unique experience.

Curiosity piqued but not yet convinced? Here are five reasons to choose Destination: Desert for your summer vacation.

It’s Not as Hot as You Think

While temperatures do tend to rise in the desert and temperatures can reach 97 degrees, mornings are usually cool and comfortable. If you have plans for outdoor activities, getting an early start will ensure that you enjoy some sunshine without getting overheated. The arid climate also keeps things dry, so the heat does not feel heavy or sticky. Humidity levels are highest in August when levels go up to 36 percent. As with any locale you might visit in the summer, do make sure to stay hydrated to prevent heat exhaustion.

The desert also gets quite chilly in the evenings, which may seem like a stark contrast to daytime temperatures. For this reason, it’s best to pack a light jacket and dress in layers so you can continue to participate in outdoor nighttime activities like stargazing or moonrise tours.

See a Different Face of Nature

Contrary to popular depictions in media, the desert landscape is more than just sand as far as the eye can see. Deserts in the USA paint a wide spectrum of colors. Vegetation in the shape of shrubs and moss offer scenes of greenery, while cacti produce bright flowers that add a festive feel. Additionally, the terrain itself looks picturesque with hues of red as in the Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert or the pinks and purples of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Nature is more than just lush greenery and blue expanses of water, and being in a desert is a different kind of experience. The rock formations and occasionally sparse vegetation look quite tranquil so it can be an ideal environment to relax and recharge. Some people may even opt to stay in a Phoenix drug rehab or in a Sonoran retreat rather than in a facility in their home state because the desert environment can feel more conducive to recovery.

The Unique Terrain Is Perfect for Exploration

If you love hiking or simply enjoy the great outdoors, the desert is a must-visit destination. You can go for a leisurely walk to observe the picturesque scenery or take on a challenge by trekking in an underground cavern or even doing some rock climbing. Whichever you choose, it is best to go with someone who knows the area well and can warn you of its dangers, especially where desert fauna is involved.

If you want majestic views without having to exert much effort, some areas offer hot air balloon rides that give you a grand tour of the area. This is an especially rewarding experience in deserts with high cliffs and deep canyons. The accompanying guide should be able to tell you more about the area’s history, wildlife, and best spots for a better appreciation of your surroundings.

One-of-a-Kind Sunsets

While the desert already flaunts an amazing array of colors, the magic happens when the sun begins its descent from the sky. Desert sunsets are some of the most spectacular in the world, and there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

The sky changes color at sunset because of how sunlight bounces on the particles in the air. Because the air in the desert is clear and free of pollution, the colors of its sunsets appear a lot more vibrant than what you would see in cities. The arid climate also contributes to this because low atmospheric humidity means fewer obstructions to the light. It is truly a sight to behold, so make sure you have a jacket or scarf at hand if viewing outdoors as the temperature in the desert can drop very quickly.

Fewer Tourists, More Budget-Friendly

If your idea of a getaway is to get away from the crowds, the desert can offer the tranquility you seek. Most tourists usually plan for beach trips in the summer, so you won’t have to contend with as many people if you visit the desert. This also means that many desert-based resorts and hotels offer discounts during this time, so you should be able to snag a good deal and add a spa treatment or two to your itinerary.

Going to the desert for your summer vacation may seem odd when everyone else is heading to the beach, but it is a destination any aspiring traveler should see at least once in their lifetime. There is a lot more to see than just cacti and sand, and it can be a place for both adventure and healing.

7 Signs You’ve Chosen a Wrong Coursework Topic

To write coursework successfully, a student has to study hard throughout the entire semester. This path stipulates attending all classes and consultations, asking questions, and delving into the subject of the assignment. Preparing in this kind of style, one can get in the teacher’s good graces and receive high grades.

Yet, not all modern students share such optimistic sentiments. Some of them prefer an easier way to solve the problem. Many students delegate this task to coursework writing service and their professional writers. It is an easy way to get high grades without sleepless nights and bookworm-style weekends.

The would-be coursework could go down the tubes once the student picks the wrong topic. Phrasing the thesis statement is the key stage in writing essays, presentations, term papers, etc. Should a student choose the wrong topic for the term paper, the subsequent work could become unbearable.

