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This Hilarious Instagram Account Is What Going To Happen If Dictionaries Were Honest

Dictionaries are a useful tool which we use to understand or explain certain words in a language.

But when it comes to language that we can all understand and relate to, the definitions about some words found in the dictionary are simply not enough.

Therefore there’s HipDict, an Instagram account which is crowdsourced photo dictionary that gives honest definitions of words.

The account gives people’s alternative views on words and even coins new definitions. Not only are these definitions hilarious, they also provide shockingly correct definitions about the words.

Go through some of those definitions and have some fun. I’m sure you’ll look differently on certain words later.   


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5 Simple Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Our home is the happiest place on Earth. We should feel peaceful and secure, calm and happy in it. But have you ever felt some vibes of a certain feeling that causes some negativity in you and you can’t find words to explain it?

Has it happen to you to argue with your family or argue with your partner for no particular reason? Or have you felt anxiety and mood swings that cause you lose concentration, reduce your capability or destroy your confidence and your dreams?

That means that your home has been invaded by negative energy. You can’t see it but you can definitely feel it.

Experts say that although, most mental diseases and problems are caused by biological or psychological problems, some mental health problems can be provoked by spiritual factors or negative energy.

In that case a patient won’t respond well on therapy and the problem will just evolve.

Luckily, there are five simple, but really effective methods which can help you cleanse your home and surroundings from negative energy.

  1. Keep Your Living Space Tidy and Clutter-Free

Dirty dishes, things which you no longer use, displaced item and much more can cause that feeling of nervousness and negativity because negative energy needs things to hang on to and remain around. So, make sure that your house, your living space, working space or office are always tidy and clean.

  • Put dirty clothes directly into the hamper.
  • Wash the dishes regularly, never leaving them overnight.
  • Vacuum and clean every room from your home including the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Get rid of toxic products from your home.
  • Wipe thoroughly windows, doors, doorknobs. Keep them clean and free from dirt and dust.
  • Throw away every old magazine, or any other item which you haven’t used for a long time.
  • Organize your desk and always keep it neat.
  • Organize your cupboards, wardrobes and shelves.
  1. Salt the Carpets

This is such an easy method to remove negative energy from your home. All you need to do is sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt directly on the carpet and leave it for 48 hours.

The salt will absorb the negative energy from your home because it has an incredible built in ability to erase the programming of energy. Just like an eraser would wipe everything from a chalk board.

3-6 table spoons would suffice for a medium size room.

To be fairly certain that you have been totally protected, grind up some saffron and add it to the salt. According to Tibetan tradition, evil energies can’t enter a place which has the smell of saffron.

  1. Use Loud Sounds

Loud sounds, such as loud clapping, bells, drums, chimes, or any similar item will break up negative energy patterns in your home and will allow them to disperse.

That’s the reason why Chinese people love fireworks, while Mother Nature does the same with the noise of thunderstorm.

And just think about it, church bells sound so calming and cleansing, don’t they?

Walk through your home clapping softly with clear and loud sound, or use a ringing bell, singing bowl or chime to send away all the negative energy that’s dwelling in your house.

4. Play Spiritual Music

For the best effect Tibetan Buddhists use the sound of Tingshaw bells, but playing spiritual music from your stereo will work just fine too.

Play the stereo as loud as you can in order to cleanse your home and surrounding and transform negative energy into positive one.

  1. Grow Living Plants

Another useful method of removing negative energy form your home is by bringing living plants into it. There are numerous beautiful plants which will avert negative energy and balance your inner connection with nature.

On the other hand, living plants will also add colour and beauty to your home décor and they will provide you with generous supply of oxygen too.

Some suggestion about which living plants you could put in different rooms to remove negative energy include: money plant, peace lily, rosemary, lucky bamboo, orchid, sage, jasmine, holy basil and aloe vera.

But if you decide to bring a living plant into your home, make sure that you take care of it. Water it regularly and remove dead, dying or dried parts of the plant. If the plant dies, remove it from your house immediately.

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CUBA Had A Lung Cancer Vaccine For Years, And Now Is FINALLY Being Tested In The USA

Have you ever lost someone who was diagnosed with cancer? I have. It hurts, it hurts deeply. Cancer has long been not just a disease but turned into one of the most profitable business industries.

