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21 Signs He Is Making Love to You

making love

Love has happened to you after a long long time.

That tingling sensation deprives you of your sleep, it overflows you with a sense of joyous fulfillment.

It’s new, it’s passionate, it’s invigorating.

His honeyed words feel like ecstasy.

Things have been going really well lately and now you are wondering about his feelings towards you.

Is it just some wild sex making powered by a thirsty sex drive or is it passionate, caring, Cloud 9, sense altering love making?

Chill Karen, it’s just the beginning, who cares? We’ll see how it goes – you think to yourself, yet those making love vs. sex thoughts are somehow stronger. They shut every other rational thinking.

You can’t help it. You want to know, meanwhile those thoughts are lingering inside your brain and you are constantly torn between the two extremes:

Is it just some animalistic sex making because your energies seemed to have overlapped or is it that sensual, burning, slow type of making love that exceeds both chemistry and physical attraction?

Everyone knows making love and having sex is not the same thing.

Duuh, right?

Yet, we all somehow struggle with making a clear distinction between the two.

Ever wondered why?

It’s because when love is happening to us, all our discerning powers vanish into thin air!

That’s fine. It happens to all of us.

Sex is…well, just sex. A natural hormone-influenced occurrence that functions like drug to the brain. But that just sex, when mingled with feelings, intimacy and a real connection, can turn into an emotional involvement that goes beyond having sex for the sake of having it.

But men are just about having sex! – you may think to yourself.

Stop right there.

We’ve all been there where making love hasn’t been our priority, but things change when you meet the right person.

We change, our thoughts change, our actions… EVERYTHING changes.

So, what are the signs he is making love to you, and it’s not just about sex?

All matters of the heart pose pondering dilemmas, which is why we’re here to help you identify the signs that prove he is making LOVE to you, not just making sex:

1. He makes eye-contact with you

When a man is making love to you, you will know it because he’ll be making eye-contact. Long, intense, scanner-like eye-contact. He’ll love making love to you – and his eyes will show you that more than his words ever will.

Eye-contact, especially when longer, is so deep and personal, so intimate; it is the internal dialogue of the eyes, that silent click of the senses.

If he is not afraid to dive into your eyes and see you, really see you, it means he is not just having sex. Making love is in question! As Tony Montana puts it, the eyes, chico, they never lie. A true case in point!

2. He goes heavy on the foreplay

We all know that making love is not just about that physical tiredness of the body, those time intervals of pleasure. It’s about the full immersion in a sensual experience.

You’ll know best that he is not just having sex when he takes time to kiss, he touches your body, and notices what particular gesture, touch, or kiss made your heart skip a beat, so he makes sure to repeat it.

You’ll know he is making love to you because he won’t rush the sex act, and he’ll take his time to explore every millimeter of your skin. He’ll simply love making love to you – there’s no other way to put it!

3. He takes your body’s hints

Because satisfying himself is not his priority, he’ll be much more observant. He’ll notice and take hints based on your reactions.

He’ll respond to your movements and gestures, to the hints your body is giving out, and most importantly he’ll be nervous throughout your making love. You can notice this because whenever he’ll recognize you don’t quite enjoy or respond well to something, he’ll either back down or ask you what’s wrong.

4. He is gentle in the bedroom as well

When having sex, he won’t suddenly become Mr. Beast that can’t be tamed. Rather, he’ll maintain the perfect balance between the rough and the tender.

He’ll be considerate of your wants and needs when making love to you, and you won’t feel like you are there just to satisfy a basic need. He’ll be loving, caring and receptive of the queues your body is sending him.

5. He cares about pleasing YOU


You’ll know that his making love won, like really won your heart because he puts you first.

Sex won’t be about finishing in a bit and then moving on to the next best thing – he’ll care about fulfilling every caprice, every wild, crazy fantasy of yours even if it takes being all covered up in sweat and literally fighting for breath! He’ll make that extra effort because he cares.

6. He will ask questions about it

He wants to make sure the sex gave you pleasure and satisfaction, and he will ask questions. Whether you enjoyed the act, whether you had an orgasm, or whether it lasted long enough for you to reach that finish line.

He is eager to listen to you, soak in the impressions, and emphasize that you should always communicate with him – he welcomes constructive criticism and is willing to implement it.

Why? Because he is making love to you, of course! He’s caught some feelings and the fact that he cares about your pleasure before his is a CLEAR sign of that.

7. He’ll initiate pillow talk

Does he like talking after just having sex? That’s another sign he’s making love to you! And if the pillow talk is fun, easy, effortless, and endless that you are late for stuff, guess what? You are in it for the real deal.

The sex glow is real, and it just makes you want to cuddle afterwards and talk for hours on end. You talk about silly things, you rewind the sex experience, or you try to find life’s purpose after making love, and this is not only deep, but it’s the perfect proof that you both love making love to each other. 

Otherwise, neither of you would’ve bothered staying in bed, bonding, and cuddling. That’s pure investment, right there.

8. He stops when you tell him to

Making Love

This is a great sign that he is making love to you – he respects your boundaries. He wants you to enjoy the sex act because a man who wants more than just sex will treat you right outside of the bedroom and in it.

Whatever your reservations may be when it comes to physical intimacy, he will respect them. If you feel uncomfortable in a certain position or if you are uncomfortable doing something, he’ll understand. He won’t force you into anything and will never stretch your limits because the sex will be about MUTUAL satisfaction. Period.

9. He likes to cuddle after sex

He wants to be intimate long after the sex is over. Making love doesn’t stop when one of you collapses on top of the other in sweat. Instead, you feel happy and fulfilled.

It feels right and there are no cringing moments after the sex because you are both comfortable with your naked bodies, you cuddle and hug for hours, he lies on your chest in attempt to listen to your heartbeat, or he plays with your hair. He wraps his arms around you, soaking every inch of your skin – his hands are practically glued to your body.

It’s how you know making love won! You both have accepted your bodies, so that physical closeness, that comfort, and long-hour cuddling, when coming from the heart, cannot be faked nor mistaken for anything other than love, sweet love!

10. He chooses intimate positions

Face-to-face positions hint that the person you are with is into you. If he only chooses some fancy, twisted sex positions or doggy-style, odds are, you aren’t making love.

Bummer, we know.

But if the positions he uses instigate eye contact, intensity, and intimacy, we have some great news for you – he is making love!

Of course, sex is about experimenting and pleasure, and no one is denying that you should try new things, but if among that sexual rollercoaster intimate positions like missionary or cowgirl aren’t included at all, you may be wasting your time.

11. He goes down on you

A guy would go down on you even if he’s just sexually attracted to you. But when a man does this alongside all these other things, he is in for the long run. He loves your taste. He reciprocates. He pays attention. He hunts your reactions, your breathing, your sweet little moans.

He is romantic AND a giver. At the same time! Ever wondered why?

Well, because nothing matters more to him than pleasing you and satisfying you in bed – even if it means being a bit submissive and following your pace.

12. His personal hygiene will be spotless

You can see he put in some effort to look nice and to smell nice for you. He’ll be shaved, his beard will be in perfect line, and you’ll feel his perfume across 4 rooms.

When you are making love with someone you genuinely care about, you’ll pay attention to the smallest of details.

13. He is not rushing anything

After you finish making love, you don’t have the urge to get up, get your things, and vanish within 5 minutes. You feel good in his arms and you want it to last, but you are afraid he doesn’t feel the same. You are afraid he’ll get up and start to talk about how late he is for a meeting, or that he promised to meet his friends.

But no sir! He offers you lunch or coffee, a cigarette, even a glass of wine. He continues to lie in bed and just soak in your smell. BAM! That’s another sign that he is falling or has fallen for you already.

When he has no plans after the sex act and he is ready to enjoy a couple of peaceful hours with you, know that he is making love to you.

14. He lets himself be vulnerable in front of you

That means all selfishness and egotism aside. He’ll ask questions, he’ll seek affirmations that the sex is going well, and he’ll communicate with you. He won’t be afraid to start up bedroom conversations and ask whether you are enjoying the sexual innuendo and most importantly, he won’t be afraid to communicate his insecurities and imperfections with you.

He’ll be honest about his endurance or preferences, he’ll want to know how synchronized your bodies are, and that’s yet another sign he is making love to you. None of that macho man playing or anything.

15. He holds hands

This is really important. Is he holding your hands when making love or is he holding your neck in a firm grasp? If he is he grasping your neck or hair abort mission, we repeat, ABORT MISSION! Unless you want to get your heart stumbled upon.

To be sure that he is making love and not just satisfying a need in a whim of passion, don’t be the first to touch his hand – wait to see if he is the one initiating the hand holding or those gentle touches that feel warm and fuzzy.

Crude touches feel that way because they are not emotion-inspired; they just help you get a firmer grasp of your partner’s body, and when going for something serious, those are the things you want to avoid.

16. There is some dirty talk, but the sex is not based on it

He compliments you. He wants you to know how you make him feel. He won’t be afraid to whisper something romantic because he wants to be with you. He won’t feel less of a man for being cheesy or romantic or too honest or too loud in front of you.

There will be some dirty talk because hey, you are passionate about each other and you can be your kinky self, but you will also talk about feelings and emotions and when you are together, you’ll know he is making love because you won’t feel like a piece of meat. You’ll feel valued, loved, respected, and appreciated.

17. He waits for you

If he’s not making love but just having sex, he’d end all tired and panting, probably wanting to hit the shower right away – or just put his clothes on. But when a man is making love, he will try to cling closer to you and put his arms tighter around you. He won’t be selfish and self-oriented.

He will ask you if you are close, and he’ll go above and beyond to follow your timing. In case he is faster, he’ll want to continue right away so you can finish as well. After all, there’s two of you, right?  He knows that, and he acts accordingly.

18. He has a favorite night gown or lingerie of yours

Out of all the pieces of erotic clothing you own, he already has picked out his favorite one. He has told you what color he likes most on you or has even bought you some silky nightgown or seductive lingerie in that color.

He wants to spice things up, but always in a way that will make you feel loved and important – always in a way that will make you feel special.

19. You don’t feel lonely as soon as it’s over

He is not making love to you if you get this innate feeling of frustration, sadness, or loneliness. Things might be great during the physical act, he feels present, but as soon as it’s over you get hit by the somber reality: you are not a couple. 

He makes it physical. He makes it only about himself and it shows – that’s why you feel that way.

When a man is serious about you, after the sex is over, he stays in bed to cuddle and talk. That feeling of ecstatic happiness is so mighty that it uplifts your senses and brings joy to every atom inside of you. It feels different because it is different.

20. He wants to do it at home

On a cozy, spacious bed. With clean sheets and candles or dimmed lights. He takes time and plans the act. Sex with you for him is not happening out on a whim, it’s an experience. A journey. He wants you to be comfortable and to feel respected, which is why he is willing to let you enter his private sphere and wear his t-shirts after sex.

If he always initiates doing it in his car or somewhere out in the open for the sake of adrenaline, know that he isn’t quite making love to you. Carnal desire tends to be spontaneous, unplanned, less comfortable.

Making love, on the other hand, touches the private zone of our everyday lives, smashing our boundaries of both privacy and intimacy.

21. He doesn’t expect sex every time

Last but not least – not everything leads to sex! This is perhaps the most important indicator. Your cuddles don’t always end up with sex. That’s the biggest indicator that he is making love to you.

It means he plans a future with you – a bond that’s beyond the physical one; a bond that’s spiritual above all else and transcends the carnal, the animalistic, the hot-blooded… the lustful.


Making love is not cut and dry as it seems. It will never be. It varies for each person, because we all have different ways of connecting and expressing emotions.

The above-mentioned signs will inevitably help you differentiate between making love and having sex, but they are not mutually exclusive and vary from person to person.

One thing is certain though: when he is making love to you, you will be able to feel it. You’ll know it deep down in yourself because everything will feel more intense, cringe-free, and beyond comfortable.

You can mimic passion, but feelings? They are hard to fake, and that’s the beauty of love.

The Brutal Truth Behind The Toxic Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

The toxic relationship between an empath and narcissist

The toxic relationship between an empath and narcissist.

What happens when a highly empathetic person is in a relationship with a narcissistic person who lacks empathy and has an immense sense of self-importance. The outcome? Toxic and painful (for the empath).

All narcissists have one common thing that you should be aware of – they are emotionally wounded people.

It is usually some childhood trauma that scarred them for life. Probably they have been feeling unappreciated and worthless in one period of their life which made them a constant ‘seekers’ for validation and admiration from others.

Empaths, on the other hand, are the ‘healers’ of society. They are highly sensitive and empathetic that they are even able to feel the emotions of others as their own. They want to help and protect everyone in need, and they will try to eliminate the pain and the emotional damage of the narcissists. However, these virtues that empaths possess may become their downfall if they are not careful enough.

So, when these two opposites meet the attraction is enormous – but toxic. 

This is because the empath fails to see the narcissist’s dark side. A narcissistic person is a person who can suck out the soul from everyone they come in contact with. It is a narcissistic way to feel validated while making others fragile and unbalanced and use them for future needs.  

This situation can be very confusing for an empath. An empath might not even be aware that they are dealing with a narcissist because their sensitive nature makes them see only the good in everyone.

Empaths tend to think that everyone is like them, that people are actually good at heart. This gullibility however admirable can be damaging to them because not everyone is honest and good as they are – and different people have different agendas.

A narcissist’s agenda is to manipulate. They want to be in total control of others and use them as a ‘validation tool’ in their need to rise above them. An empath’s agenda, on the contrary, is one of love, care, and healing.  There can never be balance a between these two contrasting natures.

If, however, they start a relationship, this relationship will soon become a vicious cycle that it will be almost impossible to get out. The more affection and love that the empath gives, the more in control the narcissist would feel, thus making the empath the victim.

The empath will soon become wounded and begin to feel like the victim that in turn may give them some narcissistic traits. When a narcissist sees that the empath is wounded, it may give them a sense of validation. Because the more unhappy the empath is – the happier the narcissist feels.  The unhappy empath will then start seeking for feelings of love and support from the narcissist.

At this point, the empath will focus solely on its feelings of pain and will seek for validation and love, failing to realize that they are not the one to blame for this – the damage is coming from the narcissist. It is essential for the empath to wake-up and realize this before they become self-absorbed and narcissist themselves; because the truth is, everyone who is deeply hurt is vulnerable to become a narcissist.

So, how can an empath stop the damage and put an end to this toxic relationship with a narcissist?

Every plan on having a conversation with a narcissist is useless, because the narcissist, while very charismatic, is a very manipulative person too, and will try to blame the empath for his and their pain as well. It will make the empath feel responsible for all the problems in the relationship.

The empath has a choice: they could remain the victim in the narcissist’s game, or they could find the needed strength to walk away and end the relationship.

The empath should accept the fact that the narcissist will never change. And the waiting for a narcissist to change is a waste of a precious time.

In the end, all that matters is that we let others treat us as we think we deserve to be treated. If an empath chooses willingly to stay in this kind of toxic relationship with a narcissist – it is their way of thinking that they do not deserve better than that.

