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Inversion Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide

Inversion therapy is a treatment that uses gravity to relieve pressure from the spinal column. It’s also known as “upside down” or “headstands” inversions because it involves lying on your back and using gravity to head up toward the ceiling.

There are many benefits to inversion therapy, such as improved posture, increased circulation, reduced lower back pain, and less muscle tension throughout the body. In this post, we will discover what you need to know about inversion therapy so you can decide if it could be right for you!

Inversion therapy and its functionality:

As we saw, inversion therapy is a therapy that can be used as a form of treatment. It aims at relieving pressure from the spinal column by using gravity to head towards the ceiling in a “headstand” position, so it is also known as upside-down or headstand therapy.

Inversion therapy occurs when you lie on your back with feet elevated and then arching backwards such that you are inverted (upside-down). You will need an apparatus for this type of exercise since there’s no way to do it without assistance – we recommend using either an inversion table or chair/bench specifically designed for inverting exercises.

The functionality of this technique is to reduce pressure on the discs and joints of your spine and improve circulation. It also assists in relieving muscle tension throughout the body thanks to gravity working against muscular force.

The benefits of inversion therapy:

There are many benefits of inversion therapy, such as:

  • Improved posture:

Inversion therapy helps to improve your posture by stretching the back muscles, which reduces slouching. When we go upside down, this means gravity has less work to do with helping keep everything aligned and that allows your body’s natural alignment mechanisms (think of them as a bunch of rubber bands) to take over and make sure everything stays where it should be – no more slouching or hunching over!

  • Increased circulation: Gravity helps blood flow in areas of the body that are compressed due to poor sitting or standing posture. There are two common benefits when it comes to increased circulation. The first is improving overall respiratory health since blood flow improves, which helps transport oxygen through the lungs into your bloodstream. Second, increased circulation in the limbs helps reduce swelling because better blood flow will lead to less fluid retention.
  • Reduced lower back pain:

The spine is made up of 24 vertebrae with discs between each one, and when they’re under pressure, it can result in painful symptoms such as sciatica, pinched nerves, narrowed spinal canal etc. Inversion therapy relieves these pressures on a daily basis, so you don’t have any problems down the line. It’s also possible for this type of exercise to help reduce chronic lower back pain over time because there’s less tension in those muscles.

  • Reduces muscle tension: Gravity is a natural muscle relaxant, which means inversion therapy can help your muscles release any tightness or knots that might be affecting them. The gravity-assisted stretching will also allow for the lengthening of shortened and overactive muscles, so you’re left with less pain all around!
  • Improved mood:

Sitting upright all day might not be great for mental health either! When we sit or stand with good posture, there’s less tension on our spinal column and on other areas of the body. This will help improve both blood flow from head to toe as well as reduce any feelings of anxiety that might come along with feeling tense or stressed.

Equipment needed for inversion therapy:

You will find several inversion equipment in the market manufactured for different purposes. Here are some of the majorly used equipment for inversion therapy:

  • Regular bed or exercise mat.
  • Inversion chair.
  • Yoga blocks for head support and the hands. You can also use pillows for foot supports.

The best equipment for you will depend on the areas that need attention most and your budget. You should also be clear about whether or not you want to use this for a long time since these are usually durable pieces of equipment which means they cost more than others. If possible, try out the different types of product reviews at https://www.proinversiontherapy.com before deciding!

How to get started with inversion therapy?

To start your inversion therapy regimen, make sure to follow these things:

  • Clear your mind before and after you begin. Inversion therapy is about focusing on yourself, not what’s happening around you. This means that it’s important to find a space where you can get away from everything else for just five minutes at a time!
  • Wear loose clothes or no pants at all, so there are minimal things restricting movement and broken blood vessels (can lead to increased circulation).

How often should I do an inversion?

This will depend on how much time you have available each day and how quickly your body responds to the treatment. Usually, people start with one session per week then move up gradually until they reach two sessions every day. Be mindful of your personal space and comfort levels when using an inversion table. You should practise inversions alone to maintain privacy so that no one can see the person’s face without their permission.

Who is it for?

Inversion therapy is most commonly used by those who have back pain, but there are also many other benefits: increased circulation, improved posture, reduction of muscle tension throughout the body. This means anyone with these conditions could benefit from this treatment! However, the risks will increase depending on how healthy someone already is because some people might not react well to inverting themselves upside down (i.e. heart problems).

Things to take care of while doing inversion therapy:

You need to make sure you don’t have any medical conditions before trying out this type of treatment! Here are some common things that could stop you from doing inversion therapy:

  • If you suffer from migraines, high blood pressure, vertigo or chronic pain syndrome, it’s important to let your doctor know before practising inverted positions. There might be certain situations where doing an inverted position could trigger these symptoms again.
  • Avoid inversion therapy if you suffer from frequent headaches, have a hernia or are pregnant.
  • If you have a heart condition, it is important to let your doctor know before inverting because this type of therapy might not be appropriate for you!

In conclusion:

Inversion therapy is a great way to enhance your health naturally if done correctly without injury. It’s essential when engaging in an inverted position that there be something holding up the upper body so that there is no pressure on the neck. Always do this slowly and carefully to avoid any injuries!