Thousands of people are fighting with this terrible disease and pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, retailers, and doctors around the world make billions of the plague of the 21st century.

There is hope at last! Twenty years ago, with a very thin budget but with great enthusiasm, several Cuban doctors and microbiologists began researching in this area.

The goal was not to make money but to find an effective solution against the dreaded diagnosis. The result is the world’s first vaccine against lung cancer – CimaVax and medicines successfully find application in cancer of the prostate, colon, breast, and tumors in the brain.

In 2015 the vaccine was tested in 9,000 people, and over 100,000 were cured only based medicine – without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

What is CimaVax EGF and how it works?

CubaHeal is a global organization specializing in medical tourism and patient care services. The vaccine is a result of their 25 years research program that was developed by the Center for Molecular Immunology and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Cuba.

On their official website they provide useful information about the vaccine.

So how does this vaccine works? It targets epidermal growth factor (EGF), which is a protein found naturally in the body, and it stimulates the immune system to be able to produce antibodies that are specifically targeted for EGF and bind with it.

However, the vaccine does not prevent cancer from developing, but it sets in motion a mechanism whereby the uncontrolled growth and division of cancer cells are more restrained. This way the vaccine transforms a late stage aggressive lung cancer into a chronic disease.

The vaccine is already in The States

At the end of 2016, the Obama administration lifted the embargo and opened the door to more collaboration in medical research when it relaxed economic restrictions on Cuba.

The federal Food and Drug Administration has authorized the Roswell Park Cancer institute to conduct the first U.S. study of a drug developed by Cuban researchers.

According to miamiherald.com, the decision on the early-stage trial was announced by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and officials at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, based in Buffalo.

“With this landmark clinical trial, Roswell Park, America’s first cancer center, becomes the first American institution to give CIMAvax to patients.

We’re the first center to get permission to sponsor the U.S. testing of any Cuban medical therapy to bring Cuban science to the United States ,” said Candace Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the Roswell Park cancer center.

According to Johnson, Roswell Park also has authorization from the Treasury Department to establish a joint business venture with Cuban researchers.

A Cuban study, published in 2016, of late-stage lung cancer patients found that those who were using the vaccine lived about three months longer than those who received standard care.

“You might call the results modest, but patients’ quality of life is better because the treatment is not as toxic, and we see the potential for using the vaccine earlier in cancer, as well as with other cancers. So, there is real hope here,” Johnson said.

Agustín Lage, director of the Center for Molecular Immunology, said in a statement: “This is a day we have been working toward for many years. Our partnership with Roswell Park will allow us to learn things about our vaccine faster than what we could achieve working on our own, and we believe it is the best and quickest path for helping a great number of people both in Cuba and the U.S.”

The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation committed $2.4 million in donor funds to cover the cost of the initial study and the information about eligibility for the clinical trial is posted at the official website.





The 7 Most Useful Features Of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

Smartphones pack so many features and functions that one can hardly keep up with the sheer volume of it. Many of these features go overlooked as people generally tend to stick to what they already know, missing out on a wide range of cool tricks that are actually quite useful and fun at the same time.

There’s a list of 7 clever smartphone functions that most people don’t know about.

1.You can use it as a baby monitor

You can actually turn your smartphone into a genuine ‘spying’ device or a baby monitor by following these simple instructions. Once you’ve gone through with the installation process, simply place the phone in the desired location and call the handset you have set up as a listening device.

The phone will answer automatically, and you will be able to hear everything that is being said or done in that specific location.

2. You can lock your lost phone for good

This function will help you protect your private data if your smartphone gets lost or stolen. Let us elaborate on this.  Each SIM worldwide is issued with a unique 15-digit number called the IMEI.

So, if you have lost your phone and chances are you will never see it again, dial *#06# and you will receive the IMEI for your SIM card.

Next, call the cell phone and ask them to block your device using that number. We hope you’ll never have to use this one!

3. It can actually be used as a microscope

Modern smartphones have evolved to such an extent that can now serve as a viable substitute for a number of different devices, including a microscope.