This could not be further from the truth. Empaths have to understand that it is not their job to fix others, especially those who do not want to be fixed, as they are not aware of their disorder.

Empaths should realize that the treatment they get from the narcissists is not a treatment they deserve and must find the courage to utterly walk away.


12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

signs of an evil person

While we like to think that we know what evil is, true evil is much more intelligent and will often seem like it is not there. People are essentially good – whatever they turn out to be, there will always be some good in them.

And no matter how much we wish to see the good in everyone, there are those who will be ready to use whatever good is left in them for a sinister purpose. These people are genuinely evil, and this is something they enjoy. 

12 Signs Of An Evil Person: 

1. Denying reality

The truth you know it to be as such is not something they will agree upon. These people know a different truth, and they will never agree with the reality that really is. And this is not a difference of subtle differences – this is facts versus their twisted ideals and interpretations.

2. Twisting facts

The secret of their trade lies in their ability to twist any fact that they come across. That is, any fact that does not agree with their goals and the manipulative reality they are trying to impose. They are ready to take things out of context, glue them to other things taken out of context until they create ‘alternative’ facts that align with their purpose.

3. Withholding information

If they believe that something will compromise the identity they are trying to create; they are ready to withhold any relevant information about that. “I didn’t lie! Not saying anything about it isn’t lying.”

Of course, lying or not, they keep this information from the others and use their ignorance of the situation to their ends. And if you find out? Not only will they twist the truth and spice things up, but they will even make you feel guilty of not trusting them.

4. Misleading people

If they find it suitable, they will use some truth to twist it in such a misleading way that you will feel afraid, vulnerable, attacked, hated, or incompetent. They know how to pick the right words to evoke any emotion they intend to create in you.

In the end, you will start believing in the information the way they presented it. They can create enemies in your mind using simple words; they can make you feel like you are doing everything wrong – words are their weapon, and they know how to handle it nicely.

5. Lying constantly

Their form of ‘sincerity’ is one wrapped up in silver-tongued lies. Lying is their way of expressing themselves. They cannot construct a thought in their head without thinking of how something juicy could also be included too.

They lie to gain something out of it, and they lie for the pleasure of fooling those around them. And each time you catch them in a lie, they will tell you a dozen more to cover it up. They will ‘sincerely’ explain to you why they were forced to lie about it, and you might even start feeling sorry for them.

6. Remorselessness

These people will not feel sorry for anyone they have destroyed, are destroying, or plan to destroy. They see people as pawns in their game, and they consider the best people to be the best pawns. If they spot the good in you, they will use that good to work for them, and they will treat you like garbage in the process.

They do not feel sorry for good people, and they see an opportunity in every weakness they expose. It is because they simply enjoy other people’s pain and they do not see a reason why those people should not experience such pain.

7. Avoiding responsibility

Evil people do not have a moral compass. They do as they please and they will never feel responsible for the pain they have caused. If they sense that some sort of blame is going to hit them, they start redirecting it even before it gets to them.

They toss their blame onto others, and they do not know the meaning of an apology. They find apologizing to be a virtue of the weak, and they know how to get an apology from anyone they have harmed. In the end, you apologize for their mistakes. Isn’t that convenient?

8. Manipulating

They are masters of manipulation. They know how to plan ten steps ahead and they always know the purpose of their manipulation.

If they want to, they will make you feel stupid, they will make you do the things they are not competent at doing, and they know how to take all the credit afterward, leaving you feeling that you were not competent enough to do what you did (although you already did it well).

9. Fair-weather friends

If such a person comes to your aid, know that they have done it for a purpose that involves them in the end. In other cases, they will be around when things go well, and they will disappear when things go sour.

You should not expect support from these people. If you get support, know that you are being played and that you will end up being the pawn in their well-devised game. They do not see a reason why they should be there for you if there is nothing in it for them.

10. Stealing your time

If they know that you have some kind of deadline or other important events with close people and family, they will subtly get under your skin and make you lose track of time. They do not want you to be better than them in any way, so do not expect to be good when they are around to ruin that expectation.

They exactly know when to show up and mess up your plans. In the end, they will even put on a concerned face and watch you lose your mind as things start spiraling down. Time is a very important asset, and they are well aware of it.

11. Leading double lives

These people will never reveal their true lives to you. And saying that they lead double lives is an underestimated expression when they come into question. They lead a hundred lives – each life more different than the rest.

They are different with every person, and they have a well-devised history to tell that would accompany the image they are trying to portray. The common thing about all of them is that nobody really knows their true essence or past.

12. Control freaks

Of course, to hold everything together they have to be in complete control over the situation. They will easily get possessive and controlling if they see that someone else is trying to earn your trust and be a genuine friend.

The control they have over others is how they can feed off them. If they lose this control, they lose their precious pawns. It is very simple, really. And it all becomes very evident once they start losing control.

Everybody can possess one or some of these characteristics. However, put them together, and you are dealing with someone who is truly evil. Do not expect from them to change for you, as you mean nothing to them.

And if you love yourself enough, you should definitely break free from their control and manipulation and go on living your life surrounded by genuine and sincere people. Nobody is perfect, and if someone is trying to look perfect, they have something they are hiding beneath.

Signs you should stay away from someone:

stay away from someone

1. You find yourself complaining about them constantly

Complaining about them has become a hobby for you. You find yourself constantly complaining about them and the way they treat you to your family and friends. Well, this is a sign that you may be dealing with a bad person. And even though you can’t stand them, you feel so consumed by them and their toxicity that you can’t get them out of your mind. Stop giving them so much power!

2. You are losing control of your emotions

An evil guy or girl can really make you lose control over yourself and your emotions. And even if you don’t react to their snide comments and ill-treatment of you, you will lose sleep repeating the scene over and over in your head and getting mad at yourself for not saying the things that you wanted to say. You start feeling like you are losing control because you cannot control your emotions of sudden anger, rage, frustration, and sadness.

3. Your self-esteem is ruined

Every person who is dealing with an evil guy or girl has one thing in common – a lowered or ruined self-esteem. Wicked people have the power to make anyone feel bad about themselves. They do that because they want to be in control. They want to be dominant. That’s their food. An evil person will belittle you, call you names, and insult you to lower your confidence and make you feel unworthy of anything because when other people are feeling so low, they feel like a God.

4. You are scared of spending time with them

If the thought of meeting them gives you chills down your spine, or you feel dreadful having to spend time with them, then they are most definitely a bad person. Wicked people make any encounter a traumatic experience. Afterwards, you feel drained and worthless because they have managed to eat away your positivity and self-confidence.

5. You stoop to their toxic level

If you ever felt so drained and exhausted from dealing with a certain person that you even tried stooping to their level of negativity and evilness only to find your peace, you are not alone. Many people have made the mistake of lowering themselves to the level of an evil person. This is a huge red flag that you must stay away from them in order to find the peace you need.

6. You have developed unhealthy habits

Everyone has their own style of dealing with pain. And when someone is constantly putting you down and breaking your heart, then you have probably developed some habits that are bad for you, such as excessive eating or drinking. You may find some relief in those things, but the best medicine for your broken heart is staying away from the evil person that harms you.

7. Your relationships with other people get severely damaged

Have you found yourself in a situation where after spending time with an evil person and absorbing their negativity, you go home and start yelling at your husband and your kids for no reason? Or, you get annoyed at your parents or your close friend and you lash out at them. This misplaced anger will damage the relationships you have with other people who love you and care about you. Stop for a moment and ask yourself: Who really made you angry?

8. You lack healthy boundaries

Wicked people make it extremely hard for us to set healthy boundaries. That’s why our relationship with them is a power struggle and they are always the winner. They will lie to you, manipulate you, belittle you, and take you for granted only to prove to themselves and you that they are better than you, that they have more power over you.

9. You feel guilty of everything bad that happens in the relationship

This is probably the most important sign since it is so commonly used by evil people. If you feel like you are always the one to blame for everything that goes wrong in the relationship, then you are dealing with a manipulative, evil person. When you feel like a scapegoat for all their issues, then you better get out of the relationship fast because your physical, mental, and emotional health is in serious trouble.

10. You feel taken for granted

Wicked people are master manipulators. They only take and take and take without giving anything in return. The word ‘reciprocate’ is not in their vocabulary. They take people for granted and use them for their convenience. And when they no longer have a benefit from them, they toss it away like a piece of garbage. That’s how evil and manipulative these people are.

11. You feel ridiculed and unworthy

An evil person will do everything to belittle you so that they can feel ‘above’ you. They will ridicule your opinions, mock your appearance, and throw insults at you constantly. With time, you will start feeling unworthy of anything good, and you may even start feeling ‘lucky’ that they are putting up with you. How wicked is that?

12. You are not happy with them

If you are not happy when you are with someone, then you know what to do. You should never undermine yourself to the point of sacrificing your happiness and your wellbeing for the sake of staying with someone who mistreats you. You should never accept their toxic treatment of you. You are better by yourself.

Let them go because if you don’t protect yourself, no one else will. If you don’t have boundaries, everyone can hurt you. You deserve better than someone who breaks your heart on a daily basis.

What does evil mean?

evil mean

Evil people are ready to walk over corpses with no remorse, and they do not pick favorites. If you get in their path, be ready to be used, manipulated, and thrown away like trash without any second thoughts.

The worst is, our nature to try and see the good in everyone can often make us blind to the evil that permeates from them. So, how to be sure that a person is worth having around? What does it really mean to be evil?

Spot them in someone, and you can be sure that whatever good is left in them, they will use for their ends and if necessary, they will use that good against you. 

How to deal with an evil person?

deal with an evil person1. Get angry

This is probably counter-intuitive but if you want to disarm an evil person – get angry with them. Because anger is a powerful emotion that if it is properly distributed can really change your life for the better. You can use the power of anger to make the changes necessary to walk away from the evil person and drastically improve your life.

2. Distance yourself

Distance yourself from people who are bad for you. Protect your energy because an evil person will try to eat away at your positivity and fill you only with negative thoughts and a bleak vision of reality. Don’t let their toxicity get to you.

3. Don’t try to fight them

Evil people may try to involve you in an unnecessary drama. They may intentionally hurt you only to watch you in pain because that is what satisfies them and strokes their ego. And when you do fight back, to them it means that they have managed to get to you. That’s why you shouldn’t accept their invitation to fighting.

4. Rise above them

Don’t get sucked into their level. Rise above their evil ways. Don’t let their bad treatment of you define you and diminish your self-worth. Get away from them, physically and emotionally. Don’t let them drag you down. Don’t entertain their devilish and immature ways. You are better than that.

5. Stay in control of your emotions

Practice mindfulness. Meditate. Do anything you can to get hold of your feelings because they are your weapon against them. Don’t let them push your buttons and make you angry. Stay in control of yourself and your emotions by rationally dealing with them.

6. Set clear boundaries

If the evil person is your work colleague or a family member, then you can always protect yourself by setting clear boundaries by limiting your contact with them to a minimum.

7. Don’t let anyone steal your happiness

You and only you are responsible for your happiness. No one else. Therefore, don’t allow toxic people to ruin your day. You are in charge of your life and you should make the best of it.

Share and spread awareness! 

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth

you deserve someone

You deserve to be with someone who will know your worth. Someone to whom you’ll be more than good enough.

You deserve to be with someone who will show you the true meaning of love. Someone who will show you that love doesn’t have to be tough and painful. Someone who will show you what raw, genuine, deep love feels like.

You deserve someone who is sure about you.

You deserve someone who will be willing to pull down the walls you’ve built around your heart to protect it. Because your heart got broken too many times. Because your trust was betrayed too many times. Because you committed to people who couldn’t see that you were a person that was the easiest to love. You were a woman with a heart of gold.

You committed to people for whom you were willing to fight with every part of yourself. But, they didn’t care about it.  They didn’t care about you.

That’s why you deserve someone whose biggest fear will be losing you. Someone who will walk through fire and fight demons to make you feel happy and protected.

You deserve to be with someone who won’t be afraid to love and be loved. Someone who won’t be ashamed to express their feelings. Instead, they will wear their heart on their sleeve and they’ll never make you doubt their love for you.

You deserve to be with someone who won’t think that showing their vulnerabilities makes them look weak.

You deserve to be loved by someone who will make sure you know how special you are to them.

You deserve someone who will make your eyes glow with happiness when they’re around. Someone who will make your body tremble and your heart skip a beat at their touch. Someone who will be tender and supportive on your bad days and loving and passionate on your good days.

You deserve someone who will make you feel wanted.

Someone who will shower you with affection, sweet words, and compliments. Someone who you’ll always be able to rely on. Someone who will feel like home.

You deserve someone who will accept and love you for who you are and always let you be yourself.

Someone who will be aware of all your weaknesses and faults and who will have seen you at your worst, and still accept and cherish you the way you are.

You deserve someone who will be aware of your beauty, both outward and inward, and of the purity of your soul. Someone who will know that you’re the best thing that could have ever happened to them. That you’re their strength. Their guiding light. Their blessing.

You deserve to be loved by someone who will be patient with you and who won’t lose their temper and call you “needy,” “clingy,” or “boring” when you get emotional and show your vulnerable sides.

You deserve someone who will show understanding of your problems.

Someone who will patiently listen to you when you complain about what a bad day you had at work or about how much your best friend disappointed you. Someone who won’t leave you to fight your battles on your own.

Instead, they’ll stick with you through thick and thin. They’ll be your crying shoulder and greatest support. They’ll do their best to help you overcome your problems and see that gorgeous smile of yours on your face again.

You deserve someone who will enjoy spending time with you.

Someone to whom it won’t matter whether you spend the Saturday night in the best club in the city or at home, watching your favorite movie and eating pizza.

You deserve to be loved by someone who won’t make you beg for their attention and love.

You deserve someone who will be honest with and loyal to you.

Someone who will be both your best friend and an amazing lover. Someone who will respect your opinions, ideas, and decisions, but also tell you when you say or do something wrong or stupid.

You deserve someone who will show interest in the things you like. Someone who will do the seemingly unimportant things that actually mean a lot to you.

You deserve someone who will send you a bouquet of white roses to your office because they remember they’re your favorite ones. Someone who will leave you cute love notes on your pillow in the morning so that you begin the day knowing how much loved you are.

You deserve to be loved by someone who will tell you to text them when you get home because they want to know you’re safe and okay. Someone who won’t forget to ask you how your day went. Someone who will call you just to hear your voice. Someone who will terribly miss you when you’re not around.

You deserve someone who will be proud of everything you are and everything you do.

Someone who will show the world how grateful they are for having you in their life. Someone to whom you’ll be the most important person in the world.

You deserve to be loved by someone who won’t see you as a burden or just one more obligation they have to fulfill. Instead, you’ll be their strength. Their energy. Their priority.

You deserve to be with someone who will know your worth and remind you of it. Someone who will make you their choice every single day. Someone who will love you unconditionally and never give up on you.