How Does the Project Manager Contribute to the Success of Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are fundamental tenets to the drug development process. Conducting a successful clinical trial hinges on a strong clinical plan and a competent investigator on the one hand, and a dedicated project manager and robust project management on the other. 1

This article emphasizes the need to retain skilled project managers as a critical aspect in achieving clinical trial success.

Managers’ Role in Achieving Successful Clinical Trials

Effective management is a crucial phenomenon in achieving efficient and quality clinical trial feasibility. Trial managers oversee the planning, execution, and supervision of the project, and ensure its completion within the stipulated timeline and budget. 1

As the ultimate team leaders, project managers possess the requisite leadership skills to not only motivate the team but also boost productivity. They ensure that the project roles and responsibilities are well understood among the team and align with the overall goal of the trial.

Project managers are proficient in risk mitigation, and laying out robust contingency plans for the team. They ensure effective communication among team members regarding the trial specifics and progress.

The Need for Skilled and Experienced Project Managers

A competent project manager turns a robust work plan into a success through strategic implementation. They remain clinically focused on the one hand while seeking to achieve business goals on the other. Ideally, a project manager should possess the following skills:2

  • Scientific competence – Project managers should be well-versed with the relevant regulatory guidelines and requisite expertise and competence in overseeing quality clinical trials.
  • Communication and presentation skills – Competent project managers communicate seamlessly with stakeholders regarding clinical trials, including sponsors, authorities, and the team.
  • Project managers are skilled in strategic planning, and can adopt a viable approach to conduct an effective clinical trial process.
  • Competent project managers possess the requisite skills to not only negotiate but also mediate between various stakeholders in a clinical trial
  • Financial management skills to oversee the budget appropriation and monitor the project costs
  • Project managers have the leadership skills to guide, organize and motivate team members

The Essence of Retaining Competent Project Managers

As the industry experiences rapid growth, so is the increasing demand for competent managers. The success of trial projects hinges to a large extent on the input of experienced, competent, and reliable project managers who oversee the entire project management process.

Such managers earn the loyalty of sponsors; thus, increases repeated business and upholds the organization’s reputation. A project manager links the team and the sponsor, and his change can adversely affect the harmonious working relationship and the ultimate project outcome. Significant amount of time and financial resources are required to change a project manager, particularly during an ongoing project trial. Notably, employee recruitment and orientation may take weeks, while completely integrating the team would be more time-consuming.

Companies may encounter challenges in retaining skilled project managers.3 Attracting and retaining such managers remains a fundamental requirement to achieving competitive advantage. Project managers are indispensable in achieving the desired trial outcome and performance; therefore, companies must address barriers to their retention to remain competitive.

Addressing Employee Retention Dilemma

Turnover has proven costly to companies. High turnover may adversely impact on the relationship between companies and sponsors, leading to business loss.

To overcome the challenge of turnover, organizations embrace myriad initiatives to retain competent managers.

Such initiatives may include;

  • Providing a suitable working environment to encourage growth, including availing learning opportunities and upskilling.
  • Motivating project managers by acknowledging and/or acknowledging achievements
  • Providing support to the project managers and integrating their concerns and ideas into the management process.
  • Upholding job satisfaction by appreciating the efforts of the managers; offering competitive remuneration; and, advocating for work-life balance.

How Dokumeds Retains Project Managers

The company embraces a meticulous recruitment process to ensure the hiring of a competent project manager. Offering careers in clinical research, Dokumeds provides career growth opportunities among the project managers. It has a well-established program to oversee, manage, and evaluate the managers’ performance and provide organizational support.To retain the project managers, Dokumeds ensures job satisfaction through multiple approaches, including fostering open communication between managers and team members. Such initiatives justify the company’s low staff turnover rate below the industry as reported in 2020.


  1. Mitchell E, Goodman K, Hartley S, et al. Where do we go from here? – Opportunities and barriers to the career development of trial managers: a survey of UK-based trial management professionals. Trials. 2020;21(1):384.
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Author of the article:  Janis Brix, CEO Wigwam

Becoming a Consultant: 4 Essential Tips

Making a career change, turning the scales and putting your hard-earned experience to use as you adopt a new vocation as an industry consultant represents an incredible milestone – and, in many ways, a rite of passage – to many. All those years dedicated to curating an impressive portfolio, garnering practical and theoretical expertise, and building your network within your chosen industry can, with the right moves, culminate in a remarkable new opportunity to make a significant impact on your industry, and ensure its continued strength and success.

This may all sound like pie in the sky but, for many, becoming a consultant represents the ‘ideal’ – both for their personal and their professional development.

Still, this represents a major career change – one that very few of us face without at least a small amount of trepidation and anxiety.

So, if you are considering becoming a consultant in your chosen industry, read more about five of the most essential steps to take to ensure the transition is as smooth and successful as possible.

1.      Make Your Mark on the Web

There is no skirting around the fact that maintaining a strong and professional website is the best way to reach your target market – and, of course, to make a stellar first impression. Making that initial investment into designing your website will come to represent your first major step toward establishing yourself as a key player in your industry, and ensuring that the right people will always be able to find you.

These days, by far the most effective, efficient and affordable way of creating a website is to utilise a dedicated site builder – particularly if it already offers website themes and templates that simply require a personal touch to create the face of your brand online.

It needn’t take hours, and it needn’t require a large cash investment – despite the fact that it will play a pivotal role in your career now, and many years in the future.