Consider the typical mistakes made at this stage.

1. The topic does not correspond to the discipline

This often happens when the assignment allows the students to select any ideas they fancy as the basis for the thesis. Sometimes, students get carried away by the free spirit and pick a thesis unrelated to the actual subject of studies. The same transpires when people misunderstand the assignment. Thus, be careful when restrictions are scarce. Better get advice from the tutor and ask him or her to approve of the chosen theme.

2. The topic is not relevant

Sometimes, students decide to focus on problems that would make their coursework stand out against the background of seemingly mediocre theses. Yet, the subject may already be well-studied or cover the problems currently irrelevant to the field. It could still work out but the high grade will be off the agenda. It is more beneficial to consider the subjects currently researched by the hard-liner on the discipline.

3. The topic is based solely on your interests

The idea underlying the paper should be engaging. Yet, defining it as interesting does not necessarily entail it being relevant or fact-based. For example, a student wants to write a thesis on one particular computer game they know like the back of their hand, assuming the curriculum allows for this type of research. It might be better to consider the computer games market as a whole as it makes the thesis more extensive and gives space for comparison-based research.

4. The topic is not compelling

The flip side of the coin is picking the topic that does not engage you and spikes no excitement. In this case, working on the paper may turn into an ordeal. Curiosity and enthusiasm are the main drivers of creative work, research, and study. Take these aspects out of the equation, and any assignment would turn into torture. So, stick to the ideas you would like to discover and consult the supervisor if necessary.

5. Topic is too broad

If the wording of the thesis lacks specifics, the coursework will turn out to be milk-and-water. An example of a wrong thesis statement is Advertising History. This title would do nicely on the cover of a book. For a term paper, take a narrower phrasing, for example – The development of advertising in the United States (from the 1980s to the present times). Rephrasing and adding details will make it easier to avoid getting carried away.

6. Topic is too narrow

Again, every extreme has its antithesis. Choosing a very narrow topic is the opposite extreme to the previous point. When the thesis statement is too narrow, one has little to write about. Advertising development in the city of N from 2015 to 2020 is a bad idea for a thesis. It is better to narrow it down if nothing extraordinarily significant has happened within the selected phase. The narrower the thesis wording is, the more effort it takes to do the analysis, and the less information one can find. If you want to write about something very specific and local – write an article.

7. Topic is chosen without preliminary resources’ review

Relevance of the sources is one of the key aspects. It often remains undervalued on the stage of choosing the idea to research for a term paper. Only upon writing the abstract, the students start to smell a rat. A complete lack of sources is a rare occasion. Yet, the books and articles on the chosen problem may be absent in the library, expensive, or completely outdated.

If nothing has been written on the chosen topic in the past few years, then, most likely, the topic is not relevant as well. Knowledge of foreign languages opens access to foreign literature, but writing a term paper will take much more time and effort. 

Choosing a problem that no one has written about before, is bad for the coursework since it turns it into proper deep research with an original thesis. Leave such theses to those getting their PhDs. Ignoring the need for a preliminary study of sources can lead to the incorrect formulation of the underlying idea. Incorrect wording then leads to setting wrong goals and objectives. As a result, all the effort may turn out to be wrong, and the student will have to start over.


Mistakes arise even when selecting from the list of proposed ideas. If all suggested issues seem unfamiliar, do not choose intuitively or find familiar words. Always analyze the sources before making a choice. Even a supervisor can sometimes suggest dubious ideas.

The main thing to remember is that the title of the paper should reflect a certain significant problem and ignite curiosity in the student. Choose the topic wisely, and keep in mind such parameters as relevance.

Casino Gaming in Portugal: Companies Changed by Crisis

While many would view the pandemic from one perspective, it would be right to do that in two ways. Not all the industries and companies, to be specific, were affected negatively. Some have benefited from the pandemic, and others have faced a major blow. For instance, the casino industry has got two sides: the land-based and the online sector.

Those in the online casino business will confirm that the pandemic enabled them to increase their customer base and revenues. Gamers joining the online casinos in Portugal have been rising because of the restrictions set by the World Health Organization.

Land-based casinos, on the other hand, experienced a decline in the number of gamers. The restrictions have not been in their favour. We had a session with one of our experts Victoria Oliveira (view profile), to discuss how the pandemic has changed the casino and gaming industry.