Your “Meanest” Friend Is The One Who Actually Wants The Best For You

If you have a friend you love, but at times can’t stand because their harsh (though true) words can hurt like needles – you can’t help but think that they are just being mean. However, science says this is not the case when it comes to your closest friends. 

In fact, recent findings have shown that your meanest friend is the one who truly loves you and wants the best for you.

According to a research published in Psychological Science, people who tend to make others experience negative emotions believe that the impact of those emotions will be beneficial for them in the long run.

The research was conducted at the University of Plymouth and it included 140 adult participants. The scientists behind the study observed their behavior during hypothetical situations: for instance, by generating the fear of failure to a friend who instead of learning for exams – is procrastinating his studying.

The researchers claimed that asking participants to take another person’s point of view has increased the likelihood of them choosing negative experiences and emotions for the other person if they thought that that experience would be helpful to them.

The findings of the study confirmed what scientists believed – that people indeed may be “cruel to be kind”.

“What was surprising was that affect worsening was not random but emotion-specific,” says López-Pérez, the lead author of the study. “In line with previous research, our results have shown that people hold very specific expectations about the effects that certain emotions may have and about which emotions may be better for achieving different goals.”

In other words, people can sometimes be “mean” to you not because they hate you, or they want to hurt you – but because they care for you and their “meanness” comes out of selflessness and empathy.

So, go ahead! Share this post and tag your “mean” friends and tell them how much you love them for their honesty!

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Neuroscientists Revealed The Number One Exercise For Slowing Down The Aging Process

Number One Exercise For Slowing Down The Aging Process

As we grow old, some of us start developing a rather negative relationship with the mirror because it starts showing off our grey hairs, our body’s saggy parts, and the many lines on our face that come with age.

However, you can improve the relationship you have with your mirror because neuroscientists have finally found an enjoyable way to slow down the aging process.

What is The Number One Exercise For Slowing Down The Aging Process?

According to a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal, people who are physically active can slow down their brain’s aging process. Neuroscientists behind this study say that dancing is the most effective physical activity.

So, why is dancing the most effective exercise for slowing down the aging process of the brain?

According to Dr. Kathrin Rehfeld, the lead author of the study, physical exercise has the effect of slowing down and even preventing the decline in both the mental and physical activity in the brain that comes with its natural aging process.  

In their study, they prove that 2 different types of physical activity – dancing and endurance training – both increase the brain’s area that declines over time as we age. But, only dancing has proved to be effective when it comes to changes in behavior due to the noticeable improvements in balance.

The researchers selected 52 elderly volunteers aged 63-80 years for the purpose of the study. Then, they divided them randomly into two groups, one group was assigned to join dance classes, and the other group joined the sports control group.

The dance group took dance lessons with a constant change of choreography which moves they were asked to memorize. The program for the sports group, on the other hand, consisted of strength training, endurance training, and flexibility training.

The hippocampus area of the brain which is the most susceptible to decline because of the aging processes has increased in both groups. This area of the brain is also responsible for memory, balance, as well as learning.

But, only volunteers in the dance group had an increased volume of other subparts in the left hippocampus. Moreover, only dancing had increased the volume of one part in the right hippocampus called the subiculum.  

This study proved that dancing, especially when followed by a change in choreography, is indeed superior to repetitive physical activities such as walking or cycling.   

Dr. Rehfeld further explains that they provided the participants in the dance group with different music genres. They changed the dance routine every second week and they introduced new arm patterns, formations, steps, rhythms, and different speed levels.

What about those who have two left feet and no sense of rhythm?

Try to lose yourself in the music and don’t think about how awkward and funny you might look. Because music indeed has many therapeutic benefits – it lifts our spirit and increases our happiness levels.


Anxiety Disorders And Major Depression Are Linked To Narcissistic Abuse

Nowadays considered as a disorder, anxiety has got its evolutionary roots back in the earliest beginnings of human evolution. Humans needed it to survive in the harsh and unpredictable environment they lived in.

Anxiety nowadays is considered to be an inexplicable feeling of unease, nervousness, and worry. It’s true that we have come too far to be affected by the same conditions which gave rise to the protective role of anxiety for our ancestors. So why and how does it occur now?

A lot of literature connects today’s anxiety disorders to some kind of psychological and emotional abuse during the person’s childhood. It has been found that early-life stress has a profound effect on the Central Nervous System (CNS) and that the same effect can occur in adults.

This abuse is now discussed as a major factor contributing to anxiety disorders, major depression, and PTSD. In fact, it has been established that psychological abuse is more detrimental than physical aggression and that it leaves a deep scar in the victim’s mental health.

Children who have been victims of psychological abuse don’t necessarily develop anxiety in their lives, but such traumatic events in times where their brains are still developing contribute to supersensitivity in the neuroendocrine stress response systems.

This means that any additional stress from emotional or psychological abuse later in life bears a high possibility of triggering psychological disorders such as anxiety and major depression.

What Is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse is one of the most harmful types of psychological abuse. It renders the victim unable to think and reason clearly due to the increased stress and the eventual adrenal fatigue.

This, in turn, triggers a number of possible outcomes, among which the most devastating effect could be an anxiety disorder, major depression, or both. This further increases your susceptibility to the narcissistic abuse and your inability to escape it.

That is why some victims tend to remain in the victim-abuser loop until the rest of their lives and are not even aware that their abuser feeds off them with every passing day.

The most common targets for a narcissist are people who are empathetic, compassionate and choose to see the best in others. This sensitive type of people will choose to trust and understand the narcissist.

And this is what they need to start weaving their web around their good-willing victims. In the process of their flawless manipulation, they will use whatever means necessary to make their victim feel smaller and more dependent on them.

They do it by constantly trying to lower their self-confidence and make their victims believe that they are going crazy. If they see themselves caught in the act, they will skillfully get out of the situation by convincing the other person that they are imagining the situation and are psychologically unstable.

While this is not the truth, you know what they say: a lie told a hundred times becomes truth. The more they make their victim question their morality, sanity, and ability to love unconditionally, the more they nail them to their cross and feed off them.

From the victim perspective, this lowered state and constant stress will eventually lead to adrenal fatigue and a constant fear that they may be doing something wrong. In certain cases, the victims start avoiding people, feel unable to function properly, feeling disconnected and are generally in a disabled state.

This process is what will eventually lead the victim to a state of a shattered self-confidence and a completely destroyed mental state, where a lot of mental disorders have a space to start festering.

In this state, the victim is prone to develop extreme social anxiety, illnesses related to pervasive stress, a complete sense of disassociation from the self, and symptoms of major depression.

If you find yourself in such situation, it’s best that you talk to a psychologist and ask for help. While there are people who are able to recognize narcissistic abuse and get out of that relationship before it develops, some people are very much trapped in the cycle and find it impossible to get out.

It’s not that they don’t want to, but the psychological damage they have endured has left them unable to fight off the abuser and has made them shut themselves off from the rest of the world.

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

The narcissistic abuse syndrome occurs when a person has been living with or spending a lot of their time with a narcissist.

People with a narcissistic abuse syndrome often question their own self-worth or sanity, always analyzing and overthinking about their flaws and failures. The truth is, these are simply ideas that were planted in their mind by their narcissistic parent or partner.

People victims of narcissistic abuse often have a hard time identifying with reality because their minds are confused from the constant abuse and emotional manipulation they’ve been or still are exposed to.

The narcissistic abuse symptoms may vary, however, in most cases they mimic those of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, a condition that affects people who’ve endured severe traumas in their early childhoods.

Narcissistic Abuse Symptoms Include:

  • Intrusive, invasive, or unwanted thoughts
  • Avoiding people or places associated with the narcissist
  • Triggers, i.e., physical or emotional responses to situations that resemble past traumatic events/experiences
  • Feeling isolated and detached from the world
  • Feeling extremely alert, having a fight or flight response to everything
  • Not feeling important or valued

Narcissistic Abuse Signs

Many victims of a narcissistic abuse tend to approach a counselor in the hopes to improve themselves.

After undergoing a long and traumatic narcissistic abuse, these people tend to perceive themselves as a failure, they are ashamed of who they are, and feel insecure, unworthy, incapable, or delusional. Hence, it’s no wonder if they turn to an expert for help.

They focus so much on fixing everything that’s “wrong” with them, they forget to mention the narcissist in their life, the abuser. Or even if they do, they only say nice things about them, praising them and admiring them.

This is so because the victim has absolute trust in their abuser; they think the narcissist can never hurt them. Even better yet, that they are the only one that loves and appreciates them. 

But how can you recognize narcissists even before they pick you on your radar?

Narcissists are usually charming people who want all the attention on themselves. They are the people that can make an entire room laugh with their dazzling sense of humor, and when they are good with their victim, it may feel like you are on Cloud 9. Unfortunately, it’s their cycle of torture.

They sugarcoat your with love and affection, only to smash you on a wooden floor later on with their dismissive attitude and cold-hearted nature. They are conniving, selfish, self-oriented, critical, and bad at listening.

They never truly listen to other people, they just nod and wait for them to stop talking so they can regain the spotlight.

Now, narcissists usually create codependent relationships because they need someone they can emotionally abuse just so they feel good, much like a leech sucking for blood.

Many have been wondering why are narcissists so toxic and needy of a victim whom they can drain from worth and happiness, and although it’s not always clear why, it is believed that their emotional clinginess and pumped up ego stems either from their overprotective parents or childhood neglect.

Below are the signs that a victim is undergoing narcissistic abuse in their life:

  • Victims say they are losing touch with reality
  • They often question themselves
  • They lose self-control and only do what the narcissist tells them to
  • They feel that the narcissist is the only one who deems them worthy therefore they think highly of them
  • They’re often feeling insecure or ashamed of their work or creativity and experience self-doubt

Note: If you think that you or someone you know and love is struggling with narcissistic abuse syndrome and undergoing a reiterating narcissistic abuse cycle, it’s important that you seek help from a narcissistic abuse therapist.

It’s not just about making an effort to get rid of the toxic claws of the narcissist, it’s also about seeking treatment to regain the control in YOUR life.

Narcissistic Abuse Cycle

The relationship cycle typical of narcissistic abuse follows a pattern, much like any other cycle of abuse.

Victims of emotionally abusive relationships experience a three-stage, vortex-like cycle of idealization, devaluing, and discarding. Yet, they keep coming back to their abuser because they think it’s them who did something wrong, not their toxic parent or partner.

Narcissists first show affection to hook their victim, and later on reveal their true face. They’ve been loving and caring for a few days, and then suddenly, start saying spiteful things or jokes about their partner in social occasions.

They know their victim is going to be hurt or embarrassed for sharing something so private about them, yet they do it anyways, making their victim insecure, ashamed, rejected.

Or they will suddenly detach from their victim, giving them the silent treatment. You really don’t know what you did? I have to tell you? Had you been a little more observant, you would’ve known.

Now the victim is confused. How come he/she was so gentle and loving yesterday? What happened? What did I do?

Naturally, they think it’s their fault and they try to search for ways to improve themselves.

Narcissistic Abuse Examples

Narcissists expect others to behave in certain ways and they have a way of making people do what they want. That way is usually paved with low empathy, belittling, offensive remarks, and criticism when their victims fail to meet their standards.

Here’s What The Abuse Can Look Like Through Examples:

  • Your narcissistic partner said your perfume, your hair or your new piece of clothing look stupid and ugly, so you’ve changed them.
  • Your narcissistic parent told you how you are wasting your time reading books as a kid, so you gave up writing thinking you are not that good either way
  • Your parent or partner control your time and keep you from seeing friends or participating in social activities by yourself.

If you’ve changed your looks and style, your hobbies, or if you’ve lost things you used to like as a result of their narcissistic abuse and manipulation, you might feel as if you no longer know yourself, hence the disconnection from reality, the panic, and the anxious thoughts that feel like they cripple your day to day functioning.

Anxiety and depression are a dangerous abyss if left untreated, but luckily they can be treated and reversed.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Toxic relationships are traumatic and leave victims with lingering symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks, which take time and active effort to heal.

Your love for the narcissist can convince you it that everything is your fault -every manipulation, every maltreatment, every spiteful and toxic comment they casually threw at you that further deepened your emotional scars and convinced you of your lack of self-worth.

Breaking off the toxic whirlwind is never easy, but all it takes is deciding you want to get out of the tunnel and break free.

Your narcissistic abuse healing is not a one size fits all nor is it going to be as easy as drinking a pill. It’s journey.


Practice self-compassion. Praise yourself for having the courage to end the narcissistic abuse cycle, for having the courage to end the toxic relationship.

Try to rediscover yourself. Find out what you like doing, rediscover your hobbies and interests.

Don’t undermine the importance of positive reinforcement mantras.

Wake up every day and utter the words:

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I am loved.

I am enough.

With my personality. With my lifestyle. With my job. With my fashion sense. With my music taste. With my cooking skills. With everything that makes me… ME.

I am enough. I am good. I am safe, and I always will be.

Because I am free from my past. Because I’ve moved on and I’ve left all my burdens behind.

…And most importantly, talk to a narcissistic abuse therapist whenever your emotional well-being gets blurred or distorted by unwanted thoughts.

Psychological abuse is more dangerous than physical abuse. It leaves terrible consequences on the mental health of the victim and it renders them unable to recognize it.

In the case of narcissistic abuse, the victim will be certain that they are the ones who are in the wrong, and they will blame themselves for the dark reality they are in. This, of course, is far from the truth.

If you are or have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, know that it has never been your fault and that you did your best to pull that disturbed soul out of its own darkness. The truth is, most narcissists prefer their darkness, and they want to pull you in it.

Spread the awareness! 

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19297883

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More And More Intelligent And Gorgeous Women Are Rolling Solo

smart attractive women single

Have you ever wondered why so many smart, confident, and attractive women are often single? Well, let’s get this straight – they aren’t single since they think they’re better than the rest, but because they can’t find men who deserve their attention, respect, and love.

It’s not that these women fear that someone might betray their trust and break their hearts. Or that they are solely interested in building a successful career and achieving high social status. The truth is that their high self-esteem and intellectual abilities prevent them from beginning a relationship with someone just for the sake of being in a relationship.

They don’t want to waste their energy and time on a man that can’t keep up with them in all aspects of life. A man that’s afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. A man that lacks confidence. A man that doesn’t bother to commit.

So, if you’ve been wondering why so many intelligent and gorgeous women are often single, make sure you read the following reasons:

1. They have very high standards.

These women are aware of their worth and they won’t accept to be with someone who isn’t compatible with them. Their partners must possess all the necessary characteristics this type of women are looking for in a man. Being strong, confident, independent, and driven matters a lot.

2. They put in a great deal of effort and energy in becoming accomplished in different spheres.

Super smart and gorgeous women like doing whatever they can to become more independent and improve themselves on a personal and professional level. They don’t wait for things to get done by themselves. On the other hand, it seems that men lack that ambition and commitment to shoot for high goals. This is something these women can’t stand.

3. They already feel complete.

This kind of women doesn’t need a guy to feel emotionally complete and accomplished. They already have amazing friends and careers. They always look for new goals and passions to pursue. If they decide to be with someone, then he must respect and know how to deal with this.