2.      Cultivate Your Network

Networking is a term that either inspires a shiver of excitement or fear, depending on the listener. Not only will networking likely be the catalyst that brings your initial few clients on board, but it will also spur on those all-important word of mouth recommendations – the importance of which, when it comes to this line of business, cannot be overstated.

While, in days gone by, networking may well have been a case of showing up at the right events at the right time, online platforms like LinkedIn now make it incredibly easy for you to reach a much wider market, and to turn that digital market into your clientele.

It may be difficult at first, but ‘putting yourself out there’ is certainly the key that will unlock this next stage of your career.

3.      Set Your Rates – and Don’t Undersell Yourself

Like networking, setting your rates as an independent businessperson is something that either comes naturally, or inspires an unpleasant, corporeal reaction. While the world of employment is certainly not without its difficulties, running your own consultancy business means going through the pain and self-doubt of putting a price on your time and expertise.

Setting your fees as a consultant is not something you can do without a certain amount of research. The biggest risk is, of course, underselling yourself. While overselling yourself will hold you back, it is much easier to drop your rates than to raise them after you have already begun taking on clients, and seeing return business.

4.      Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

For anyone who is self-employed – whether they are a fire engineering consultant, a graphic designer, or anything else – the temptation to say, ‘yes! Yes! Yes!’ to every job that comes your way is, in the very early stages, almost impossible to suppress.

Obviously, we don’t like to defer business, or to feel as though we are closing doors of opportunity when the future remains uncertain but, at the same time, one of the hallmarks of any promising new business endeavor is a level-headed and sustainable approach.

Saying yes to every prospective client – or, more accurately, promising immediate results to everyone who enquires – is a sure-fire way to spread yourself too thin, to sacrifice quality for quantity, and to burnout after hours of overtime at your desk.

It is important to strike this balance sooner, rather than later, and to practice giving prospective clients realistic timeframes that will enable you to offer both efficiency, and quality. They will respect you as a businessperson far more in the long-run.

Becoming a consultant is an excellent way to shake up your career in a way that puts your hard work, dedication and special expertise to good use. Keep these tips in mind as you develop your new venture, and enjoy the prospect of a fresh start in your chosen industry.

Can CBD Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking Tobacco?

Smoking tobacco is one of the most addictive habits, and quitting is not easy. It’s not just the addiction to nicotine, but the act of smoking itself is a hard habit to break.

Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of death in many countries. With more than 480,000 deaths per year, just in the US. Around smoking tobacco and other substances, the lungs release more than 4,000 different harmful chemicals that increase the risks of developing lung cancer, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Smoking tobacco is addictive, expensive, and has serious health consequences. Yet for some, the ritual of lighting up the cigarette every few hours can be so rewarding that it’s hard to simply quit cold turkey.

After that, it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to quit for one day, one year, or one decade. The addiction never goes away. But, there’s an alternative that can make the process a whole lot easier. It’s called CBD [or cannabidiol] cigarettes.

How Does Nicotine Addiction Starts?

Like most drugs, nicotine targets the brain’s center, increasing dopamine and endorphin levels, which significantly reduces stress and gives a sense of calmness. In the long run, these nicotine effects on the brain start to alter the normal course of neurotransmitters.

Which can completely change a person’s self-control and stress-related patterns. That’s how nicotine addiction starts. CBD is not about replacing one addictive smoking habit with another.

WHO confirms that CBD is a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. CBD may help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but it does not cause dependency.

How Are CBD Pre-Rolls Made?

CBD cigarettes are made from high-quality industrial CBD hemp flowers. These flowers are produced from a cannabis plant variety that posses a very low amount of the main psychoactive ingredient commonly known as THC.

This means that CBD cigarettes can offer plenty of CBD with absolutely no intoxicating health issues. Also, these cigarettes are nicotine-free. 

If you open a CBD cigarette, it might look a bit like tobacco smokes, but don’t worry. These hemp flowers are dried and crushed looking at a slightly greenish twinge, with parts of golden brown industrial hemp.

They’re made of tobacco-free paper, and the nicotine in tobacco is replaced by cannabis plant hemp, making it easier for people who are trying to find an alternative to tobacco smoking.

These hemp cigarettes from mr hemp flower will act as a replacement for the nicotine in regular tobacco smokes and are intended to be lit by a fire source and smoked. It’s not advised to vape a dried CBD cigarette.

If you wish to vape CBD, CBD oil drops are specifically made for vapers.

Are CBD Cigarettes Addictive?

Cannabidiol is a neutral cannabis plant ingredient that does not alter brain function.

However, smoking marijuana is addictive due to THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol], which is the main active and effective ingredient of all recreational marijuana. It can alter brain activity, leading to an addiction.

CBD can alleviate the psychoactive effects of THC in marijuana. Neutralizing the psychoactive effects, so you can’t possibly develop an addiction to CBD.

How Can CBD Help With Tobacco And Nicotine Cravings?

Nicotine in those tobacco smokes can be as addictive as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. CBD reduces the amount of this opioid addiction that the brain craves, hence reducing drug dependency.

Pharmaceuticals solutions like nicotine replacement therapy, medications, nicotine gum, or patches don’t do much for addictive users. CBD cigarettes significantly help to combat tobacco addiction.