All you need is a small lens – which can be found in any laser pointer – and these simple instructions to convert your device into a portable, digital microscope that will allow you to magnify images up to 100 times, depending on the type of phone you’re using.

4. It has a Face Unlock function

Android-powered smartphones can be unlocked in a number of different ways. A PIN, a password, a pattern gesture, or a typical insecure swipe are the most commonly used unlocking mechanisms, but there is one more method that most users choose to ignore or are simply unaware of.

However, it should be noted that Face Unlock trumps each of the above- mentioned unlocking methods in terms of security.  To set it up, just go to Settings, scroll down to Security, tap Screen lock, and select the option.

5. It can be used as a hologram projector

That pile of dusty CDs that you’ve been thinking of throwing away might come in handy after all. By using a plastic CD cover, a glass cutter, some graph paper, tape and a pen, you can easily turn your phone into a hologram projector to make awesome 3D holograms straight from the future. Just follow these instructions and see for yourself.

6. You can also use it underwater to take cool pictures

Just because your smartphone is not waterproof it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t take it to the pool, sea, or ocean with you. Before you discard this notion as laughable, just check out this video and you’ll see what we are talking about.

All you will need is a case made of polyethylene that will take you about two minutes to make.

7. Cleaning will make it last longer

You’ve probably noticed that your phone’s power jack tends to collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time.

What you probably didn’t know is that dust in the charging port can be the main culprit for your phone’s ‘premature death’.

To extend the life of your device, make sure you clean your smartphone regularly using a syringe full of air. Simply insert the needle into the charging port and inject the air. This will expel the dust from the charging port and extend the life of your device.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Amnesia And How To Overcome It

Do you remember the movie The Vow where the heroine lost her memory after an accident? The disorder is called Amnesia, which mainly occurs due to substantial damage of brain, which results in the loss of memory.

Basically, there are two fundamental orders of amnesia. These are differentiated on the basis of the nature of the injury and degree of damage.

Common causes of amnesia

Amnesia is mainly caused due to neurological issues or psychological issues. Let’s get to know that what these neurological and psychological causes are:

Neurological causes: Amnesia caused due to damage in the brain. These can be due to brain stroke, a tumor in the brain, hemorrhage in the brain, overdose of neurotic pills, deficiency of oxygen in the brain, bacterial infections, viral infections, poisoning due to carbon monoxide and so forth.

Psychological issues: Psychological issues can be dreadful due to sexual abuse or child abuse, natural calamities and natural disaster, terrorist attack or brutal crime.

A healthy lifestyle

Diet is very significant in the treatment of memory-loss. The diet should contain all significant nutrients as deficiency of any nutrients can trigger anxiety neurosis in patients. It is advised to avoid tea, alcohol, meat, coffee, sugar, and all the food items that contain sugar and white flour for those suffering from amnesia.

Healthy Foods to Prevent/Treat Amnesia


They are known to enhance cognitive abilities and helps in restoring weak memory caused by brain fatigue. They have extensive properties that enhance the neural connections in the brain and strengthen them.

It is advised to soak a dozen of almonds in water for twelve hours and then ingest it. You may also make a fine paste of the soaked almonds and ingest with a teaspoon of butter. There are many other delicious ways to consume almonds as well. Moreover, no matter how you eat almonds, those taste really well.


Walnuts are known for their cognitive-enhancing properties. The efficiency of walnuts is doubled if they can be taken along with raisins, every day.


All fruits that are abundant in phosphorus are cognitive enhancers aiding in the remedy of amnesia. Phosphorus helps in the synthesis of glutamic acid, which in turn, helps in synthesis of nerve cells. It is advised to have an apple every day along with a tablespoon of honey and milk, in order to treat loss of memory and amnesia-related disorders.

Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds along with honey, serves as a nerve tonic. A teaspoon of cumin seeds along with honey taken once in a day proves to help in treating amnesia.


Sage is an herb that is considered helpful in the treatment of amnesia. It helps in battling mental fatigue and also aids in concentration. Generally, sage is ingested in the form of tea, especially early in the morning.

Black Pepper:

It is advised to have five-ten seeds of black pepper and finely ground them along with a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture in the morning and night.