4. They can’t tolerate bulls**t.

Hell yeah! Why would you think otherwise? These women would never allow someone to play little devious mind games with them. They’ll never let anyone juggle with their feelings, cheat on, and lie to them. They’ve had this kind of crappy experiences many times before and now they won’t let be manipulated again.

5. The childish dream of marrying the prince on a white horse does no longer exist.

Hah, they’ve grown up. They don’t believe in these delusions anymore. They don’t need a husband to feel safe and protected. They don’t need someone to watch them while they sleep at night. They even know that they don’t need a guy to have kids. They’re not afraid to be single mothers and pave the path to their happiness on their own.

6. They are never a second option.

These women always come first and will never settle for anything less than that. If most guys are so naïve to believe that they can easily replace these women with the first one they find on the social media, they’re awfully wrong. These women have a sixth sense and if they feel something strange is going on behind their backs, they’ll stop that even before it begins.

7. A lot of guys feel intimidated by smart and attractive women.

This kind of women is aware of their power as well. Yet, they’ll never consent to act as if they’re naïve or stupid so that they don’t diminish the confidence of some guy or make him feel inferior to them. These women know what they deserve and if men can’t deal with it, then I’m sorry, but it’s their loss.

The Yoga Icon Wai Lana Improves People’s Lives Worldwide By Introducing Them To The Positive Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. It is an extremely enduring exercise program that not only burns calories but also tones muscles. Yoga is a complete workout for the mind and the body that involves stretching and strengthening poses with meditation and deep breathing for relaxation. There are various types of yoga to suit every person’s needs by taking a new holistic approach to their mind and body strength.  

Yoga has many positive benefits that include lowering chronic pain, such as lowering back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis; lowering the blood pressure and reducing insomnia. Yoga also helps with improving the ability to concentrate and solves many addictions including drug abuse by helping individuals develop a more positive outlook on life and better-coping skills.

Wai Lana is a yoga instructor for 40 years that is responsible for introducing innumerable people of all ages to the practice of yoga thus improving their lives and their whole physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She is the host of her “Wai Lana Yoga” TV series which has a huge audience all over the world.  The show has been airing nationwide for more than 18 years making it the longest fitness series that has ever aired on national television on 5 continents including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America.

“Yoga is such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine living without it. In fact, yoga is my life. It keeps me grounded, in good health, and brings me profound inner peace, even amid the chaotic busyness of everyday life,” says global yoga icon Wai Lana. She has experienced all the benefits of yoga and that’s why she is motivated to help others. She says she wants everyone to experience all the amazing things that yoga has to offer.

Along with hosting and directing her TV shows, she is also a designer. She designs all her beautiful, colorful clothes that she wears together with the flower garlands. Her episodes are filmed in places all over the world, in majestic, pristine locations because she wants to inspire her audience by providing breathtaking backgrounds for their eyes.

Wai Lana is not only an amazing yoga teacher, but she is also a mother of three, grandmother of six, author, songwriter, and genuine advocate for inner peace and wellbeing. She has published many books, recorded music, and meditation albums, and produced DVDs for people of all backgrounds so they can all be included. She also developed teacher training programs and designed yoga products for children.

For the International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015, she wrote the famous “Namaste” song to help people remember to always be humble and respectful towards each other. The “Namaste” song was also included in a PBS special called “Wai Lana Yoga for a Better Life & a Better World” and it was also at the headline event hosted by the United Nations at their headquarters in New York City, enabling thousands of yoga lovers to hear the song live at Times Square.

Insights Trailer from Wai Lana Yoga on Vimeo.

Leaf from Wai Lana Yoga on Vimeo.

3 Qualities for Stress-Free Asana Practice from Wai Lana Yoga on Vimeo.

Silence from Wai Lana Yoga on Vimeo.

Today, she is the most famous yoga teacher in the world. You can watch all the episodes of her TV show Wai Lana Insights by ordering it here. In the episodes, she covers a variety of content from relaxation and daily lifestyle to yoga wisdom and higher thinking.

About Wai Lana

Wai Lana is the host of the long-running public television series Wai Lana Yoga, which has aired in the U.S. and internationally for nearly four decades. Wai Lana has produced several yoga DVD series for people of all levels, published books, designed kids’ yoga products, recorded music albums, released a meditation kit, developed a complete line of yoga gear, and even has her own line of all-natural snacks.

Connect with Wai Lana:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wailanayoga

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wailana

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wai_lana/


What Is Your Most Powerful Chakra According To Your Zodiac Sign

Chakra According To Zodiac Sign

Speaking from a spiritual perspective, we all come to this world at the exact time and surroundings to learn a lesson and achieve a purpose in our lives. There is no coincidence in anything, even your personality. 

And for the Universe to make sure that you will be striving for the ideals you were born for, the planets’ alignment played a role in enhancing one of the seven chakras in your energetic body that will lead you to the path of the challenges meant for you. 

Depending on your zodiac, you can learn what chakra is your most powerful one and what that means for you and your life. 


The solar plexus chakra, or the Manipura (meaning “City of Jewels”), is the chakra of one’s inner treasure and the chakra that allows us to connect with other people. It is a warm, nurturing, and fiery chakra that is yellow in color. 

The solar plexus is the chakra of action, and the main challenge that comes to this chakra is the sense of shame and lowered self-esteem. No wonder Aries are usually those who like to protect their Selves from others and maintain their sense of self-identity. When in disbalance, this chakra will project an aura of laziness and a loss of will power. 

The solar plexus chakra is a chakra that is connected to one’s passions, self-esteem and personal strength. This chakra determines our confidence and our place in the world and also our perception of it. The solar plexus chakra also is a chakra that speaks of balance – a balance in life, a balance of emotions, and a balance between the heart and soul. It is a chakra that brings harmony to all other chakras and also in interpersonal relationships.

The Aries sign which is connected to the solar plexus chakra is a strong sign because this chakra is a force chakra, but it is also a chakra that is very balanced and intellectual, but warm. People born in this sign with this chakra as their ruling chakra, are people who know who they are and are confident in their abilities. Integrity is a trait that is very meaningful to these people. They radiate with confidence and self-assuredness, but not in an arrogant way. And that is the reason why people accept them as leaders.

But, if the solar plexus chakra is not open, Aries people may be shy and passive. They will also become superficial in their emotions because they will have fears of rejection and abandonment issues. That’s why it is essential for these people to meditate or do yoga in order to regain their inner strength.



Although people in the Taurus sign are usually perceived as emotionless and materialistic beings, the governing heart chakra says something much different about them. The green Anahata (meaning “Unstruck”) stands as a bridge between our spiritual and physical Self and it radiates with empathy, love, and protective instincts. 

The main challenge for a Taurus is grief and romantic disappointment, from which they guard themselves fiercely. People with a governing heart chakra are here to learn to forgive and be more compassionate, and when in disbalance, these people are more prone to showing anger and lust. 

The Heart Chakra is the chakra that symbolizes love and affection. This is a chakra that connects us to our higher self. People born into the sign of Taurus are aware of things that are beyond their perception of the physical world. They are very spiritual and guided. They are also very intuitive and they even have psychic abilities.

People governed by the heart chakra are very friendly, open-minded, and loving people. They are the empaths in this world, always willing to help anyone in need. They are extremely forgiving and compassionate beings with warm hearts.

When the heart chakra is open, these people are very good at stabilizing relationships and bringing harmony to their life in general. If you are a Taurus and your heart chakra is open, then you treat everyone in a loving way. You are very kind and caring towards others and you are also kind towards yourself. You are in touch with yourself and you know what is good for you, so you are not afraid to say no to people and things that don’t serve your highest good.

If, however, your heart chakra is closed, then you are prone to experiencing feelings of emptiness and loneliness. You may also start feeling bitter or angry. People with closed heart chakra are thought to be very closed and distant when it comes to dealing with other people. They have a lot of suppressed emotions that they need to work through. They need to recognize their feelings and make a peace with themselves. They must learn to forgive themselves for what they have been through and remove the blockages that keep them from connecting with people in a real way.



As master of communication, Gemini is clearly under the strong rule of the throat chakra. Vishuddha (meaning “Especially Pure”) is the chakra of communication and the creative identity of the person and its color is blue. 

The main challenge Gemini go through is facing the truth, as lying (even to oneself) is what makes the throat chakra swerve out of balance. The throat chakra serves as a means of expression of all other chakras and it is there to purify them through expression.

The throat chakra is assigned to people born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. This chakra is all about freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. It is a chakra that is associated with properly communicating with others, i.e communicating with truth, honesty, and undertaking moral action. It is also a chakra that is associated with integrity and keeping promises.

When the throat chakra is open, that means that the person is aware of the language they use and the meaning and the impact of their words. A person with an open throat chakra communicates clearly and concisely. They speak in a kind and pleasant way. They communicate their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly and without fear of being misunderstood. They are also not afraid to be vulnerable when it comes to expressing themselves because they know that being able to show vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness.

On the other hand, when the throat chakra is closed, then there is a blockage that manifests in people having a hard time expressing themselves and openly communicating their thoughts and wishes. These people may suppress their feelings and avoid communicating with other people. They are not revealing themselves to others and therefore, they can’t form close connections with other people. They need to open their throat chakra if they want to get rid of their superficial way of dealing with people.


Governed by the Moon, the intuitive and mystical Cancer has their indigo-colored Third Eye as the most active chakra in their system. The Ajna (meaning “Command”) is the chakra of insight and it allows the individual to see the bigger picture and the connection between everything. 

Illusions are the biggest challenge for people who have their Third Eye as a dominant chakra, as they can lead to false perceptions, prejudice, and subjectivism. The Third Eye possesses the power to literally command the energy and reality around you, should you activate it and use it properly. 

The Third Eye Chakra is all about perspective and perception. It is a chakra that deals with judgment and a clear vision of things. This chakra is thought to be connected to the divine and that’s why it is often referred to as the chakra that is the spiritual eye of every human being.

When this chakra is opened, it signifies that the person trusts their gut and they are in touch with their intuition. It also means that they can look at the different sides of a story and see the situation from all of the different angles and empathize with all of them. Therefore, these people don’t make rapid decisions. They are always analyzing a situation before making a final judgment and decision. That’s why these people can accept other people’s opinions and perspectives with an open mind even though their own views may be completely different.

If, however, the forehead chakra is closed, then it is believed that the person has troubles with concentration and also has difficulties seeing things clearly for what they are. These people tend to lose a clear perception of things and therefore start relying on other people’s beliefs. Therefore, they need to distance themselves from other people’s influences and by practicing meditation to begin to regain their concentration and perception of reality.


THE CROWN CHAKRAGoverned by the highest spiritual aspects, the violet Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara (meaning “Thousand Petalled”) is the chakra of higher knowledge and learning. It offers divine wisdom, spiritual connection, a sense of oneness, and the ability to tap into the Universal consciousness. 

This chakra’s main challenge is attachment, and when in disbalance, the Leo will turn to their self and become consumed by their ego, as they lose touch with the Universal consciousness and the Oneness. 

The Crown Chakra is associated with a person who is very conscious and aware of the world. They are also very wise and they are in full knowledge of themselves and what is sacred to them. That’s why they form connections with others that are very deep, meaningful, and special. These people are fully knowledgeable of their limitations and their destructive patterns and so, they are constantly working on themselves and their healing.

This chakra is also connected with our limitations and its transcendence, whether the limitations are personal or bound in time and space. It is a transcendental type of awareness that opens all the other chakras and connects us to the Universe. It also makes us feel blissful, enlightened, and ecstatic. It lightens up our inner wisdom and our divine self.

When a person’s crown chakra is imbalanced, they can feel disconnected from their spirit. They can also become very cynical and sarcastic. They can also feel deep disconnection from their body. On the other hand, when the crown chakra is blocked, the person can feel lonely and isolate. They can lack direction in life and have difficulty connecting with people.

The healing of the crown chakra can be done in many ways with meditation being the most effective method of healing and balancing this chakra. It can further help if during your meditation you start visualizing a violet or white lotus flower unfurling because a lotus flower with one thousand petals is the symbol of this chakra.


The laborious Virgo is governed by the blue-colored Throat Chakra, just like the Gemini. The Vishuddha (meaning “Especially Pure”) affects Virgo mostly in the purification process of oneself and the healing powers it brings. 

The honest and critic side of Virgo is also an aspect of the throat chakra, and this expression comes from their meticulous analysis. The biggest challenge for those under the influence of the Throat Chakra is lying (to others and to oneself). 

The Throat Chakra, as its name suggests, is the chakra that is responsible for the way we express ourselves. This chakra also represents our growth process, how much we have grown as a person in terms of communication and expression of our thoughts, feelings, and desires.

When the throat chakra is opened, it means that the person is very communicative and expressive. They speak their mind in a clear way. They also talk very kindly and nicely to others, showing their empathic side. People with an open throat chakra are also excellent organizers which makes them perfect for the corporate world. They know what to say and when. Their oratory skills are what will move them forward and up the corporate ladder.

On the other hand, if the throat chakra is closed, that means that the person is an introvert. They have trouble expressing themselves. They are also distant and shy. They often feel helpless and unable to do anything about their problem with expressing themselves. On the flip side, there are also people with an overactive throat chakra. These people speak a lot and tire other people. They are also one of the worst listeners because they only want to talk about themselves and they never stop.

This is the reason why these people should remain calm and truthful in every situation. They should also practice meditation to feel better and also follow the golden rule of communication, i.e. to think twice before they speak.



Just like the Taurus, Libra are also governed by the green Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata (meaning “Unstruck”). The heart chakra is the bridge between the spiritual and physical Self and is governed by love, compassion, and protective instincts. 

The selfless nature of Libra proves just how loving and caring a person can be, and their endless compassion toward everything and everyone around them is just another sign of how powerful their Heart Chakra is. The main challenge for people under the command of the Heart Chakra is the ability to forgive and overcome grief, which can lead to anger and lust if not handled properly. 

The Heart Chakra is governed by the planet Venus, the planet of love and relationships. It is a planet of being emotionally open and awakened.  People born under the sign of Libra are people who love beauty. They love beautiful things. They love the arts. They love having peace and harmony in their lives. Every Libra radiates with calmness and peaceful energy.

The heart chakra is a balancing chakra between the upper and the lower chakras and therefore, these people also remained balanced through their interactions with other people. They know how to relate to anyone and also, they know how to maintain peace and balance in their life.

 Having an open heart chakra means that you understand the meaning of relationships and you know how to maintain a healthy balance. You know how to create deep connections with others and that’s why you are thought to be the social butterfly. If, on the other hand, your heart chakra is closed, then you may encounter difficulties maintaining healthy relationships. You may feel as if though you can’t stay in a relationship and create a deep bond because you are always fighting due to your closed heart chakra.


The Sacral Chakra, also known as Svadhisthana (meaning “The Welling Place of the Self”), is the chakra of emotions, feelings, sexuality, creativity, and the inner child and its color is orange. It is the most sensual chakra in the system and the birthplace of creativity and our playful nature. 