  • Tobacco And Nicotine Withdrawal

At first, it will be hard to break this deadly habit and your body with start to go into withdrawal. Leading to an impenetrable barrier of withdrawal symptoms. Which includes several days of headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, excessive hunger, high blood pressure, concentration and thinking problems, etc.

And the worst part is that this nightmare will last for weeks or even months. Now, no one said it was easy, if it was, tobacco smoking would not be a worldwide concern.

However, CBD helps you relax, combats headaches promoting restful sleep. CBD can help you get through the quitting period without having to face extreme struggles.

  • Smoking Cessation

Lighting those packs of cigarettes one after another becomes a part of your identity. And quitting something like that is unimaginable. The smoking cessation period can get super hard for addictive tobacco smokers.

The urge to smoke will be much higher than your normal smoking days. The body’s urge for nicotine consumption will be heightened. Smoking high-quality CBD cigarettes instead will be your first step towards overcoming nicotine and tobacco addiction.

  • Promotes General Relaxation

People enjoy cigarettes for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is relaxation. If topical creams, gums, and medicines are not your thing to curb your nicotine cravings, CBD cigarettes can produce a very similar smoking experience as regular tobacco smokes.

Where nicotine in tobacco smoke is dreadfully addictive, these hemp cigarettes are the best non-addictive alternative to smoking. Giving an identical hand movement, CBD cigarettes will promote general relaxation, reduce stress and ease your nicotine cravings.

How Much CBD Should I Take To Carb Nicotine Cravings?

The accurate dosage will depend on your metabolism, weight, and the intensity of tobacco withdrawal symptoms you face on a daily basis. It is best to consult with your practitioner for an initial dosage, especially if you’re starting new.

In general, 12-15 mg of CBD per day is optimal for beginners to see how the body reacts to cannabidiol smokes. If you’re too addicted to nicotine, and just CBD does not curb your cravings, you can try to limit the number of tobacco smokes per day, and replace a few with CBD smokes for start.

And then gradually start increasing the amount of CBD and reduce tobacco smokes each day to reduce the salience of tobacco cigarette stimuli.

CBD will take off the emotional pressure of nicotine absence, breaking you free from the suffocating and intoxicating chains of tobacco addiction.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex: The Psychology Behind Fetishisms

Even while we are separate individuals, we also have different turn-ons. We have different tastes in other things the same way we have different beliefs. Fetish is one concept every individual has in common; while some have discovered theirs, a handful of persons believe they don’t have primarily because they haven’t discovered it. However, there are several reasons why people have fetishes, and it expands from behavioral to cultural and social factors. While we have the psychological aspect of fetish, we also have the science behind it. It’s quite interesting to note that having fetishes could be a distinguishing trait and could come in handy.

One of the most popular forms of fetish is the foot fetish, also known as podophilia. It’s the act of being attracted to anything on the feet –most especially the feet itself. An individual with a foot fetish is likely to be sexual aroused when the feet, socks, stockings, or shoes come in contact with another body. The reasons behind foot fetishes are quite voluminous, but it’s important to note that it’s worthy of being your kinky.

Why do people have fetishes?

As explained above, there are several reasons people have fetishes, and it ranges from behavioral factors to social and cultural factors. However, various hypotheses were made regarding this topic, and it’s unlikely that one theory captures the whole reason. Hence, the need to explain the factors behind these reasons.

  • Behavioral factors:

One of the several hypotheses states that learning and conditioning are also important for the formation of fetishes. Hence, having fetishes could be achieved via a learning process. The learning process could be as a result of duty or via a reward system in place. Constantly learning fetish could inculcate the trait into your system, making it a part of yourself. So, peradventure, you don’t seem to have any fetish; you could pick anyone that interests you and learn to live by it as time goes on. It becomes integrated into your belief system and becomes an integral part of who you are. There are quite many platforms where you can have foot fetish phone sex to try out your fetish.

  • Cultural factors:

Generally, the outcome of one life is greatly influenced by society and what one’s exposed to. Society A believes sex is for pleasure and should be enjoyed by all. Contrary, society B thinks sex is only needed to procreate. So, sex-positive and negative societies have an impact play on having fetishes. The sex-positive society is likely to have more individuals with fetishes compared to the sex-negative community. So, it’s possible that a handful of individuals are more interested in having sex for fun and experimentation other than for procreation.

How do people with fetish please themselves?

Having a fetish is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s not meant to be a secret either. So, peradventure, you have a foot fetish, endeavor you let your partner know if you have a partner. And if you don’t, there are a thousand and one ways to please yourself.

Having foot fetish phone sex is one of the most effective ways to pleasure yourself. As important and interesting as it sounds, having the right platforms to explore is also as important. A foot fetish entails kissing, kissing, and penetrating the feet. Inserting the feet into genitals and toe kissing is an awesome experience, especially to those with this fetish. Exploring your kinky is interesting if you have like-minded individuals to explore.

To please yourself if you have a foot fetish, endeavor your partner is well inclined and informed of your fetish. Consent is a very vital aspect of ensuring a healthy relationship with fetishes. So, endeavor your partner is aware of your fetish and you never can tell, it could lead to the successful integration of fetish into the relationship. Your fetish could be transferred to your partner via constant practice, as explained as one of the behavioral factors that enhances fetish. A situation whereby you and your partner share the same sexual orientation and fetish will most likely lead to a more successful outcome.