How has Covid-19 impacted online casinos in Portugal?

Availability of better internet connection impacted customer base

Before the pandemic struck, the number of gamers had not surged in most of the casinos as it is today. The internet strength was also not as strong as it is today. But the case is different today because internet service providers invested in better devices.

That has been a motivating factor to gamers who have been staying indoors. They have opted for the online casinos instead of waiting for the reopening of the physical casinos. That has also seen the number of Portugal online casinos rise over time. Discussions around the introduction of 5G connectivity have also been in progress during the pandemic.

Scammers also took advantage of the rising need for gaming but casino Portugal online has been at the forefront of ensuring that gamers get all the information they need about online casinos.  You will find various reputable online casinos that will cater to your gaming needs in Portugal and beyond.

Adoption of better payment methods

Cashless transactions also became a new order during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, players would spend their cash in land-based casinos. Currently, transactions are online compelling them to choose the payment methods that will favour them.

Casino sites that had not adopted some payment methods have had to check out for the most demanded ones and integrate them.

The use of crypto methods also increased as it became convenient and reliable for many users. Furthermore, according to casino industry analysis, there has been a rise in the number of crypto casinos, thus favouring most gamers. That’s a sign that the online casino sector has undergone a significant transformation to become better during this pandemic.

Sportsbook diversification

Earlier, when online gaming became the new order, the sportsbooks were not offering what the Portugal players were looking for. The pandemic brought a new dawn in the gambling industry that saw most casinos diversify in their range of games.

The need to introduce demanded games that would give the gamers a thrilling experience arose. It made them partner with some of the top software providers and games developers to create astonishing pieces.

The diversification is why some betting sites today have modern games on top of traditional games such as scratch cards, poker, and table games. There are also many virtual sports to bet on, especially for sports betting enthusiasts. It’s the power behind the casino industry trends we have today. Through diversification, casinos have been in a position to tap more gamers and increase their revenues.

Increase in fantasy betting videos

Active sports have been affected since the outbreak of the pandemic. That’s because most of the players were affected by the policies put in place by the world health organisation.

As a result, the fans shifted their attention to video betting and video gaming. The online casinos have also been in the frontline of adopting some of the latest technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. It signifies a breakthrough in the industry since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Impact on the land-based casinos

After the outbreak, the immediate closure of the land-based casinos in Portugal made the casinos go weeks and months without profits. The gamers have not had the freedom to walk to the casino halls anymore. Even after the World Health Organization relaxed its policies, casinos cannot operate effectively due to its limitations.

As you can see, the pandemic has changed the gambling industry both negatively and positively. Fortunately, most casinos have adapted to the changes to become better.

The Success Principles of Poker


Many people believe poker is a game of luck, when in fact, it’s a game of skill. Because the cards are always random, the luck factor tends to even out with time. A superior strategy is bound to eventually win. In this article, you’ll read about how to build poker success and the main principles of poker.

From the Table to the Cloud

Poker is one of the oldest gambling games, but it has surely kept pace with technology. It’s easy to find both online and live versions of this casino staple. Even in countries with tricky legislation on online gambling, players can play it for free or for real money, like in Hungary.

If you live in Hungary, you can only play on government-licenced casinos. A quick search for bingo játékok should give you the best options available. In any case, follow our gambling expert Sultés Szilvia for the latest news of the gambling world.

This game manages to keep its thrill regardless of its platform. But the way players interact may change. Live poker comes as close as possible to the brick-and-mortar feeling. Simpler online versions of this game allow little interaction.

Anyway, a basic poker strategy requires you to observe how your opponents play their cards. Below, you’ll find the main principles to improve your game.

Four Keys to Strengthen Your Game

Apart from obviously knowing poker game rules by heart, there are other core abilities that a serious player should build. In this section, you’ll learn the principles of how to become a professional poker player.

Silence is Gold

Not everyone enjoys talking while playing. Some of the best players in the world find it disruptive. Patrik Antonius and Phil Galfond are examples of quiet and effective playing. Silent champions argue that talking causes distractions, claiming that it can cloud your judgment and impair your calculations.