Indian pennywort:

Indian pennywort also known as Brahmi and, botanically known as Bacopa scrophulariaceae, is highly beneficial for the treatment of amnesia.

Around seven grams of this herb ought to be dried in the shade and ground in water, alongside seven bits of almonds and a large portion of a gram of pepper. This blend ought to be stressed and sweetened with nectar or jaggery. It ought to be tanked each morning for a fortnight on an unfilled stomach.


Rosemary, botanically known as Romarinus officinalis, is considered to be the most efficient remedy for amnesia. It has been considered as the herb tonic for memory. It is very effective for mental fatigue and memory-loss. It is advised to have Rosemary in the form of tea, every day.


Beans like black-eyed peas, avocados and asparagus are considered very rich in folic acid, which aids in the treatment of amnesia. One could simply eat beans by soaking with water or boiling them.

Good fats:

Unsaturated fats obtained from rice bran; canola and olive contain oleic acid, which enhances the neural connection that helps in emotional intelligence.


Including eggs in your diet will enhance your memory. Eggs are known to contain a compound called lecithin, which help in the repair of wear and tear of the neurons.

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10 Qualities Of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t Handle

Image source: Joel Sossa

Strong women: we all admire them. We all hope to be as strong and self-sufficient as they are, and we also hope that our daughters will grow up to be like them.

Men also admire these women for their strength of character, their independency, and their passion for following their dreams. However, they are often too intimidated to approach them.

Why is that? Fear of rejection?  Cowardice? It could be anything as far as I know, but what I do know with certainty is that these women are really powerful in many aspects of their lives.

So, which qualities make them so special and irresistible?

  1. She knows what she wants

She knows herself perfectly well and knows without a doubt what she wants in life. She doesn’t hesitate or second-guess her choices. If she wants something she goes after it – be it a man, a career, an apartment… anything. She doesn’t expect other people to fulfill her needs and to complete her. She is already complete on her own.

  1. She is passionate and fierce

She knows pain and struggling. She has faced more than enough troubles in life, so she can be intense and at times hard to handle for most men. She knows she can overcome any trouble that comes her way. She doesn’t have time to play games. She is not afraid to speak up and show her emotions and is certainly not ashamed of her scars, but she expects you to do the same. Some men just don’t have enough capacity or will to reciprocate.

  1. She is a fighter

She is a woman who is fiercely independent. She doesn’t need a man to fight her battles and solve the problems in her life. She is able to stand on her own while taking full responsibility for her actions. She likes a man to stand beside her, not in front of her telling her what she should do. She will be affectionate and loving with you, even help you solve your problems, but she expects you to do the same for her. If not, she will just walk away.

  1. She is not scared of intimacy

A strong woman requires intimacy: from long conversations to making love – she is not afraid to get close to somebody. In fact, she gives herself wholly and expects you to do the same. She is not holding anything back. She is always clear about her needs and desires as a woman because she is completely in touch with her femininity. However, she won’t attach to someone just because. She needs to feel the same passion, energy, and desire in somebody before she gives him her heart.

  1. She won’t wait for you

It takes a strong woman to go through hell for you if she sees she can trust you and that you are committed to her. But, be careful: She is also able to let you go and never turn back if she senses you are pulling away from her. She is sick of playing games, you know. Either you are in, or you are out. There is not anything in between.

  1. She knows when you are lying

Let me tell you another truth about these women: Don’t try to lie to your strong woman, ever! You’ll be in danger, I can guarantee you. She can smell lies before you even open your mouth. There is nothing that annoys her more. She is a type of person who values honesty more than anything. She could never be with someone that she cannot trust, and the fact is it is difficult for some men to stay true.

  1. She appreciates honesty and vulnerability

A strong woman dives right into the depths of her soul, facing her past traumas, hurt, and life choices. She wants a man who is honest and vulnerable at the same time; someone to whom she can open her heart and soul. She doesn’t hesitate to ask you tough questions about your family, childhood memories, past traumas, or any life-changing experiences you’ve had. However, she won’t judge you. She understands that everybody is a human being and it is only human to show vulnerability. Although most men think that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, for a strong woman it is a sign of strength of character and she will love you for that.