Being in a relationship with a foot fetish involved could be tasking. But hey, one simple way to keep the fire burning is by engaging in foot fetish phone sex with your partner. It’s interesting when two people share similar sexual orientations. In a situation whereby you are sex-positive, and your partner shares similar beliefs, it becomes a solidifier of that relationship. Fetishes have their special feel in relationships, and it’s okay if it’s one-sided. Mutual understanding and consent are the key factors to be noted if it’s in a relationship, and if it’s not in a relationship, then phone sex is the best shot at exploring your fetish.

Medical Billing Reports

If you are an owner of a medical practice, you should know that medical billing reports, such as an aging report, can tell you a lot about the overall health of your medical practice. For instance, these reports can show you how your healthcare practice is performing on revenue cycle metrics and whether or not claims are getting paid on time.

There are many types of reports in the field of medical billing. For instance, you will be familiar with the term aging. It is used for medical claims that aren’t paid by healthcare insurance providers or claims whose balance is outstanding on the patient end.

As a manager of a medical practice, you know that cash flow is the engine of your practice. Also, note that it should be easy and straightforward for you to obtain timely reports on any aspect of your medical practice in a streamlined, simple, and efficient manner that does not require frequently contacting your billing department.

You must also know the significance of the medical billing report benchmark in your medical organization. You can do this by getting all the billing reports, such as the KPI report, from your medical billing and coding firm to get a thorough and comprehensive idea of your revenue management.

There is no doubt that regularly running certain billing reports, like aging reports, is essential to diagnose the health of your medical practice as well as track key performance indicators, such as revenue cycle numbers and whether claims are getting paid on time. This, in turn, will help your practice run more efficiently and effectively, saving valuable time and funds in the process.

Important Medical Billing Reports

Here are some key medical billing reports you should run frequently.

Aged Accounts Receivables Report

It is no secret that this is one of the most vital billing reports to determine the health and success of your billing. You should know that the accounts receivable aging report is an excellent way to gauge your practice’s overall health and profitability.

A professional with experience in billing can take a look at this report and tell you how well or poorly your practice’s billing department is performing.

Did you know that an aging report breaks down your unpaid claims at various intervals, such as 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and 120 days? You should view this report monthly.

In ideal cases, the aging report will show that a majority of your insurance claims are being paid within 30 days rather than being pushed in to the older age buckets.

Keep in mind that this report is crucial as it gives you a general look at where most payment issues may be coming from. And this report will give you a glimpse in dollar amounts as well as by percentage. If you would like to get more details or supplement this vital report, you may also run and study the insurance payment trend and insurance collection reports.

So, the bottom line is that this report gives you a comprehensive and bird’s eye view of your medical practice’s billing health, and the supplemental reports provide more details.

Adjustments/Write offs Report

Did you know that sometimes, even respectable-looking receivable aging reports don’t tell the whole story? And this can be problematic. To see whether you’re collecting maximum reimbursement, it is essential that your clinic or medical facility monitor write-offs on a monthly basis for any irregularities.

Note that if you see a decline in aged receivable balances but there is no corresponding revenue increase, it may mean that there are improper adjustments taking place. These adjustments enhance your AR report but not your bottom line.

It is worth noting that adjustments labeled “not collectable”, “timely filing”, or “other” can be potential indicators that you’re missing out on possible payments and you don’t want. If your billing agency or staff is not providing this report, you should have them include this report in either the monthly or quarterly totals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Report

You may have heard of the key performance indicators report. It is arguably the most valuable and useful report. This is because it gives you a comprehensive idea of how your medical practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM) process is doing.

This report allows medical billers in your organization to spot or identify trends, see changes, and spot potential problem areas. And that is not all; the report helps you identify all the CPT codes as well as encounters that are most lucrative for your practice.

It is worth noting that the key performance indicators report of your practice tracks the total number of collections, charges, and procedures, in order to pinpoint your practice’s most profitable CPT codes and appointments, which is excellent. This report also identifies the total number of encounters, procedures, collections, charges, and outstanding accounts receivables, and related adjustments.

Did you know that this report offers medical billers a month-to-month comparison, which helps them locate trends? This allows practices to continue doing what is working well for them and change what is not. With this report, medical billers can also compile crucial data across months and easily identify trends.

Insurance Analysis or The Top Carrier Report

Did you know that this top-paying insurance analysis report is essential as it helps save money and time? The report gives your medical practice an overview of how it is doing. Note that the report achieves this by tracking various revenue cycle metrics for your practice. For example, keep in mind that this report shows the top ten payers and insurance firms, which contribute to a significant portion of the business of a medical practice.

The Top Carrier or Insurance Analysis Report can benefit your practice by tracking the charges, payments as well as collections of your medical practice’s top ten carriers. These are the payers and insurance firms that make up most of your practice’s business.

You will be happy to know that this report also tracks collections, payments, as well as CPT codes, and units. This is helpful as it allows your medical practice to easily drill down into the payments, charges, and collections for a particular CPT code, which is convenient.

And that is not all; this report provides you with important information that you can use in order to negotiate better prices with both payers and insurance companies.