People governed by the Sacral Chakra see the world mainly through feelings, and they radiate with and communicate through feelings. The main challenge for these people is the feeling of guilt and the loss of the inner child. 

The Sacral Chakra is the center of sensations, pleasures, emotions, sexuality, nurturance, and movement. Its purpose is to let go of things and emotions and thus to create flow. This chakra is a very sensitive chakra because it is connected to feelings. Every person has a right to feel and no one should say that having feelings is a sign of weakness.

People born under the star sign of Scorpio are in touch with their emotions. They are very conscious and aware of what are feeling and why. They are also great at finding the root of their emotions. When someone challenges their right to feel, they become disconnected and numb. And if they block their feelings for a long time, then they can lose their identity and lose themselves in the process.

When this chakra is open, then the person is emotionally intelligent, nurturing, able to express their emotions, able to experience pleasure, able to change and set clear boundaries, and able to move on and let go of things that don’t serve their highest good. If the sacral chakra is closed, then the person may be experiencing fear of sex, fear of pleasure, rigidity in their attitudes and body image, fear of change, and also a lack of excitement, passion, and desire.


Like the Aries, Sagittarius is also governed by the yellow-colored Solar Plexus Chakra, also called the Manipura (meaning “City of Jewels”). This chakra is the seat of our personality and our Self, and it serves to connect with other people. This is why Sagittarius people don’t find it hard to connect with anyone they know and reveal the most of their personality in the shortest of time. 

The Solar Plexus is the chakra of action and willpower. The main challenge for people governed by it is the sense of shame and lowered self-esteem, and when in disbalance, they start being lazy and lack the necessary willpower to perform in life. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the chakra that is connected with spirituality. Also, it is a chakra of passion and adventure. So, people born under the sign of Sagittarius are very passionate beings. Also, they are very restless and are constantly moving and trying new and exciting things. They are guided by their impulses and live their life recklessly and fiercely.

The solar plexus chakra attracts harmony in our lives and this chakra makes us accept our circumstances no matter how hard they may be. This chakra is also connected with a person’s personal power and strength. It increases one’s self-esteem and makes them aware of their abilities. It also gives them the courage to seek new things that will make them happy.

But, if the solar plexus chakra is closed, then the positive energy that surrounds these people is also off. Therefore, they may feel drained and as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders. They may feel hopeless and lose their zest for life. Their self-esteem and confidence also suffers which further makes them desperate, sad, and hopeless.

If you are experiencing these difficulties, then you need to heal and realign your solar plexus chakra. To do this, you need to do something out of your comfort zone, something courageous that will remind you of the power that is within you. That way you will regain your boldness and your daring energy.


THE ROOT CHAKRAThe base chakra, also known as Mooladhara (meaning “Root Support”) is the chakra of our physical manifestation and identity and its color is red. People governed by its power are rather materialistic and their primary concern is the material, worldly dimensions, and possessions. 

Which is more, these people are very sensible and grounded, and this allows them to take solid and well-planned steps in their progress while projecting an air of security and stability. The main challenge for people governed by the Root Chakra is fear and lack of essential physical conditions. 

When the root chakra is open, then people follow their instincts with great strength and determination. They feel very confident and secure with their moves. A person with an open root chakra is a person who has a great perception about everything that is going on around them which makes them very insightful and aware. When the root chakra functions well, then the person has great inner strength and they can offer comfort and support to other people who need their guidance.

If, however, the root chakra is closed, then it means that the person is experiencing a great deal of troubling energy. A person with a closed root chakra is nervous and full of fears. They may be shy and feeling lost. They are anxious and insecure. So, they need to heal their root chakra and the best way to do that is by trying to let go of their anxious thoughts and fears by reminding themselves that they do not have control over what will happen tomorrow. They only have control over how they react in the present moment.



Just like the Capricorn, Aquarius is ruled by the red Root Chakra – also called the Mooladhara (meaning “Root Support”). This chakra allows them to govern over their territory, maintain control, and project a sense of warmth and security. 

The root chakra is the chakra of our physical manifestation and identity and is the most material chakra of all seven. The balanced Aquarius has the power to maintain a strong connection with every living creature and with nature while living their life with reason, passion, and joy. The main challenge for people ruled by the Root Chakra is fear and poor living conditions. 

The Root Chakra is a chakra that brings stability through responsible actions and hard work. This chakra cuts off everything that doesn’t serve us, thus making us stable and grounded individuals. This chakra also eliminates the fickle energies around us because it doesn’t like irresponsibility.

People born under the star sign of Aquarius have good taste when it comes to how they should be living their life. They are responsible, but they are also fiery and passionate. They are also master manipulators when it comes to creating the life they desire. They know how to turn things in their favor and get what they want using their wit, imagination, and creativity.


Like the Scorpio, Pisces are ruled by the orange-colored Sacral Chakra-Pisces chakra, also known as Svadhisthana (meaning “The Dwelling Place of the Self”). This is the most emotional chakra, and it governs over feelings, creativity, the inner child, emotional consciousness, and sexuality. 

This is why the emotional and creative nature of Pisces is their strongest side. When they feel free to express their emotions and creativity, as well as their sexuality, Pisces are most in their element. However, their biggest challenge is the sense of guilt, which can disrupt the Pisces Chakra and cause them to lose their inner child and deny themselves of the pleasures of life. 

The Sacral Chakra is all about spirituality, expansion, faith, philosophy, creativity, and optimism. These people are people who are very sensitive and intuitive. They trust their instincts and they have a very strong sense of intuition. Their gut feeling is powerful and when they follow it, they never make a mistake.

People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces are very social and communicative. However, they prefer deep and long talks over casual and superficial ones. They want intensity more than anything.

If the sacral chakra is open, then these people are able to live their life and enjoy every moment of it. They are open-minded and energetic. They are in touch with their emotions and their inner self which makes them able to connect with other people on a deep level and develop strong relationships with them.

If, on the other hand, the sacral chakra is closed, then the person is a manipulator, playing a lot of mind games. They are jealous and envious of the success of others and they want to bring them down. They have an inferiority complex and that’s why they get frustrated seeing other people win in life.

Use Of Crystals To Boost Your Chakra  

Crystals have healing properties, like black tourmaline meaning getting rid of negative energy. Black tourmaline is a very powerful gemstone, also called as Schrol. The health benefits of wearing black tourmaline include strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation, good skin health, and better metabolism.  

Below are other crystals and their health benefits: 

  • Rose Quartz: This precious gemstone nurtures emotional health and a great stone commonly used in meditation to boost chakra. It helps slow the aging process and increase fertility. Rose quartz is a perfect gift for anyone and for any occasion. 
  • Green Jade: The benefits of green jade stone include balance and harmony for your heart chakra. Wearing green jade chakra assist in good physical and emotional well-being. By having a healthy heart chakra, yourself and the environment are balanced.  
  • Opal: Opal connects your base to your crown chakra. It stabilizes your mood, enhances meditation, and stimulates connection with the spiritual world. The watery depths of water opal can be used for scrying, assisting transitions out of the body, which is a temporary vehicle for your soul. 

Holistic Medicine To Boost Your Chakra  

Holistic medicine involves using alternative therapies or non-traditional and non-pharmaceutical means to treat signs and symptoms of diseases, such as chronic pain. With holistic medicine, your body and soul can benefit from various therapies, thereby boosting your chakra and your overall health.  

Check out these holistic therapies to help you boost your chakra:  

  • Acupuncture: This holistic therapy can help relieve the signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis, including pain, muscle spasticity, bladder problems, numbness and tingling, and depression. Acupuncture also provides pain relief among MS patients. However, it is best combined with other pain-relieving therapies for it to be more effective.  
  • Mind-Body Therapy: Choose challenging mind-body exercises, like yoga. This helps condition the mind, thus increasing pain tolerance.  

12 Reasons Why It Is Hard For Female Empaths To Find The Right Man

dating an empath woman

Female empath and relationship.

Female empath are one of the most amazing people out there. And while having an empath for a partner can be one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you, still it can be a challenge for some men to be in a relationship with a female empath.

Why female empaths struggle with romantic relationships?

This is because female empaths are very honest. They don’t play games or date around. They can’t be in a relationship with someone who is not ready for them.

Here are 12 reasons why female empaths struggle to find the right partner:


An empath woman doesn’t look for a fling. She knows that she wants a stable relationship filled with love and respect. She wants a partner who can be with her through the hard times. If the man is not serious from the start, she will never begin the relationship in the first place.


Empaths are people who want only deep and meaningful connections with others. They are not superficial nor are interested in the ordinary. Some like this intensity of the empaths, and for others, it is too much that they cannot handle being around them for too long.


Men who are wishy-washy should never even try to have a relationship with an empathic woman because she needs stability more than anything in her life. She is not interested in someone who doesn’t answer her calls, shows up late, or cancels dates at the last minute.


An empath is never good when it comes to white lies or sugar coating things. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, this woman will tell you the truth always. And for most people, it is hard having to face the truth every time.


No one can put an empath woman in a cage. When she senses that a man is trying to restrict her in some way – she will leave him without a single doubt.  


Most men cannot understand what it is really like to be with a woman who is an empath until they get in a relationship with her. She is more complex than most people give her credit for. This woman is a walking mystery and the man will always feel like she hides something from him.  


In order for an empathic woman to be completely fulfilled in the relationship, she needs to be satisfied both emotionally and physically. She can’t have the physical without the emotional, or the other way around.


She doesn’t involve herself in short-term relationships. Her motto is – all or nothing. She would rather stay single than convince a man who is not ready to be in a relationship with her.


An empathic woman wants to be clear to everyone about anything. So, a man can expect to be asked a lot of questions from her because she wants to know everything (not for manipulative reasons mind you, but rather for satisfying their curious nature).  


This woman sees the best and the worst in others. So, this makes her at times hard to read and difficult to follow. When you think that she is going to do one thing, she could completely surprise you by doing just the opposite. Also, dating someone with a bad reputation is not a strange thing for her because she sees the good in him.  


The emotions are running high in the empath woman. She can be hurt even by the smallest thing because of her oversensitive nature. But she doesn’t hold grudges and she is ready to forgive when someone apologizes. Only that not many men can admit their mistakes.  


An empathic woman loves harder and more intense than any other. She gives her all, but expect the same from the other person. Being with a woman like this is a hard pill to swallow for them.

Being loved by female empaths can be the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. However, many men are just not prepared for this kind of relationship. Most of them realize what they had but they realize it when it is too late.


Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Assholes

Let’s not mince words here, dating can be fun and amazing. However, more often than not, it is just a waste of time. Can you count all the failed relationships in your life? I’m sure that most of them ended because of a jerk who didn’t call you back or stopped respecting you.

The truth is: You don’t need that!

You don’t need to wait for someone to call you or ask someone to respect you. You don’t need a person who will lie to you or a person who wants you to change.

I know, he is gorgeous and sexy and you know that nobody is perfect so maybe you could just give him one more chance. He’ll change, you say to yourself. But the reality is: he probably won’t! Everyone has flaws, but cheating and lying are choices. Choices that he made consciously. You don’t need that.

Everyone has flaws, but cheating and lying are choices. Choices that he made consciously. You don’t need that.

From my experience, it looks like most of the available good-looking guys are jerks. That’s why I decided not to take the risk and I’m staying single until I’m sure that I’ve found a genuinely great guy. And honestly, I enjoy being single.

It’s great to do whatever you want every single day. Nobody judges me when I spend hours doing my nails or stay at home during the weekend just to watch reality shows.

And another thing – I don’t miss a guy in my life. I realized that looking for the right guy is not so important as it seemed to me before. Now I know that being alone is not the same as feeling lonely. You can feel lonely even if you are in a relationship. Being alone is liberating!

I don’t need another cute guy who will turn out to be a douchebag. I don’t want that! I want to be myself and do the things I like. I feel free to explore and conquer the world!

Nothing can stop me now. After many experiences with douchebags, no guy can fool me into going along that road again. I know that all of them are fun at the beginning, but that doesn’t prove that they are good guys.

That is why I address this text to all the girls who had a jerk in their lives. You don’t deserve that! You are powerful, free-willed and independent and you can be whatever you want in your life.

You don’t need a guy to succeed or travel the world. Especially not an asshole who puts out the fire in you.

Don’t allow to be fooled by the puppy-eye look or the sweet words. You know what he did to you! Don’t let him do it again.

Don’t be afraid to be alone. You don’t need dating to be happy. Happiness is much more than that! It’s feeling comfortable and free.

Even if you choose to date, do it carefully. Do it bearing in mind that you have everything you need – yourself. And don’t forget that all the other guys also seemed perfect at the beginning.

Enjoy living life by yourself. Time goes by very quickly and you don’t want to waste it, do you? At the end, you want to be sure that you’ve had everything you wished for and not feel sorry that you wasted your nerves, energy and time on someone who simply wasn’t worth it.

Always remember that if you don’t love yourself, the others won’t love you either. By loving yourself I mean enjoying life freely and not sacrificing yourself for someone who doesn’t even respect you.

Be strong and fierce, because you have to be, in order to succeed in today’s world. And you don’t need anyone for that.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha


Parents Who Raise Good Kids Do These 5 Things

people who are good with kids

Times have changed greatly and with new times come new habits, sets of behavior and attitudes that seem very different from the ones we were used to when we were kids.

Today’s generations are all geared up with the newest technology that seems to distract them from the need to go out and play, socialize in the ways we used to or just spend time having fun. 

The challenges vary in many ways, but the main things is that today’s parents raise their children way more differently than they were raised and the outcome of those parents’ care is the greatest challenge.

Will my kid learn to be a complete person, the one who pushes forward and a person with good manners, who can bond and communicate with others freely and openly?

Every parent asks the same questions: Am I missing something? Am I doing everything right? Will my child succeed in life?

Am I Good Parent For My Child?

All these questions linger inside the head of every parent, no matter how old their child is. Parenting tips are literally never enough, so having a parenting guide by your night stand is always gonna come in handy.

You can never say you’ve read too many parenting guides and you know everything there is to know because parenting is art on its own. It changes and fluctuates. It’s never fixed, and perhaps, that’s the beauty of it.
Amid all those question marks and doubtful thinking, the ultimate question remains: How to raise good kids? Even better yet, how to be a good parent?

You are trying so hard, yet feel like you could still learn a secret or two. Knowledge never hurt nobody, right?

To find answers to your questions as well as the ultimate parenting tips you need, just scroll down. 

How To Raise Good Kids? 

Psychologists at Harvard University have thought of the same questions and have found that there are several elements that are still very important and basic for every kid’s childhood. The key to upbringing a well-adjusted child in these changing times is not as complicated as you may think.

5 Secret Parenting Tips To Raising Good Kids, According to Harvard Psychologists:


It’s not enough just to be physically around your kid – you need to be with them completely. This means that no Xbox console or new iPhone can replace the bonding that the child truly needs. By communicating with them openly, listening carefully and doing the things they like together, your child will not only love you more, but will also learn how to be a considerate and caring person, and remember their childhood a positive experience.