  1. She makes you see your true self and inspires you to become the best version of yourself

She loves to get to know other people in depth. She will analyze you for hours and days, trying to discover who you truly are at the core. Once she figures you out, she will point to your mistakes by giving you many perspectives on how you can correct them. She will try to make you aware of your incredible potential you have in you, and will also try to make you become all that you wanted to be. Although many would agree that having an inspiring woman like this is a blessing, this is a hard bite to swallow for some men, since it is hard to accept the things we hate about ourselves especially when somebody is points them out.

  1. She wants stability, respect, and integrity

This woman doesn’t tolerate indecisive and flaky personalities. She wants a man who is true to his word. She requires to be treated with nothing but respect, and she is definitely not kind to those who doesn’t value her. If a man starts to act distant, she will remove herself quickly from the situation and also from him if she feels she’s been played. However, if you respect her and see her for the strong woman she is, she will treat you even nicer and you will be able to experience true passion and love like never before.

  1. She loves unconditionally

Her love is faithful and true. She has a nurturing side in her that she shows it only to the people she truly loves. Just like a mother loves and fights for her children, this woman will love you and fight for you fiercely. Some men just can’t handle this kind of unconditional love. They get scared by the intensity and the depth of giving. But just as she is able to love you endlessly, she is also able to let you go if you fail to reciprocate.  


12 Incredible Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Smartphones have plenty of features designed to make our lives easier and more entertaining. There are tons of apps out there that can do all sorts of useful and fun things – it’s just a matter of finding them.

To save you the trouble from shuffling through the vast app offering, we’ve compiled a list of 12 cool apps that are both fun and practical.


Designed for all levels of photographers, this app will help improve your skills and provide you with a myriad of useful tools to play with. It allows you to adjust focus and light during shooting, to zoom with just one finger, and much more. If you are into photography, make sure you check it out. (Source)

Remote Mouse

This app will allow you to ‘convert’ your smartphone into a remote control for your computer. This feature can be especially handy if your mouse or keyboard are malfunctioning or are simply running low on battery.(Source)


If you are app addicted to the point that it interferes with your daily obligations, then this is the perfect app for you.  It will not only help you decrease your mobile phone use, but will also allow you to block access to any program for a certain time period.

This digital detox will free up enough time for you to focus and get some work done.(Source)

MoovitMoovit is a public transit app and mapping service trusted by over 50 million riders across more than 1200 cities.

The app, which adds a new city every 18 hours, offers the most robust and detailed public transit information, constantly updating the line schedules and tracks changes in public transit services.(Source)


If you are an avid reader, you will simply love this app. Not only does it provide standard features like choosing background and font colors, it also offers additional info on the book’s author, characters, history and even more.

In addition, Marvin will categorize your books by title, author, series, serial number, date changed or read.(Source)

Cool Reader

Cool reader is another app intended for those passionate about reading. Widely considered to be one of the best reading tools for Android smartphones, it supports a vast range of file formats including fb2, epub (without DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (without DRM) and pml.

This app also allows users to customize the text size, font, background color, page margins, adjust line spacing and the brightness of the screen.(Source)


Instagram’s Layout app allows you to create fun and unique layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with friends. You can either choose photos from your camera roll or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spontaneous photos and instantly see them laid out in various combinations.

Layout’s smooth, intuitive process allows limitless freedom of creativity to change the look of your regular photos and convey a mood or a theme.(Source)

Clap! Phone Finder

This app will definitely soothe those panic attack that come about whenever you can’t find your phone. As the name of the app suggests, simply clap your hands and your phone will produce a sound which can be easily customized.

Voila! By the way, it is also worth mentioning that this app is ‘easy’ on the battery and will not drain too much power.(Source)


Linkedin is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. This professional social network will allow you to stay ‘up to date’ with the latest news in your industry, and will also help you land a great job and build your own network of useful contacts.(Source)

5K Run

This app is designed for ‘entry level’ runners and provides precise guidelines on how to get in shape in 8 weeks. It lays out a detailed work plan which consists of three 30 minute runs per week over the course of eight weeks.