Estimate the Odds

Calculating the odds for a game like poker may sound like something for supercomputers. But you don’t need mathematical superpowers to loosely estimate whether your hand is a try or if the pot is worth the hassle.

For example, consider the highest pairs in Texas Hold’Em: aces, kings, queens, jacks, ace and king, and tens. Those are hands you’re likely to get once every 29 rounds.

You can roughly calculate your odds using the concept of “outs”. An “out” is a card that you consider to be the winning one. Multiply the number of potential outs by two, and then you have an approximate likelihood of winning. For instance, if you need a five to make a straight and there can be still four in the pack, your chances stand around 8%.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

Many amateur players call bets far too often when there’s no winning chance. They go with the flow and tend to lose a lot of money with this behaviour. Experienced players maximise their winnings and reduce their losses, depending on the bet or when they fold. But calling is a passive action. A player who calls more often than raises, chances, or folds, is probably not making the most out of their opportunities in the game.

Understand Pot Odds

Here’s another tool to guide your decision: pot odds calculation. Pot odds is the ratio between the money on the table and the money you must bet to stay in the game. For instance, if you have a $10 pot but you have to $1 to keep playing, then the odds are 10 to 1.

It means you’re risking $1 for the chance of winning $10. But if you bet $10 and there’s $10 in the pot, you push your opponent to bet with odds of 2 to 1. This kind of bet makes your opponent lose money in the long run.


There are countless tips for better odds calculation, reading the players on the table, and different strategies. Still, the best way to improve your game is by practising. Luckily, there’s a generous supply of poker websites to play for free and for real.

Caring For Your Chocolate Lab Puppy

A chocolate lab – a blanket name for any labrador with a near-black or brown coat – is just as healthy and fun-loving as any other kind of labrador. If you are thinking of coming home with a new four-legged addition to the family, then you need to understand how to care for them and what sort of requirements they might have.

Making Your Home Safe

A labrador is always going to have a curious streak, and that means that they can put themselves in danger if you are not properly prepared to have them arrive. Little things can make a huge difference: keeping medications out of the way, covering up chewable wires, and getting toxic house plants raised up off the floor.

It helps to look at your home from the perspective of a puppy: they will need time to develop an understanding of what different things are and what they are supposed to interact with. Try to imagine things that an excited lab might take an interest in, especially things that they could start chewing on in the night when nobody’s around to watch them.

Adapt As They Grow

A young labrador can start out with a lot of energy, and this does not always fade away – but they still need different things at different stages of their life. For example, you might have to take the puppy out for multiple pee breaks during the first two weeks, but they will generally settle into a routine by week three.

It is important to not settle into one routine. If your chocolate lab seems unhappy with the current schedule, it might have started to grow and change in ways that need your attention. The need for exercise will get stronger by three months, but the bulk of the physical growth will happen by the six-week mark, so you have time to prepare in advance.

House Train Them Properly

Make sure you teach your puppy where they can and can’t relieve themselves, especially at an early age. There are going to be accidents during the early stages, but that is all part of the process: you will usually want to teach your lab that their poo and pee breaks are mostly during walks.

It is a good idea to keep track of how often you are taking them out, too. If you take them on three walks one day but one the next, they might be preparing for the wrong schedule and end up having an accident in the middle of the afternoon because they were expecting another walk that never came.

Feed Them Appropriately

Always increase the amounts of food you give a chocolate lab slowly instead of jumping up ‘levels’ as they grow. A slow increase in the size of their meals allows their stomachs to get used to what you are giving them, and it will stop them from getting overloaded.

It is also a good idea to cut back on their food if they start putting on more weight than they should be, since this can have bad repercussions on their health in the long run. It might be a good idea to create your own dog food, too, since you can control what is in it – a lot of pre-made dog food types are aimed at larger or older animals, causing fullness but not necessarily helping with growth.

Nurture Their Social Skills

Dogs are happiest when they are social, but if you are not careful, you can leave a puppy with no real understanding of how to interact with other dogs and/or people. Do not flood them with new faces and voices straight away, but do not keep them isolated, either. Once they get their vaccinations and checkups, try to include them in social situations.