This is the foundation of it all. Your kid would very much prefer (above everything else) having a real person to talk to and to share ideas and experiences with, even if they may not seem aware of it.

Being a good parent means asking your kid how their day went, listening carefully, and discussing the dilemmas they may have in their head – be careful not to ‘dogmatize’ lessons from your experiences though, they need to experience these things through their own perspective. We’ll talk about this later in this article.

See what their favorite things are and try to learn from them how to play the games they like – they would enjoy sharing their ‘fun’ with you!

Read them a book before bed (or do it together during the day if they are in the mood for it). Just be around them completely and acknowledge their emotions.

Practically speaking:

Devote some time of your day to play their favorite games with them;
Read them a bedtime story and enjoy the whole story with them;
Ask them questions about their day, include questions like:         What was the best part of your day? The hardest part? What’s something nice someone did for you today? What’s something nice you did?  What’s something you learned today – in school or outside school?


Children learn the most from their surroundings, especially at a younger age. What you do is what they will become. This is why you should always pay close attention to your manners and actions and be ready to admit faults and mistakes. Show your child that you care and that you are ready to accept your faults and work on them.

The result you wish to see in your child comes from the effort you put into yourself on this one. Practice fairness, honesty, and care for yourself. This picture will teach your kid to do the same habits. The key to all this is to talk these things through with your child.

Acknowledging your mistakes, especially those that involve your kid in them, and speak openly about these things.

The aim is to show your child good manners, humility, and honesty. With that, they will feel a lot more comforted and encouraged to look to a positive outcome in their problems.

Your child will look up to you only if you earn their trust and respect. Achieving this is showing your child that you are as human as you can be, and that comes with faults too.

Practically speaking:

Admit your mistakes, apologize and show that you wish to make up for them and plan to avoid it next time.
Tell your child how you plan to avoid that mistake and what you learned from it.
Make time for yourself and re-energize yourself during that time. You will need that energy to be more attentive to and caring with others.


Your child needs to socialize and bond with others in the right way. Caring for others’ happiness and avoiding selfishness can bring a lot of benefits to your child’s future.

As the findings from Harvard say, “It’s very important that children hear from their parents and caretakers that caring about others is a top priority and that it is just as important as their own happiness.

Even though most parents and caretakers say that their children being caring is a top priority, often children aren’t hearing that message.”

This comes with holding your children to high ethical expectations. Be ready to honor their commitments. Teach them to do the right thing even when it’s hard and be a role model for this. It’s simple: you need to justify whatever you say to them with your actions.

Responsibilities and obligations are something you always need to remind your child of. They come in every shape even from early age: chores, school responsibilities, manners, friends, and promises.

Be sure to remind them that they are not alone and that others have expectations from them that they need to be ready to fulfill because they can.

Practically speaking:

Change the message you send them on a daily basis from “The most important thing is that you are happy” to “The most important thing is that you’re kind and you’re happy.”
Encourage your kid to ‘work it out’ before deciding whether they should quit a sports team, band or friendship. Ask them to consider the consequences their action may have on the others and encourage them to work the problem out before abandoning it.


Our 4th of the parenting tips states: A child that’s not spoiled is a child that acknowledges the roles of others in their life in a healthy way. This acknowledgment comes with appreciation for the people who contribute to their lives.

Gratitude is a two-way road with wonderful effects. People who practice gratitude on a regular basis are more likely to be helpful, generous, compassionate and forgiving. They are also more likely to be happy and healthy.

Let their habit start by learning from your actions. Be ready to show gratitude for something nice they do for you – but be careful!

Showing a lot of gratitude for things they are supposed to do will spoil them! As the Harvard psychologists say, “real responsibilities.”

“Expect children to routinely help, for example, with household chores and siblings, and only praise uncommon acts of kindness. When these kinds of routine actions are simply expected and not rewarded, they’re more likely to become ingrained in everyday actions.”

Practically speaking:

Encourage your child to be grateful on a regular basis. Be ready to receive gratitude for your extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity towards them.
Encourage to express appreciation towards family members, teachers, or others who contribute to their lives.
Be grateful.


A common fact is that children empathize with and care about a small circle of families and friends. This is a very normal thing, of course, but the real challenge is to teach kids to start thinking about people outside that circle.

This larger circle could include a new kid in class, other people who work in his/her school, a person who doesn’t speak your language or anyone who lives in a distant country. Children need to know how their thoughts and actions can impact a community.

As the study shows, “It is important that children learn to zoom in, listening closely and attending to those in their immediate circle, and to zoom out, taking in the big picture and considering the range of people they interact with every day.”

 Practically speaking:

Encourage your child to consider the perspectives and feelings of others, especially those who may be vulnerable. Give them simple ideas for taking action, such as comforting a kid who was teased or reaching out to the new kid in class.
Discuss engaging topics about some people’s hardships, like different experiences of children in other countries or communities.
Childhood is the period of life when most of our personality is shaped. That’s why you should start paying attention to their development, the best way you possibly can – by helping them understand the main things that make them complete persons.



Perhaps you have stumbled upon the expression raising conscientious children in literature, but you may have dished out that helpful reminder thinking that’s up to your child to learn and practice through life, but that’s where you are wrong.

Conscientiousness is up to you a great deal – especially during a child’s teenage years. What does this mean? Not defending or justifying your child when they’ve done something morally or ethically wrong, otherwise, you are feeding their ego and sense of self-righteousness, which can lead to crippling setbacks later on in their life.

Conscientious children tend to cope well in adulthood, for they are more aware of how the real world works. They haven’t been justified whenever they did something bad and they are aware that actions have consequences. Overprotected children, in turn, may grow up having a distorted moral compass and common sense, and will chose shortcuts and short-term payoffs over honest work and long-term gratifications.

As a parent, avoid bending the rules so they serve your child, thinking that with that you are protecting their future and well-being because adult happiness doesn’t arise from overprotection. Rather, it comes from children learning the rules and conforming to them so they grow into well-formed, down-to-earth adults who don’t think the world owes them a living.


While parental participation and involvement can increase goodwill, achievement, communication and help develop a sense of community for the child, you always need to have a balance. How much involvement is too involvement?

You cannot be doing every tiny easy little chore for the child nor redo everything they’ve done because a) you will make your child lazy and spoiled or b) you will suffocate their confidence and they’ll end up thinking nothing they do is ever good enough (which then lingers form their early, formative years all the way through adulthood).


Develop routines

Steel is shaped while hot. Mark this rule as important in your parenting tips genesis because for your kid to grow into a responsible and diligent person, you need to teach them core values and combine them with a daily routine, so they don’t start procrastinating or slacking off.

That means personal hygiene, getting dressed independently, picking up after themselves, limited time spent online, some sports activities after screen time, and so on. Routines and adhering to a schedule are good for building discipline. 

Bully proof  your child

A whopping 49.9% of children aged 9-12 have reported bullying at school, so to prevent that from happening you need to armor your child long before they start going to school.

Raise your child’s awareness about bullying and prevent them from becoming a victim or a bully from an early age because bullying does not stop at school only. Online bullying and after-school bullying are still a reality.

Assign chores

Make your child feel important and capable. Assign them simple chores to activate them; chores like pouring their own milk, putting their toys back in the box, washing their teeth, etc.

Encourage cooperation and teamwork

You don’t want your child riding solo and going against the world, do you? Teach them from a preschool age the importance of collaboration and team spirit.

Make everyday fun

Whenever you are doing something together, play some music in the background. Make your own music band and rock together. Be messy when you draw, draw yourselves as mighty superheroes,  make the most delicious Halloween cookies together… have your own inner jokes or awards after completing every milestone.  

That way, your child can have a good example to learn from when they become a parent. Showing love, care, and dedication will free your child from depressive episodes, frustrations, and self-destructive behavior. A happy child is a happy adult, remember!


You are a parent AND a friend

Curfews, tyrant parents that say no to everything and restrict everything are the death of a thriving, meaningful child-parent relationship.

Be understanding. Let your child express their opinion. Let them have their voice in the family. Let them be heard. Let them make their choices. A child that trusts you, your reactions, and understanding, will have the confidence to tell you anything.

Similarly, a child that has freedom will never violate it, but to be a good parent, you need to show that you can hear first, react, or make assumptions second.

Make eating one meal together a rule

This is perhaps one of the most important parenting tips that gets swayed under the carpet. No matter how busy you all are during the day ALWAYS make sure you have at least one mean together. Around the table, chit-chatting.

Ask questions and show interest

As grown-ups, we tend to lose our energy; it gets sucked from poor working conditions, biased bosses, and average salaries. It gets lost amidst the everyday, so much that we forget we are… PARENTS!

A good parent shows curiosity, asks questions, and shows that they really care. Don’t go asking the same routine questions because teenagers can small fake miles away. Listen. Really listen because teenagers will sense when you are drifting off in your thoughts.

Try to notice the authenticity in your child, try to spark their joy with your affection and dedication, and you are 5 steps ahead in the game!

Parenting tips are there to be shared. And sharing is caring!

Making Caring Common Project – Harvard University


Here’s How To Look for the Right Orthopedic Spine Surgeon New Jersey

Orthopedic spine surgeons in New Jersey are healthcare practitioners who treat spinal problems. One of the many experts in this field of discipline is orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists, as well as chiropractors. Being able to select the best and the most appropriate spine surgeon or a team of doctors who are highly reliant on the severity and type of the condition along with the symptoms of the patient.

When spinal problems become too complex to treat in an office, clinic, or outpatient setting and surgery is needed, a highly-skilled spine surgeon should be consulted. 

Things That An Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Do

It is critical to understand that complicated spine surgery is performed by both orthopedic surgeons as well as neurosurgeons. Although the developing discipline of “spinal surgery” encompasses both specialties, a more defined specialty of spine specialists may emerge in the future.

Because the spine is the core neurological system and skeletal structure, it is indeed a critical region in both types of surgeons. Both orthopedic and neurosurgeons will focus solely on specific types of problems, such as herniated discs or spine fractures. Alternatively, they may choose to specialize and serve exclusively younger patients.

Neurosurgeons must finish a five- to six-year residency in neurological surgery, and orthopedic surgeons on the other hand have to undergo five to six years of residency in orthopedic surgery who diagnose and treat bone and joint problems.

When selecting a surgeon, it is critical to ensure that the physician is licensed by the proper board which is the American Board of Neurological Surgery for neurosurgeons and the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery for orthopedic surgeons. This not only guarantees that the physician has reached the highest requirements as well as succeeded in both oral and written tests, but also provides patients with the assurance that the surgeon is well-qualified and adheres to the highest industry standards.

For years, spine surgery was conducted via a lengthy incision as an “open operation” on the spine. However, as technology develops, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are now able to treat a variety of problems using minimally invasive procedures. The reason here is that minimally invasive spine surgery or MISS doesn’t really require lengthy incisions, it avoids poking and probing the muscles and tissue around the spine, resulting in a quicker procedure and a speedier recovery.

What to Check in an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon New Jersey 

Do you have persistent neck or back pain that makes it difficult for you to carry out your daily activities, and your physician is unable to pinpoint the best course of action for your ailments? If you are saying yes to this question, it is high time that you go for a consultation with an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Notwithstanding their title as “doctors,” orthopedic spine surgeons are specialists in treating spinal issues surgically as well as non-surgically. To aid you in starting your inquiry, we’ve developed a quick list of qualities to look for in an exceptional specialist:

  1. The spine surgeon must have done the necessary extensive training

Orthopedic spine surgeons receive considerable formal education in addition to substantial training over a period of many years. Identify the place of the medical school as well as the residency of your potential surgeon. Determine if your surgeon has undergone a fellowship in spinal surgery, which gives further, comprehensive training in all spine diseases and pathologies. Select a board-certified surgeon; this implies that the surgeon holds the highest level of expertise in this area.

  1. Make sure that the treatment of your spinal problems are attended to by a skilled spine surgeon

While orthopedic spine surgery is a specialization of medicine, it spans a wide array of ailments. If you’ve had a sports injury or a spinal tumor, you’d want to work with a surgeon who has considerable expertise in addressing similar cases. If you need a particular type of surgery, seek clarification about the surgeon’s expertise performing the treatment and the results.

  1. Determine the patient satisfaction record of the spine surgeon, and this track record should be exceptional

Suggestions from previous patients might be advantageous. Ask family, friends, even coworkers if they have had an encounter with the surgeon or know of anyone who has.  Patient satisfaction is a distinguishing quality of an outstanding orthopedic spine surgeon, and it involves more than just exceptional surgical outcomes wherein satisfaction is defined by an overall positive treatment environment.  Keep a low rate of infection through meticulous monitoring of their patients and postoperative patient support.   

  1. The surgeon should be one who is skilled in performing minimally invasive methods and emerging technologies

Spinal surgery has advanced significantly in recent years, and you want a surgeon who is knowledgeable about the newest evidence-based procedures and technology to guarantee that you obtain the best care possible.  The identification of the source of pain has become more quickly and precise due to the emergence of new imaging techniques which can be utilized in alleviating pain itself. Being to find a surgeon who has been skilled in conducting minimally invasive spine surgery or MISS, can result in minimal cuts, shorter days in the hospital, and a faster rate of recovery. 

  1. Know the rate of the orthopedic spine surgeon to ensure that he or she is within your financial means 

Although it is obvious that healthcare is really not free, this doesn’t really necessitate a compromise in the quality After locating an orthopedic spine surgeon that meets all of your diagnostic criteria, do not be afraid to explore payment choices. A good physician’s clinic will be transparent about costs and will work with you to determine your health coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

  1. Your orthopedic spine surgeon should provide you with a general sense of well-being

Nothing could ever compare to the gut sensation you get when you’ve taken the right call.  You must remain at ease as well as confident while selecting a surgeon. This is the reason why it is important to schedule an in-person visit with any possible surgeon. Are you comfortable conversing with the surgeon? Is he or she adequately responding to your queries or concerns? Was he or she candid in describing your condition and treatment alternatives? Are you treated with dignity and seen as a collaborator in your own health insurance? All of these questions should be appropriately answered.

You’ll Want to Check Out These Brands Fit for Athletes

With today’s technology and resources there is an abundance of incredible products out there for just about any hobby, preference, or need. If you’re an athlete, the options are almost limitless as far as what you can find in the realms of equipment, clothing, nutrition, and/or recovery. But how do you narrow down your search? How can you find the best brands and products out there? Here’s a handy list of just some of the most worthy brands currently catering to athletes and athletic needs.  

For Exercise 

Training is a large part of every athlete’s routine, thus quality exercise equipment is generally much sought after. NordicTrack is an incredible resource for fitness machines such as ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers, and more. They offer financing, delivery, and installation, as well as product guarantees and valuable warranties. They’ve focused on creating high-quality workout products that really up the fitness ante. Also available with each piece of equipment is the option of iFit, which is a program that can match you with a personal trainer, keep track of your fitness goals, connect you with a community of other members, etc. NordicTrack is hands down one of the best brands out there for exercise equipment.