The program includes running mixed with power-walk breaks, with the ultimate goal of running a 5km distance. It also features built-in player and an interesting bonus and rewards system to keep you motivated for training.(Source)


Say you are listening to the radio and you really like this new song that is playing at the moment. If you don’t know the artist, just turn on this app and it will not only identify what song is being played, but will also get you the song lyrics. Moreover, SoundHound can identify a song for you even if you simply hum the melody.(Source)

MyScript Calculator

Let’s be clear, this is not your regular calculator found on any smartphone, as it can perform mathematical operations using your handwriting.

It works by converting your handwriting into digital text, so all you need to do is write the mathematical expression on the screen of your smartphone and the app will deliver the results instantaneously.(Source)

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Writing Research Papers Boost Your Mind: Facts And Survey

When you say research paper what comes to your mind is working with stacks of books, magazines, articles and encyclopedias, trying to put together other’s thoughts.

Yet, a research paper is much more than this. It’s not enough, to sum up your sources and piece together what other’s said on a certain topic. In such a paper it is expected to present your ideas and your perspective on the topic, backed up by other’s information and ideas.

If you look at any research paper online, you will see that it has a well-established structure, coherence, and depth of the discussion and that it is easy to follow and read. Research papers are of utmost importance and an inalienable part of academic studies. During your years as a college student, you will have to write many such essays, on various topics related to the curriculum. At first, you might need some research paper help, but once you get the hang of it, things will be much easier.

But why do they pay so much importance to research papers? No, it is not to stress out students, as many would believe, nor to push them to buy research papers.

Various studies have shown that writing research papers has a major positive impact on your mind, boosting your writing skills, your analytical and critical thinking capabilities and your ability to give form to a concept in a concise and detailed manner.

Working memory

When you draft a research paper, you use your working memory to connect the pieces together and to relate the pieces of information you find with the knowledge that you have. Also, when you write you exercise your thinking and this keeps your brain in shape as you age.

Attention and discipline

The research you have to do for such a paper keeps you focused and disciplined in your work. You have to look at the topic from various angles and find new views that others before have never thought about. And this requires a lot of attention, organization, and discipline.

Logical thinking

In a research paper, there is no room for mistakes. You have to think logically and rationally and select the sources that are best for your topic and the quotes that will make the best of it. To achieve the perfect research paper, you have to do a lot of reading, which automatically will improve your thinking capability.


While you gather information for your research paper, you have expanded your knowledge regarding the main topic. For example, if you have to write a paper on post-colonialism, you have to read both Cesaire and Retamar to be able to understand post-colonial expressions from Latin America and Europe and then compare them. This will challenge you into finding more works from various authors, therefore expanding your knowledge base.

Vocabulary expansion

We live in an era when we are controlled by tweeting and texting. That is why our communication has shifted into using few words to express our ideas. This might make you forget certain words and find difficulty in expressing your thoughts at an academic level. Writing research papers and reading a lot will push you into using words that you do not usually use daily. These will slowly sneak they way into your vocabulary.

Creativity and intelligence

It’s not easy to come up with an original and creative perspective on a general topic, such as religion or the human rights for example. Writing a research paper on such a topic will broaden your horizon and make you talk about the topic in an authoritative way. This does not apply when you request the help of people who write papers for money.

Better speaker

Because you would have to write research papers on so many topics would enrich your vocabulary and overall knowledge. You will become a better speaker, find your words and ideas easily and be able to have conversations on a variety of subjects.

Focus on learning

Doing research for such a paper requires reading a lot of interesting content, being up to date with what’s new, what has been said on the topic and what has not been said in order to find a new approach. This will make you focused on learning.

It is true that many students today choose online term paper writing service and companies offering research papers, due to the fact that they do not have enough time to write the paper themselves or because they have no idea how to approach the topic. Next time when you are in such a situation, think of the benefits that writing your research paper will bring. Ask your teacher to explain the topic if you have not understood it, start gathering your sources and start writing.

The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes, Says Bill Gates

The technology is developing in the blink of an eye. Each day there are new inventions, such as robots, which can do a lot more than the ones before, and cause many changes in the world.  

Some of those changes actually ease the work of humans while others replace them completely. This means that fewer people will be working so fewer people will be paying taxes.

This situation may cause some problems because taxes fund schools, fire departments, roads.