Patient Payments

Keep in mind that another vital set of billing reports that your medical practice should run and consistently analyze are patient payments. You may know that getting your patients to pay all their medical bills can, at times, be challenging. This is especially true if the bill is high.

However, note that tracking patient payments is one of the necessary parts of ensuring that your healthcare practice is profitable. Did you know that medical bills are the main cause of bankruptcy in the US?

And these bills lead many people and families to fall into debt. This is why your patients may delay or try to skip a payment.

Why Outsource Medical Billing Report Services

Are the medical billing process and report generation and analysis too much for your medical practice to handle? If yes, you can hire a professional billing firm and outsource medical billing reports. The firm will handle the medical coding and billing process so that you don’t have to!

Medical billing reports from a reliable firm, such as UControlBilling, provide you with the key performance indicators (KPIs) around collections, accounts receivable, patient demographics, productivity, and cancellations.

You will also like the user interface as it is clean, simple, and intuitive. With quick report response time, simple access to your preferred or favorite reports, and the ability to easily download various reports to Excel, you can look forward to a new and fantastic experience with various medical billing reports for your practice.

As a result, by outsourcing this task, you can keep your focus on your medical practice and patients; let the billing company handle the reports.

You will be happy to know that outsourced medical billing companies, like UControlBilling, take control of all aspects of the billing and coding process and generate reliable and accurate reports.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that creating medical billing reports, such as an aging report, can help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your practice. Medical billing reports can also demonstrate how your health practice is doing on imperative revenue cycle metrics.

You will be happy to know that professional billing companies have a comprehensive approach to various medical billing reports. This not just lets you know and understand where you stand but also helps you identify significant trends that may impact how you run your medical practice. Work with a third-party provider to get the critical and valuable insights that you need in order to help your medical practice thrive in this competitive environment and find out how they can improve and streamline your revenue cycle and expedite your payment.

How Resume Employment Gaps Affect Job Applicants

Gaps in employment have always been a red flag for hiring departments. While there are many, often very valid reasons for employment gaps, they still can still hurt your chances at getting a callback. Those that do get a callback are left with the choice of either explaining the gap and possibly revealing information that would otherwise be protected during the interview process, or not offering any detail and raising the flag even higher.

In a 2019, one of the best resume services conducted a resume study that found applicants have a 45% lower callback rate if they have gaps in employment on their resume. In this study, some 36,000 qualified applications were tracked with varying durations and reasons for employment gaps. 

The reality is, individuals leave the workforce for all sorts of reasons, including to return to school or raise a family. It is uncommon that the only reason for an employment gap is pure laziness, yet that is always how it is perceived by hiring managers. The stigma surrounding employment gaps is not new and has been relatively unchanged despite our society’s acknowledgement of health issues and the importance of raising kids.

Employment Gaps to Return to School

Out of all of the reasons provided, candidates who left the workforce to pursue additional education or training received the highest callback rates. While technically these individuals were not employed, they were still working to further their career so understandibly, this reason would be the most forgiving in the eyes of professionals. In fact, it can arguably be viewed as a positive.

Attending to Health Issues

Mental or physical health issues cause employees to take leave or resign positions every single day. Many of these individuals recover from their ailments and wish to return to the workforce. While this reason was the 2nd highest rate of call back, there may still be some reasons not to disclose this information to a potential employer.

Some hiring managers may fear that a sick (or formerly sick) employee will be a burden on the company’s health insurance or may be more likely to miss more work and cost the company money. Either of these reasons can deter a callback for a candidate who has recently suffered a major illness.

Caring for a Family Member

Elderly and incapacitated family members often require around the clock care. Many people take time off of work to care for ailing family members and then return to work once that person has been institutionalized or passed.

While caring for a family member is a very noble and kind reason to take an absence from the workforce, these candidates still see a lower callback rate when compared to candidates who have not been out of the workforce.

Raising a Family

While more and more companies are offering better benefits for parental leave, job applicants who have had gaps in employment to raise a family are still passed over almost half as often as other candidates.

The pressure to parent like you don’t work and work like you don’t parent is a huge burden on our society. Candidates who indicated that their employment gap was due to raising a family received fewer callbacks than those who had been attending school or recovering from an illness.

Does the Length of Employment Gap Matter?

In the study, employment gaps were set between 1-5 years. A control group with no employment gap was also tracked.

The results showed that a shorter gap of 1-2 years had a smaller impact, with gaps starting at 3 years seeing the most significant decreases in callback rates. Surprisingly enough, after that, it did not matter if the gap was 3, 4 or 5 years – all received similarly low callback rates. So really, the breaking point here is 3 years. After that magic number, interview chances significantly decrease.

Major Takeaway – Explain Your Work Gap

In the study, applicants who chose not to provide a reason for their employment gap received the lowest rate of callbacks. This is really the big bombshell and major takeaway of the research.

It’s usually recommended that you try to hide your work gap as much as possible – use tricks like hiding dates and formatting your resume functionally instead of chronologically. However, the findings of this study suggest we do the opposite – embrace our situation and be transparent about it. By offering up a legitimate reason for why you have a work gap to begin with, hiring managers, in turn, are going to be less critical of that particular hiccup in your work history.