In addition to needing the right equipment, athletes also need the right gear. Athleisure wear is becoming more varied and more available with each passing year, but there are still certain brands that really push the envelope in both function and form. One of such brands is Willy California. Based in LA, Willy California offers athletes around the globe comfort, style, and practical, performance-tested athletic clothing. From workout wear and swimwear to undergarments and accessories, they’ll have you covered with high-quality materials carefully sourced with their key clientele in mind. All of their products are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and are made to last with their use of highly durable yet comfortable textiles. 

These days whether you’re training indoors or outdoors, you’ll likely need to consider your personal health and the health of those around you. Disposable face masks have become a part of our daily lives, and workouts are no exception. WellBefore is a great wellness brand for athletes because they offer products that protect the user from a variety of potential pollutants. Their face masks are great for not only protecting the user against viruses but also against more general allergens such as pollen or dust particles. They’re made with high-quality, breathable materials that are individually packaged for easy use on the go. Other key offerings from WellBefore include: sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes, and cleansers, which are all great additions to any gym or workout area.         

For Nutrition 

There’s a lot to consider with an athlete’s diet. Often getting the right nutrition they need to properly fuel their bodies requires a bit of innovation or some self-created concoctions with the perfect mix of nutrients, protein, and flavor. For this reason, many athletes choose to make a variety of healthy smoothies and shakes, which are not only nutritious but also quick and portable. If this pertains to you, another brand that should be on your radar is Vitamix. Vitamix provides the end-all-be-all of performance blenders, which are incredibly useful for those who work hard in the kitchen as well as in the gym. Their blenders are crafted with longevity in mind, so the components are made and assembled to last. Vitamix products also come with a huge array of accessories to choose from, so beyond the typical blades used for blending, mixing, and puréeing, you can also try your hand at juicing, emulsifying, or food recycling. 

As the world learns more about nutrition and the various effects of certain chemicals and substances, it is becoming clear that some people are affected differently by things like lactose, gluten, sugars, etc. For athletes, these effects can be incredibly important to identify in order to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. An ingenious product that aims to do just that is the at home food sensitivity test made by Next Health. This test, currently available in New York and Los Angeles, allows healthcare professionals to check your body’s chemistry for 96 commonly reactive foods. They’re specifically looking for the foods that can be an underlying cause of inflammation, discomfort, and even why you get tired after eating. This is ultimately where health and science align, which is a beautiful combination, especially for athletes.

Of course, over the years it has also become clear that not even athletes are getting all the nutrients they need from diet alone. Supplements have become a staple in the world of athletics, but luckily, there is now a plethora of options available, a far cry from the dry, chalky vitamins of the past. If fiber is something you find yourself lacking, Uprising Food has you covered with their superfood bundles. Their fiber-packed “cubes” can be added to just about anything, allowing you to almost feel the nutrients flowing into your body. Probiotics are another common addition to a healthy, well-rounded diet, and with De La Calle’s probiotic soda, it’s never been easier to make sure your gut health is kept in tip-top shape as well. 

For Recovery 

After your training and diet are taken care of, a good athlete also needs to consider their recovery processes. Maintaining your personal hygiene is often the first step to transitioning out of workout mode and back into everyday life. For all your important bath and body needs, Spongellé should be considered as an athlete’s one-stop-shop for high-quality, personalized products. Bar soap vs body wash, loofah vs buff-puff, fragrance-full vs scent-free, you can find out exactly which options are best for you and your needs because they truly have it all. It’s incredibly important for your body to feel rejuvenated and well-cared for no matter how far you push it in the gym. Self-care is just as important for one’s body as exercise and nutrition.   

Additionally, products related to pain relief are a must for athletes who are serious about their recovery and longevity. While there are numerous companies that cater to these particular needs, some are clearly a cut above the rest. One brand known for its powerful pain relief backed by science and a whole host of healthcare professionals is BioFreeze. BioFreeze uses a methanol-based formula that is applied directly to the skin for fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief. They have sprays, gels, creams, roll-ons, and patches, so no matter where your pain is, you’ll be able to address it directly and quickly. For athletes concerned with the adverse effects of medications, BioFreeze is an amazing alternative that really works.  

If you’re an athlete, chances are you have a lot of health and fitness goals that you’re vigorously striving for. Fortunately, the many brands and products listed here are made specifically with you and your goals in mind. However, regardless of your level of fitness, maintaining one’s health still comes down to exercise, nutrition, and recovery, and it would be wise to use today’s technology and resources to your advantage. There are so many ways in which to receive the support and elements you need to help you reach any goals you might have, and in the process, they’ll likely also help you to live a healthier, more active life in general.  

The psychology of online casinos

The online gambling market is arguably one of the biggest success stories of the internet age and with revenues set to top $100bn by 2024, it is a sector that isn’t going away any time soon.

So how do online casino operators manage to captivate such a large percentage of the population?

The answer is psychology and specifically the blend of internet marketing and gambler/risk taker psychology.

So what techniques do online casinos use and are they necessarily all bad?

Online casinos aren’t about risk

Whilst the users of casinos ( and indeed those who write about them) may focus on the risk/reward aspect, for operators risk is the furthest thing from their minds.

Casino designers are students of human psychology and examine in minute detail how people think, feel, and behave.  Every year operators spend millions of dollars trying to understand the psychology of a gambler.

The aim is to take a scientific approach towards the art of gambling and to develop casino offerings that will get people to open accounts and return over and over.

So what methods are employed to get people to hand over their cash and keep doing so?

The thematic casino

The first interaction with a potential customer is incredibly important and online casino operators understood a long time ago that they needed to make their users comfortable with their environment.

One of the key benefits of an online casino is that it doesn’t suffer from the ‘boys club’ stigma of brick and mortar establishments, this means that it can be relevant for a much wider demographic.

The housewife who wouldn’t dream of visiting her nearest casino or the housebound person who couldn’t physically go to their local Gentian are both good examples of new markets that both have significant online potential.

One of the ways to make an online offering attractive is to use thematic branding using sports, TV shows, movies or celebrities as themes for a casino site making the user feel less like they are in a casino than a place they enjoy.

A constant reward system

When a player wins in a casino they gain gratification which makes a player’s brain release dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter.

When a player wins they get a hit of dopamine and if they get regular small hits then they are more likely to continue with the behavior.

In other words, it is a  cycle of motivation, reward, and reinforcement.

The best way to keep people online is to give them regular treats and the casino does this by handing out:

  • Instant win games
  • Loyalty points
  • Leaderboards
  • VIP ladders
  • Free spins, multipliers, wildcard wins
  • Bonuses for sharing on social media
  • Deposit multipliers
  • Bonuses for playing on mobile devices
  • App download bonuses

Allowing anonymity

According to Dr. Mark Griffiths, Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University, “In online live casino gaming, the anonymity of the internet allows players to privately engage in gambling without the fear of stigma,”.

This is important as users want to be able to play without feeling guilty or ashamed and online casino owners do everything they can to ensure that anonymity is retained.

Developing social interactions

If users are going to stick around then they need to feel comfortable and that they are among friends.

Many casinos encourage this by developing in and out of game messaging to allow people to form relationships with other players.

In practice, this means that people are more likely to stay online longer and will feel more comfortable trying different games as their friends share their experiences.

For people who have little in the way of meaningful interactions offline, the development of these cyber-relationships can be a significant benefit and often they are available whether the user gambles or not.

Understanding their users

In the world of marketing, a deep understanding of the target market is like gold and online casinos are no different.

A good example of this is the rise of the Bitcoin Casino where users wager cryptocurrency rather than real-world or ‘fiat’ currency. These sites offer a wide range of games from blackjack to slots to poker but the one thing that they have in common is that the wagers are made in crypto.

Online casino owners realised that people who own bitcoin spend a high proportion of their time online, are risk-takers and often have a surfeit of bitcoin that can only be used in a limited number of places.

Consequently, they invested in developing payment systems that could take bitcoin and crypto themed casino sites that would attract this very specific audience.

Again this is founded on the thematic principle and the social interaction aspect as bitcoin users feel more positive about using a casino also used by their peers.

Losses disguised as wins

If dopamine is released by a win, then the anticipation of a dopamine hit and the subsequent denial can cause people to become down and feel negatively about the casino environment.

To counter this casinos develop the loss disguised as a win phenomenon.

Typically users will bet say $2 and win $1 but this will be accompanied by flashing lights and winning type symbols making it ‘feel’ like a win.

Research has shown that a series of small wins that total less than the amount staked is seen more positively than one or two large wins that total more than the amount won.

This means that it isn’t the amount won per se, but the number of times that the user wins. In other words the more dopamine hits they get.

Developing trust

The casino sector, whether that is brick and mortar or online has something of a ‘shady reputation.

But advances in cybersecurity means that online gaming is safer than ever before however, many gamblers simply don’t trust online casinos.

Consequently, online owners have had to make great efforts to promote the security users data and the payment process to reassure new gamblers.

Tackling problem gambling

Often casinos, and in particular, online casinos are seen as a wholly negative thing with great swathes of problem gamblers addicted to playing any game they can however the research tells a different story.

In fact, in a recent University of Nottingham study published in the British Journal of Psychology, Richard J. E. James, Claire O’Malley, and Richard J. Tunney suggest that problem gamblers account for only between 0.4% and 0.9% of all online account holders.

This means that the vast majority of account holders are able to manage their online gambling experience and, given that they return consistently, enjoy the experience.

The problem is though that the more issues there are, the more likely that regulators will step in and place more restrictions upon online casinos and so they have understood that they need to clean up their act.

The ability for users to set limits to their deposits and daily wagers, enforcing limits on how much can be wagered or how long sessions can last, and ensuring that users are sufficiently educated in how the games work are all methods that casinos have used to head off criticism.

Online casinos – practical psychology at work

If you want to see psychology at work in everyday life then you could do much worse than visit an online casino.

Every aspect is designed to get you to open an account, play games and importantly, return and the sector is developing every day.

This means that new techniques are constantly being developed allowing the casino to increase its user base.

Why not take a look and see how many different ways online casinos use psychology as part of their business model?

A Guide to CPAP Settlements – Legal Claims for Lung Injuries and Cancer

Have you been using a recalled CPAP machine? Here’s what to do to start a legal claim of your own.

Faulty CPAP lawsuits are all over the TV right now, probably because some big name brands had to recall most of their line in the last few months. These commercials are designed to attract the attention of anyone using a CPAP machine and alert them to the danger.

And rightly so, with millions of products recalled and the threat of cancer or lung disease on the horizon, anyone using a recalled CPAP machine is well within their rights to claim for compensation. We wanted to help you fight back against this injustice by giving you all the details you need about filing for a CPAP settlement of your own.

Let’s start at the beginning. What do you do if you think your CPAP machine has injured you?

Find out if your CPAP Machine was Recalled

First of all, no matter whether you are injured or not, you should check if your CPAP machine has been recalled. If you have respiratory issues this could explain why. If you have no respiratory issues but you have been using a recalled CPAP machine, you should stop using it immediately and get a lung health checkup.

If you have suffered respiratory issues or cancer and your CPAP machine has been recalled, you should move on to stage 2.

Some of the Philips CPAP and BiPAP machines that were recently recalled include:

  • The A Series BiPAP Hybrid A30, V30 Auto, A40 and A30
  • The DreamStation ASV, ST, AVAPS, Dreamstation Go and Dreamstation
  • The E30 by Philips
  • The Carbin Plus, Aeris, Lifevent
  • The C Series ASV, S/T and AVAPS
  • The Omnilab Advanced+
  • The SystemOne ASV4, (Q Series)
  • The Dorma 400, 500
  • The Trilogy 100, 200
  • The REMstar CE Auto

You can find a full list on the FDA website.

Stage 2: Visit your Doctor

Once you have realized you may have been using a carcinogenic or faulty BiPAP or CPAP machine, you should visit your doctor. Have them give you a full lung cancer screening for any signs of cancer or any respiratory distress which may have been caused by the faulty device.

If you have the all-clear, great. If anything comes up within a two-year period, you should still file your claim.

22 million people in America depend on these machines to fight back against sleep apnea. That’s potentially millions of lung problems that never need to happen. If you are one of those affected, move on to stage 3.

Stage 3: Finding a Lawyer

Finding a qualified Philips CPAP Injury Lawyer could be the difference between winning and losing your case. If you use a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t specialize in this field, you could find yourself with an attorney that doesn’t appreciate the ins and outs of this type of case. The more experienced the lawyer, the better your chances of proving your illness in a court of law.

Don’t Ignore the Philips CPAP Product Recall

Don’t ignore the Philips CPAP product recall. It could cost you more than just medical expenses.

Looking After the Neglected Areas of Your Home

There are many Baltimore homeowners who take great pride in their homes, but despite this, they still have areas of the property that they pay little or no attention to. These tend to be areas of the home that are rarely or never used, and because they are essentially out of sight, they are also out of mind. Among the common areas that are neglected by many homeowners are the crawl space and the basement areas.

If these areas fall into a state of disrepair and are not looked after, they can cause huge problems around the home. This is why it is important to look for basement crawl space repairs in Baltimore so that any issues can be rectified. By getting this work carried out by professionals, you can ensure that these hidden areas of your home are in good condition and that the rest of your home is also protected from a range of issues. In this article, we will look at why you need to look after these neglected areas of your home.

Avoid a Host of Problems

By making sure these areas of your home are in a good state of repair and properly looked after, you can avoid a host of problems at your home. Some of these include:

Damage to the Home

One of the huge problems you can avoid by looking after these areas of your home is the range of damage that can occur. When your have crawl space and basement issues, it can lead to pest infestations, and this can then result in extensive damage to your property. Neglecting these areas can also lead to issues such as mold and damp, and this can also cause a huge amount of damage to your property and your belongings.

Problems with Health

Another thing you can avoid by looking after these areas of your home is problems with health. The range of issues that can stem from crawl space and basement problems can cause or exacerbate health problems for those in your household. For instance, pests can carry serious diseases that can be passed on to people while mold and dampness can contribute to issues such as serious allergies and respiratory problems. By looking after these areas of your home, you can better protect the health of your loved ones.

Drop in Value

Many people go to great lengths to maintain the value of their home, but if you do not look after these parts of your home, the problems that arise could lead to a drop in value. So, by looking after these parts of the home, you can avoid issues that could otherwise lead to the value of your home plummeting. In addition, it means that you can avoid serious damage that could make it very difficult to sell your home if you want to do this in the future.

These are some of the reasons you need to look after commonly neglected areas of your home. 

How the car you drive impacts your image

Whether it is a business or casual meeting, your ride reflects your image. Most owners pay attention to everything that can perceive their image. Leaders can be seen in neat attire and a handsome ride. Sometimes the damage to the image is already done when you show up in an old clunker ride. 

A firm handshake or a lovely attire cannot undo it. It is better to check your car before going to an important client meeting or meeting your friends at the club. An elegant ride bumps up your overall image. 