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and co-founder of Microsoft, has an opinion on this subject. He says that robots which replace humans in the working place should pay the same amount in taxes as men would.

“Right now if a human worker does you know, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed,” Gates said in an interview with Quartz. “If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think we would tax the robot at a similar level.” – Gates says.

In the interview with Quartz editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney, Gates explains that if technology is replacing people on certain job positions, there are more people left to work as teachers, help the elderly, the disabled and children with special needs. Practically, all those jobs where human empathy and feelings are irreplaceable and unique.

According to an Oxford report from 2013, robots could take over 50% of the jobs between 2023 and 2033. And according to 2015 McKinsey report, today’s technology could replace 45% of jobs right now.

If that happens, Gates says “you can’t just give up taxes”, because that’s how you’ve been funding the level of human workers.  

Instead, “The tax money could come from the savings companies get from not having to pay and support human workers, or some of it can come directly in some type of robot tax. I don’t think the robot companies are going to be outraged that there’s going to be a tax.”- Gates says.

These are not just words, EU lawmakers take a proposal into consideration to tax robot owners to pay for training for workers who lose their jobs, although, on 16 February the legislators rejected it.

“You ought to be willing to raise the tax level and even slow down the speed of automation”, says Gates. That’s because the technology and business cases for replacing humans in a wide range of jobs are arriving simultaneously, and it’s important to be able to manage that displacement.

“You cross the threshold of job replacement of certain activities all sort of at once,” Gates says, citing warehouse work and driving as some of the job categories that in the next 20 years will have robots doing them.

Still, people should not fear from these types of changes, instead they should try and make the most of it by taking everything that’s positive from this fast development of technology.

“People should be figuring it out,” said Gates.

“It is really bad if people overall have more fear about what innovation is going to do than they have enthusiasm. That means they won’t shape it for the positive things it can do.”

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12 Mind-Blowing Tips To Increase Concentration In Kids

Every parent is facing a challenge. How to get his child to do his homework without forcing him to work every single minute? Have you face with this annoying problem that sometimes makes you scream? Don’t worry we all have.

Luckily for us, there are some tips that we can follow and help our children focus for a longer period of time, concentrate and do his homework or chore without delaying.

Here are 12 amazing suggestions how you can help your child develop stronger concentration and achieve more.

  1. Divide a Big Task Into a Few Smaller Ones

A big task can easily scare the child away and provoke resistance to it. That’s because a big task requires a lot of time, discipline and concentration- something a child can have problems with.

Instead, divide a big task into a few smaller ones. That way, after completing one task the child will be motivated to go on due to the feeling of movement and progress.

So, next time your child has an entire chapter for studying ask him to learn the first paragraph and have some rest by playing a game, then learn the second paragraph and so on. Or if you ask him to tidy up his room, let him tidy up the closet first, then the drawers, then the desk.

This way the child will be satisfied by a job well done and so will you.

  1. Let Them Play

Yes, you should let your children play as much as they can. But they shouldn’t play with gadgets, smart phones, tablets or computers, instead allow your children to play with regular toys and activities which improve concentration.

You can take into consideration:

Memory games – Games like crossword puzzles, card games like “Memory” and “Uno”, jigsaw puzzles and other similar games will not only be fun to play but they will also improve child’s attention to numbers, words, pictures which will improve their concentration.

Sequencing– There’s a strong connection between sequencing and concentration. So, next time you ask your child to set the table or pack up his bag, ask him to do that in alphabetical order.

Sit tight– Ask your child to sit in one position for a while and see how long he can do that. Another version to this game is “Statue”. After repeating this game for a while your child will get used to sitting longer in one place.

  1. Prepare the Environment

In order to help your child acquire maximum during his study time, make sure to provide him/her the best studying ambience there is. Have in mind that some children don’t mind studying in a place where there is some noise, while others need total silence.

Ambience– Soft lighting and quiet instrumental music can improve your child’s concentration.

Gadgets– Unless your child needs a computer to study, make sure that television, iPads, mobile phones and computers are switched off or kept in another room in order to avoid destructions.