This also gives you a chance to see how they interact with others, as well as reinforce the good behavior and try to prevent the bad behavior. This can be tricky at first, but once you start to build up a better understanding of your pup’s personality, you can often figure out what they like and don’t like.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to get hold of a chocolate lab safely, then take a look at https://chocolatelabradorretriever.ca/lab-puppies-for-sale to see what kind of process you might have to go through. The more you know, the better.

How Listening to Music Can Help You Stay Healthy

For many people, listening to music is an enjoyable pastime. Whether it’s in the car on a long drive, on an upbeat exercise playlist, or blasting through the speakers at a party, music adds a little extra color to the drudgeries of everyday life. But there’s mounting evidence that we shouldn’t take music for granted, or relegate the act of listening to music as nothing but a trivial hobby. Recent studies[1] have proven that music can help people become self-aware and in tune with their feelings, as well as relate to and empathize with others. Moreover, taking time to listen to music may actually contribute significantly to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

So if music is an essential part of your day, keep up the habits of looking for new musical artists, curating playlists, and sharing your favorite songs with your loved ones. Doing so may be healthy for you, as well as pleasurable. Here are six points that illustrate this argument.   

It Can Alter Your Mood for the Better

Is your favorite music one of the first things you look for when you’ve had a bad day? Does listening to your favorite song do a lot to cheer you up when you’re feeling down? There’s a scientific explanation for why our moods improve when we listen to music. Doing so triggers the human brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine,[2] also called the “happy hormone.” When you’re looking for something to change up your mood for the better and motivate you to do your daily tasks, you can turn to music.

It Can Relieve Stress

You may have heard people say that stress is a killer, and given today’s brisk pace of life, perhaps you understand why. Stress can wreak significant physiological and psychological damage on the body, which includes high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and prolonged anxiety. It’s always good to find healthy outlets to mitigate stress and to calm your body down from this heightened state of vigilance. Music can be one such outlet, and an hour or so of listening to your favorite tunes can impart you with feelings of tranquility and mental focus.

It Can Improve Your Memory

Listening to music is also an intellectual activity, which means that it’s good for the brain. Studies on music and memory indicate that such an activity engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, thus priming it for more difficult cognitive functions.[3] That’s no surprise, as your brain actually does a lot of computing when listening to a unique piece of music. For example, your brain perceives and makes connections using the mathematical distances between notes. It’s a pretty good explanation for why it boosts cognitive processes like memorization,[4] and why it’s good to listen to music while studying (just so long as you aren’t distracted by the song lyrics).

It’s a Great Companion for Exercise

Music is also good for physical activities as well as intellectual ones. In fact, listening to music during your daily workout may increase your gains. Following a beat can help you keep track of your reps when you’re lifting weights, or coordinate your body’s movements while you’re dancing. Your favorite songs can also pump you up and supply you with a healthy adrenaline rush when you need it, for example when you’re sprinting or clocking off that last kilometer on your stationary bike.

It Contributes to Holistic Healing

Yet another health benefit that can be attributed to music is its potential to contribute to holistic healing, especially for trauma or serious illnesses like cancer and addiction. Music therapy can supplement counseling, medication, and treatment from health professionals in restoring a patient’s health and well-being. For example, someone who’s visiting a Tampa drug rehab center or similar facility may undergo music therapy and participate in musical interventions as part of their treatment plan. If you or one of your loved ones will have to undergo treatment for a serious condition, you can explore the cathartic power of music to aid in the healing process.    

It Can Help You Feel Connected and In Touch with the World

Lastly, the healing and restorative qualities of music don’t extend only to you. If you share your favorite songs with your friends, family, or even like-minded strangers, you could make their day. Listening to music from your favorite artists, some of whom may be from far corners of the world, can also help you feel like you’re understood and that you’re a part of something greater than yourself. At a time that it’s easy to feel lonely and disconnected, having someone share their music with you—and in turn, sharing music with others—can help you stay mentally and emotionally healthy. Don’t be afraid to seek validation and comfort from your favorite music, and better yet, share those things with others.

Final Words

Suffice to say, music can do a lot to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Both science and your own personal experiences demonstrate this. Draw strength from the songs that you love and relish the time you spend listening to music, knowing that it does a lot to improve your quality of life! 

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