So, if you’re a job seeker who’s had to take a few years off work for a reason covered by this study, it may be best to be transparent about it during your application. The two easiest ways of doing that is explaining the situation out either in your cover letter or at the top of your resume. By providing a solid reason, you patch away any doubt hiring managers may have, and set yourself up for success.

A Quick Guide to the Benefits Of Playing The Age-Old Word Game SCRABBLE

Scrabble has been one of the most popular games for ages and is known for building memories and vocabularies. But there is more that this fantastic game can do above improving your English skills.

Want to know how Scrabble culture has made it to this century and is never going to die a natural death? Read on to find a few reasons to fall in love with the scrabble game:

It gets you some jolly good time with friends

For all those pajama parties and friends get-together you plan at your house, scrabble allows some jolly good time together. Not only does it empower you to get creative and do something beyond the regular chit-chat speaking your heart out, but it is a fantastic game that relishes your competitive nerves.

The best thing about this is that four people can play this game at a time and thus can get a group of four engaged in playing with competitive spirits. Further, while playing, you can also continue with your conversations without giving it a break.

Builds unity

Gossips can divide people, but board games tend to unite people. And, that is exactly what scrabble does for you! Not only does it prove mighty enough to unite friends, but it can also help the family members to stick around each other who hardly try to fetch time for each other owing to the daily hustle bustles of life.

It’s not just the kids who can play the game together; people of all ages can sit back for a gala scrabble session on a Sunday. Ranging from grandparents to mother, father, and kids, all the family members can come in unity to play this awesome word game together while sharing their experiences.

Aids in building strategies

One may think Scrabble to be a game that is all about building words and inviting scores to come their way. Yes, this stands true to some extent, but there is more to it when you are desperate about winning the game.

Framing words and laying them down on the right boxes is not enough; one also needs to strategize their game to come out, showing a sign of victory.

For this, the players need to plan their game right to maximize their scores, use high-scoring alphabets at the right place and end up with no letters in their case.

Sometimes it may be as easy as waiting for their turn to add an “S” and formulate a word that can earn a good score, and sometimes it may be as painful as skipping or wasting a few chances playing two-letter words to hit a BINGO word in the game.

So, all in all, you get to develop strategies that can also prove fruitful in your daily life.

Fosters learning while playing

This stands exceptionally beneficial for kids who are in their learning stage. It might be a tough nut to crack for parents to make their kids sit down with their books to learn spelling and new words attending to all their tantrums that they make while learning.

But try educating them on new words by putting them on the game mode, and see how soon they will memorize the words in minutes. Learning while playing is the emerging trend that most schools and parents are adopting for kids of young age to learn things in a fun and exciting way.

Not just by playing scrabble, you can also make your kids search for new words using Wordgiraffe to make learning a fun-filled activity for them.

Fosters an intellectual mind

Yes, scrabble also aids in developing intellectual potential and cognitive abilities in pupils who engage themselves in playing this game. This fantastic game is no less than a cognitive exercise that can save one from falling prey to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia besides acquiring knowledge of words that you might have never known before.

Nurtures the immune system

This might be a bit hard to believe, but yes, the positivity that one feels while playing this game can also boost the immune system. Scrabble brings in a lot of laughter, chuckles, competitiveness, and smiles. Hence the chemical endorphins that stand responsible for feel-good hormones are sure to follow as an after-effect.

Especially for seniors and adults, scrabble can help keep illnesses at bay and cut down on stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Hence, one can say above all the benefits one gets to experience while playing scrabble, seeking health benefits are the top category of benefits that one gets to avail by playing this super game.

It offers shared entertainment

When you sit down playing mobile games, it is either you or an online player playing the game together. But playing board games allows you to have shared entertainment with your friends and peers.

It gives you a chance to involve yourself in a recreational and fun activity that has the might of bringing people closer. These games are just perfect for a dinner party or late-night cousins together session.

Ameliorates creativity

Another skill that gets polished while playing scrabble is the power of creativity. Especially when you talk about kids, scrabble is one such game that can make your kids creative by chalking out meaningful words from a whole sea of alphabets that literally have no meaning.

They get to fabricate alphabets together to form meaningful words on the board to earn points on their scoring meter.


Playing scrabble is no less than a mysterious game where you never know which alphabets you will be showered with to make your way to the top of the leading board. Not only does it boost confidence in the players, but it excels in building bonds, enhancing creativity, powering feel-good hormones, and a lot more.

We hope we have penned down a few good reasons as to why scrabble is one of the super games that everyone should get familiar with. So what are you waiting for?

Get a scrabble board now and start transforming your free time into fun time, delivering happiness and delight to all who get together to play this game.

Reasons Why Cultivating a Love of Learning Is Crucial

Your child’s education closely correlates to their success in life. If you can help your children develop an affinity towards learning, you’ll put them on a path to happiness. This life-changing task should be something you have an active involvement in.

While schools are the institution you trust for your child’s education, you shouldn’t settle for what is taught there.

Schools often overlook important knowledge, such as techniques to improve children’s learning. Big Life Journal is a place on the web where you can raise your child’s confidence in their ability to learn.

How Children Learn

The way children learn varies slightly depending on their age. Children and teens use sight, sound, exploration, and experimentation in their learning. Asking questions is a key component.

The more of their senses and curious nature you’re able to activate, the more effective their learning will be. Synapses are connections that the brain creates when storing data. The more intense the stimulus, the stronger these neuron connections will be.