Have necessary materials at the reach of the hand– Ask your child to prepare everything he’ll need for studying: books, notebooks, crayons, pencils, water and place them on a desk nearby. That way he’ll have everything at his reach and won’t get distracted by constantly getting up of his place.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

According to a recent trend, these days, children in US consume more coffee and drinks filled with caffeine. This way their body is filled with unhealthy sugar which sucks up their energy later.

Make sure that your child is eating healthy food, rich in proteins and vitamins that will improve his concentration and keep him agile and focused.

By eating greens and fruits your child’s body is filled with antioxidants which boost the brain to work better. Therefore an interesting study in the University of Ulster, UK suggests eating a toast and baked beans for breakfast in order to increase concentration.

  1. Create a Studying Schedule

A very beneficial way to help your child increase concentration is if you set a time table for studying. It doesn’t have to be a very strict and inflexible, but yet have one.

For example, when your child comes back from school give him a snack and let him play outside for an hour or hour and a half.

Then give him another snack and tell him to prepare for studying. The child should study for hour or hour and a half and then let him have some rest. Repeat the same schedule every day and you’ll notice results. 

The child will be more organized and concentrated because he will have goals and completed tasks after every segment of the day. His brain will be wired to know when studying time is.

  1. Short Naps Improve Concentration

Aside from having a good night’s sleep, a power nap of twenty to thirty minutes after school or in the afternoon will also help your child concentrate more.

  1. Everybody Has a Different Method of Learning

Not all children have the same method of acquiring new knowledge. Some children need to hear the new information, others need to see it, while some have to touch and feel the thing in order to understand it. Therefore, there are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods of learning.

You need to know which category your child falls under in order to help him concentrate and learn better.

Visual method

If your child is visual that means that he learns better if he sees things. For this type of learners you should:

  • Allow them to read the new information and then write it down too.
  • Use flash cards to help him study spelling or new vocabulary.
  • Let your child draw an image while you are introducing him with the new information. This way he will also practice his motor skills.
  • Although, when a child is writing something down while studying it looks like nothing but scribbles to us, for a visual learner that’s another way of memorizing new things.

Auditory method

If your child memorizes the information after he hears it, than he’s an auditory learner. You should let this type of learners:

  • Read the material aloud or listen to someone else reading it to them. So, audio books are better choice for these learners.
  • Quiet instrumental music can help these learners increase concentration and remember more.

Kinaesthetic method

If you notice that your child studies better when he touches and feels the subject matter then he is a kinaesthetic learner. For these learners you should:

– Provide as many touchable things as you can. For example, if your child is learning about planets take him to a planetarium or if he is studying history take him to a museum.

  1. Prepare Your Child for the Next Task

When you notice that your child is engaged in a task, just before he is done, let him now the next one. Allow a few minutes between tasks and start the new activity.

Use this trick to force an unwanted activity to your child, since he’ll be too distracted by the previous one and won’t have time to show aversion to the next one.  

  1. Set Short Time Goals

Investigate whether your child works well under pressure and set short time limits for a few pages.

Allow your child a break after every time set. Have in mind that an adult can stay concentrated for about 42 minutes, so the time limit for a child should be no more than 20 minutes.

However, if you notice that your child gets agitated and nervous when he works under pressure don’t use this method.

  1. Praise Your Child

Children always respond well on praise after even the thinnest completed task. So, next time your child does his homework correctly, don’t forget to praise him, or even reward him with a chocolate or a toy.

  1. Use Energy Efficiently

Observe carefully when your child is most productive, in the morning or in the afternoon and assign tougher activities when your child is high in energy. As the energy level goes down, switch to easier tasks.

This ways your child will use his energy in an efficient manner.

  1. Deep Breathing and Imagery

Let your child sit in a yoga position and tell him to close his eyes and take deep breaths. Tell him to imagine positive images and ask him questions like: What’s he seeing?

How does the image make him feel? What can he hear? What’s distracting him from focusing? Next, ask him to get rid of those distractions which ruin the perfect picture.

Once your child is able to put aside these distractions, you’ll notice that he’ll be able not to pay attention to other distractions while studying and be able to focus more.

To Conclude

Focusing is a skill like any other, so in order to improve it you need to practice it regularly and persistently. These 12 amazing tips for helping your child focus will not only improve his concentration but they will also strengthen the bond between you and your child.