No matter what industry or walk of business you are in, a tidy ride levels up your image. You can explore a car selling website to choose a subtle family-oriented car if you want a responsible fascia.

How does it happen? Let’s dive deeper.

Cars are an extension of your image

Studies show that people identify personalities with the ride they are driving. It influences the very identity of families or strong influencers. Driving a sports car can relieve your aggression in business and a forward-thinking mindset. In comparison, a luxury car can result in a level-up in your self-esteem

Being confident around others who share the same taste or goals can reflect through the vehicles you drive. A demographic angle shows that men are more prone to be judged by their ride than women, who have less influence through cars.

A nice ride shows how responsible you are

Yes, your ride can mimic your image and personality. Leaders tend to keep their cars clean. The color of the car can showcase your taste and likings. This can help you create a solid image among colleagues and clients. Make sure your car paint is not worn out, and the cabin is tidy. This represents a responsible image of the owner. Items like a baby chair show that you are family-oriented and can be relied upon. 

Typify power in business

Different types of cars paint other pictures of your personality. We talked about family-oriented cars. Let’s assume you are running a successful business, and you want the public to know it. What is the following action? 

Buying your business a new horse in the stable, typically sports a high-end luxury car, can do the deed. Brands showcase the quality you are used to. Buying renowned names in the industry will leave a good first impression on others. This will reflect your vision as a businessman and can influence your key stakeholders to invest in you. 

If you want to step up the game further, replacing your exhaust with a sportier one and tuning up the engine are good ideas. Buying an electric car like a Tesla can bring up a visionary image focused on the future. This can densely positively impact your appearance and can raise money for your thriving business.

Taking adequate care of your vehicle

As the saying goes, buying a car is not challenging; maintaining it is tough. Make sure you not only buy an expensive car but maintain it too. An expensive ride that doesn’t sound well and looks untidy can pull down reputation. Even worse, if the engine stalls mid-way, you can miss an important client meeting. 

If you want to show a reliable image and escape from malfunctions, getting a hold of the local mechanic shop helps. Regular checkups on performance and cleanliness can go a long way in building a solid image. If you are looking for new parts or a well-maintained ride, checking popular car-selling websites is beneficial.

Relating to your audience can make your game

It is essential to relate with your audience. For example, if you are showing up at a not-for-profit fundraiser campaign in a Lamborghini, that will not leave the impression you want. Instead, go for a subtler ride in these events that brings up an image of a responsible and active citizen. An expensive sports car can be a good choice when meeting with successful business owners. Align your ride with that of the audience and create a static image that lasts.

Cool car depicts you

Apart from building reputation and image, cars can also personify the owner’s nature. A modern vehicle can mean a fantastic attitude. You can always go for affordable alternatives. An expensive ride that is poorly maintained does more harm than driving a subtle car with good maintenance. An incredible collection of vehicles from different brands give you the liberty to choose what you like.

Driving style can also impact your image

Choosing the right car is a part of image building. Driving style can also impact image. Make sure you maintain a good driving style. Typically, smooth driving, good care of passengers, and following etiquettes for ingress and egress are key players to maintain reputation.


Cars play a vital role in building or breaking one’s image. Choosing the right car is the first step towards a reliable picture. Business owners can benefit by buying luxury cars to influence other business owners or individuals to invest. 

Sometimes you can take a risk and buy a car out of your budget for long-term benefit. Electric vehicles are slowly catching market share. So, if you show up in an electric car, it can showcase a futuristic image of yourself to other stakeholders. Lastly, maintenance and driving style is also crucial in setting the right persona. 

Ways to Streamline Your Business Operations

An unexpected growth period can test a business like never before. While it’s rewarding to see all of your hard work start to pay off, operational efficiency can occasionally spell disaster for what should be a time of celebration for a prosperous business. 

It’s a fast-moving world, and with so much at stake, your enterprise needs to rely on the best processes possible to keep your business on track to delivering a product or service in a quick, professional, and efficient manner. 

So, whether you’re in need of a project management tool for your small to medium enterprise, or looking for a way to harness and streamline fleet operations, here are 6 ways to simplify your business operations. 

Go Completely Paperless

One of the most familiar hold-ups in any line of business is trying to follow the endless trail of paperwork to find key information. One small step backward in a project can mean mountains of paperwork piling up within days. 

Take the time to sit down and analyze your paper trails, and the information that’s used on them. Ask the difficult questions and dig deeper into why these processes are in place, and what purpose they serve. 

In times of change, it can be easy to overlook time-consuming methods of transferring information that may no longer be the most effective way of doing so. If the reason for your paperwork processes is simply that it’s ‘just the way we’ve always done it’ then it’s time to get paperless.

You’ll be shocked at how unnecessary many paper-heavy processes have become, and how much time you’ll save without it. 

Trust, Transfer Duties, and Talk to Long-serving Employees 

No one knows the inner workings of your everyday business matters more than your loyal and longest-serving employees. If they’ve been a part of your workforce or management team for long enough, then they’ve earned the right to offer their insights into how to streamline your business operations. 

Trusting and actively searching for these opinions gives you a deeper understanding of what the most time-consuming tasks are, and what the potential issues are that can halt a fast and efficient process. 

Not only this, but it may give you the opportunity to pinpoint areas where decision-making is the ultimate brick wall for business operations. By delegating more responsibility to these trusted employees, you’re not only showing them that you respect their insights and experience, but you’re also honing your workflow into a faster and leaner system. 

Make a Plan to Replace and Update Your Technology 

Making changes to your business operations through embracing new technologies is an inevitable part of evolving as an industry. However, the task of making that transfer itself can have a severe impact on productivity and workflows. 

Reduce the risk of a significant interruption in your business operations by making a long-term plan before these changes occur. Pinpoint goals and levels of achievement you want to accomplish. Set these goals from the beginning of your upgrade right up to the moment you’re fully equipped with that new technology. 

Not only are you making the most of new innovations, but you’re also preparing ways to keep your company running smoothly and prepared for any potential hurdles. 

Automate to Accelerate 

Technology moves faster than ever, and chances are that at least one, if not all, of your most time-consuming tasks, can be consolidated into one easy-to-use process. 

Many businesses are still using several different systems to stay on top of their tasks. Not only does this outdated method drain valuable time and resources, but it’s also becoming increasingly counterproductive, hindering modern businesses instead of pushing them forward.

Automated workflow not only removes the potential for error and oversights but also frees up your staff to concentrate on other important areas of your business. Tasks that once took hours to complete are now dealt with at the touch of a button. 

Accept the Need for Outsourcing 

Sometimes what’s best for your business isn’t going to come from an internal resource, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In business, particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises, your workload can differ greatly from month to month. 

With the right kind of outsourcing, your business can be freed up to implement a powerful long-term strategy while keeping costs low. Outsourcing offers the best of both worlds, as your quality of service will remain consistently high while giving more breathing room for expansion or project consolidation.

Learn From What You’ve Accomplished During COVID

In business, necessity breeds innovation, and no doubt your company has been tested to its limits over the last year and a half. 

It goes without saying that you’ve more than likely had to already adapt some of your processes and business procedures to accommodate COVID, and perhaps you’ve even had to implement some strategies for keeping on top of this in a post Coronavirous business world. 

However, out of this obstacle comes the opportunity to better understand how your workflows can be improved upon. Making note of mistakes and unprecedented problems can be just as useful as a list of goals and achievements. 

Take that adaptability and turn it into a smart, simple, and concise plan to keep your workflow obstacle-free.

The business world waits for no one to catch up with it when trends change, or when the unexpected happens. But staying aware of the best systems to hone and monitor your business operations can keep you thriving and efficient no matter what the world throws your way. 

5 Essential Soft and Hard Skills Care Home Staff Need

A career in care is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do, for many reasons. Not only will you make a huge difference to people’s lives daily, but you will also gain a huge sense of accomplishment knowing your hard work and effort are helping others. To work in a care home, there is a magnitude of soft and hard skills you’ll need to possess, such as those below.


There is a wide range of care home facilities in the United States, including independent living, family-type homes, and assisted living. Some residents may have dementia, which impacts cognitive function, meaning it’s vital you have patience when communicating and caring for them. When it comes to handling residents, you must take your time and use proper safe person moving techniques, otherwise, you and the resident can suffer injuries.

Excellent Communication

A huge part of working in a care home is communicating with residents. Whatever their needs are, it’s your job to listen to what the residents say and do everything you can to provide support, guidance, and care. Effective communication builds trust between you and the resident. You must also be able to communicate with other members of staff to ensure residents are receiving the best care possible.


Another essential skill care home staff need is empathy for residents. Each person you look after will have different needs and requirements, so you must have compassion for their situation and be able to put yourself in your residents’ shoes. The aging process happens to us all, so while some residents will take it in their stride, others may have difficulty along the way. This means you need to be empathetic and be by your residents’ side to help them through it.


Those who have a caring personality are naturally drawn to care home roles. If you care about others and want to do your bit to help, it makes sense to look at a career in care. Having passion and drive is key when caring for others. If you aren’t passionate about your work or you don’t take pride in what you do, this could hinder the quality of care you deliver. In a nutshell, you must have the natural inclination to put residents’ needs above your own.

Organizational Skills

Like with most careers, organizational skills are a must, especially in a care home. Your residents’ lives are literally in your hands, so you will need to be responsible and in control at all times. There are all kinds of duties you may be expected to perform in a care home, such as making food, performing household chores, and giving out medication. This means you need to have excellent time management skills to use your time productively and ensure everything is completed in order.

Working in a care home will come with its daily challenges. However, as long as you have all the soft and hard skills listed above, you will be able to carry out your duties correctly and ensure your residents are well taken care of.

These 5 Factors Could Increase Your Cancer Risk Significantly 

Sadly, cancer is a widespread disease that doesn’t keep count of boundaries, gender, or race. In fact, the cancer diagnosis is so common that almost anyone in the world has come into contact with it directly or through a loved one or acquaintance. 

At the base, this disease is caused by mutations of the cellular DNA. These mutations manifest as errors in the instructions a cell follows to know the type of functions it needs to perform and how to grow and divide. Because of these errors, cells may stop working properly, which, in some cases, leads to the formation of cancerous cells.    

While researchers and cancer specialists couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause of these mutations, they did manage to identify a few factors that tend to increase the risk. Today, we will focus on the top five most common risk factors, but it’s important that each individual do their own research in an attempt to focus on improving their quality of life. 

#1: Unhealthy Habits

The most common factors that could lead to the formation of cancerous cells are represented by the choices we make every day. Smoking, alcohol abuse, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and others on the same note can increase your cancer risk in the long term. As we grow old, these unhealthy habits have a bigger impact on our overall health, and the risk increase even more. 

#2: Environmental Factors

Your surroundings also have a say in the risk of developing one (or more) of the many forms of cancer. There are a few substances, called carcinogens, that can increase the risk through exposure or direct contact for a prolonged period of time. 

For instance, asbestos is such a substance, due to the small fibers in the materials that come loose in time and enter the lungs (we breathe them in). Moreover, before it was known that this is a carcinogen, asbestos was widely used for rooftops and ceiling tiles, which is why many people were exposed to it and developed various forms of lung cancer. 

Another example of a toxic environment is the 9/11 attack. The fumes, smoke, dust, and other similar substances that lingered near ground zero affected the people who worked and lived in the area. As a method of support, the US government put together the 9/11 compensation fund for Americans who developed cancers and other diseases in the years that followed. 

#3: Infections

Recent discoveries show that some viral infections may directly influence DNA mutations. Others, like HIV or HPV, play different roles in the body, but the result is similar – increase cancer risk. Lastly, infections can also open the door for long-term inflammation, which also adds to the overall risk. 

#4: Obesity

Obesity is usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle (sedentarism, unhealthy foods, and overall poor dietary choices) and can increase the risk of certain types of cancer such as colon or rectum. It can also be an underlying condition for breast cancer in women who went through menopause. 

#5: Age

Cancer can occur at any age, but on average, people between 64 and 75 are the most at risk. This happens because, by this time, the body had plenty of exposure to inflammations or carcinogens and, with the slowing down of the cellular regeneration process, DNA mutations are most likely to turn cancerous.  

While scientists can’t say with absolute certitude that a healthy lifestyle will keep cancer away, most people who focus on aging well and taking care of their health feel better and are happier in their final stages of life. 

Transforming Your Backyard Into A Home Spa

A backyard has the potential to be so much more than a place you only go once in a while. It can become a genuine spa paradise, a haven where you can forget about the stresses of the day. It has the potential to become a haven of calm, tranquility, and joy.

It has the potential to become a haven of calm, tranquility, and joy.

The greatest news is that you don’t have to break the bank to realize your backyard fantasies; all you need is some time, effort, and careful planning to create a space that speaks to your mind and spirit. If you want to get a jump start, read this post because we’ll show you how to turn your backyard into a spa home spa in only five steps.

1.Outdoor water fountain

Despite the fact that outdoor water fountains are designed to be exquisite outdoor decorations that would beautify the external decoration of your house, outdoor water fountains for your backyard can also be used to create a tranquil and relaxing ambiance. Water from a water fountain makes splashing noises soothing to the ears and is ideal for transforming your garden into a spa. Water is also near nature, contributing to a higher degree of relaxation when relaxing in your backyard spa.

2.Transform the backyard into a place of privacy

If an open spa is too much for you, consider creating the perfect spa in your backyard by adding a little privacy. Create some much-needed seclusion in your backyard to keep it safe from prying eyes. You may accomplish this in various ways, but nothing beats creating a vertical garden in your yard. 

A vertical garden is not only lovely, but it also fits in well with the tranquil tone of your new backyard. It also serves as a natural wind and noise blocker, and depending on its height; it can even create a shadow in some areas. For extra beauty and uniqueness, make sure your garden fence has various foliage and vibrant flower arrangements.

3.Renovate the old shed cove

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you can do to that old shed in the backyard? Create a lovely backyard hideaway where you can spend your weekend afternoons drinking coffee and reading your favorite book instead of worrying about storage space or a DIY workshop.

It may feature a sofa, floating shelves, a pair of garden chairs, and a circular table to be placed in front of the shed when it is opened. This will provide an ideal backdrop for small family gatherings or a private tea hour with friends.

4.Invest in a mini swimming pool

A genuine backyard sanctuary can only come to life for those outdoor summer parties or winter hot tub gatherings if you include a modest swimming area with a spa. Modern swimming pools and spas are available in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, so no matter how tiny your backyard is, you’ll be able to choose a pool that fits appropriately and allows room for extra amenities.

5.Add comfortable furniture

Because a backyard spa is all about comfort and convenience, you’ll want to include comfy furniture around the pool and patio area to let the pleasant feelings spread throughout the space. Comfortable seats, hammocks, and even lounge chairs may be added to the mix, along with colorful blankets and cushions for a personal touch.

Your backyard doesn’t have to be a boring place that you will only clean or maintain if you have spare time. Instead, it has the potential to become a natural oasis of calm, optimism, and tranquility. Use these five ideas to create a spa in your backyard.