As your child grows older, they will tend to take more responsibility for their learning. Fostering the learning bug in your kid will make them more proactive as they progress through school.

Reasons Why Cultivating a Love of Learning Is Crucial

Whether in school or at home, learning is a process that never stops. The hours spent at school are only a small part of your child’s education. Understanding the importance of cultivating a fondness for learning can help your child grow into a happy and productive adult.

Hone Skills and Abilities

Children that love learning tend to build stronger connections in their brains. This translates to improvements in the skills and abilities they already have.

Build Healthy Curiosity

Curiosity is the driving force behind innovation. It’s also vital for getting ahead in the professional arena.

Building a healthy sense of curiosity will prevent your child from falling into the trappings of dangerous habits. Curiosity can be positive or negative. When your child channels curiosity effectively, you can rest assured that they’ll be less likely to take a wrong turn.

Mitigate Fear

Getting ahead in life requires bravery. Your child will face obstacles that may cause them to retreat in fear.

Knowledge is the most effective weapon against fear. When your child knows how to increase knowledge surrounding a topic, they’ll have the tools to take life head-on.

Boost Sense of Purpose

When your child finishes their education, it’ll be time to enter the workforce. Work can be a burden or a fulfilling part of life. The ability to learn will help your child enjoy work more.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Taking advantage of opportunities in life is a product of being able to spot them. Sometimes, important crossroads pass people by because they’re unable even to see that they exist. A love of education will increase your child’s awareness and openness to opportunities.

Promote Innovative Thought

Committing facts to memory is different than having a love for learning. When a child loves the process of learning, they seek out new ways of solving problems.

Cultivate Leadership

When your child has a love for learning, other kids will look up to them. This builds leadership skills that will become apparent in every aspect of their lives.

Helping Your Child Love Learning

Learning to think and acquire knowledge is something that any child can do at a young age. Big Life Journal can help you cultivate your child’s love of learning with very practical and effective methods.

Responsible Gaming in Canada: Signs that an Online Casino is Legit in 2021

Canada being a gaming hub for many, has numerous online casino websites and applications. This has also given rise to many fraudulent crooks who hide in online gaming platforms to defraud people of their money.

It is important for you as an online casino player to be on the lookout for these scam platforms and play only on legit websites and applications. According to our expert Conrad Brennan (read more about him here), several signs and indicators can help you identify legal casinos in Canada from illegitimate ones. Let’s take a look.  


A legitimate online casino should have a valid legal license that is available on their website or application. Most online casino applications have their license on the bottom part of their homepage. The license should be available and open for the public to see and verify. Here in Canada, an online casino should be examined and certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which tests for fair payouts and fair play.

High Ratings and Review

Legal casinos should have high ratings and positive reviews on its platforms. If an online casino has an application in the play store, prompts are sent to you to rate the application. Always check on casinos with high ratings, as this means that previous users are satisfied with the running of the application. Typically, people write reviews on the internet according to what they feel about the casino. Take note of positive reviews and recommendations as this not only shows the legibility of the casino but shows the smoothness of playing in the casino.

Reliable Customer Service

Experts are always concerned about online support and the review of Jackpotcity is a good example. Legitimate online casinos have reliable 24/7 customer services available for customers. Online support is essential in online gaming as you may experience hiccups in the process of playing.

There are instances where you may need to update browsers or applications for smooth play. This calls for ready and responsive customer service support. Customer support also helps in compensation for lost games and giving warnings before suspension or closing of accounts.

Fair Gaming Practices

A legitimate online casino should have fair and transparent gaming practices where you as the gamer can win or lose. Online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) software which ensures that winning is based on the player’s skills or true luck. Illegitimate online casinos do not use the random number generator software, which makes it almost impossible to win.

Fast Payout Speeds

Legitimate online casinos should ensure that they provide withdrawal methods that make it easy for players to take their money out. Such platforms should also ensure that payments are made within a short time of 2 to-5 days from the time of winning. Since online casinos use direct deposits and withdrawals from debit cards, transactions should not take so long to complete. Illegitimate casino sites make withdrawals very hard, so that you play using the money instead of withdrawing it

Secure Payment Options

Legitimate modern online casinos provide numerous ways of handling transactions. This allows you, the player, to choose the payment option you are most comfortable with. Online casinos should provide payment options like debit and credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. You should avoid casino sites with limited modes of transactions.

Security measures

Legitimate online casino sites should have security measures suited to protect you as the gamer. The most basic security measure is a padlock sign on the website. This means that the online casino uses SSL encryption; hence your data is well protected. Such platforms may store your data and use advanced data analytics to prepare offers.

Also, a legitimate online casino site should have a one-time login where you sign up, providing your name, age, and address, then your bank details. Avoid sites that keep on asking you to sign up.

Software Provider

Software providers play a major role in the development of an online casino application. A good software provider ensures that the application has high-quality graphics and crisp sound effects that make the gaming experience attractive. You should look out for software providers with a high reputation. The most reputable software providers in Canada include Playtech, Micro gaming, Net Entertainment, Novomatic, Play n Go, and International Game Technology.

With online casinos quickly getting embraced in Canada, you could try your luck in playing in one. Using the points discussed above, you can differentiate a legitimate online casino from an illegitimate one.